Update: Positive Covid19 cases in our schools

In order to update our community, we have a total of 22 cases of Covid19 in our schools.

Our testing provision has identified 14 cases in school today, with the remaining cases being identified via home testing Lateral Flow kits and PCR tests. 10 of these positive cases are within Y8/X27 at XP school.

I have been in contact with Public Health Doncaster today, and they have identified this as an outbreak. Myself and Andy Sprakes will be meeting their representatives as soon as possible in order to implement any necessary measures from our Covid Outbreak Management Plan.

As a precaution, we will implement the following as of tomorrow:

* Y8/X27 students will be tested in school daily for the next 10 days (as mentioned this is because 10/22 students are Y8/X27 students)
* All students will have a 2nd round of testing in school tomorrow
* Moving forward, all students will be tested in school twice per week for the next 10 days
* All rooms will continue to ensure that they are well ventilated: windows and doors must be kept open wherever possible.
* Personal hygiene control measures will remain a priority

I will update our community on any further measures once we have met with Public Health Doncaster.

Please do not hesitate to contact school should you have any questions.

Best wishes, Jamie Portman.

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