We are Crew!!

Over the past few weeks Crew Rosa Parks have been working really hard with the school work they have been set by their teachers. A big shout out to Fin, Maddi, Andrew, Elijah, Guraaj, Josh, Holly and Georgia who consistently produce some fabulous work and hand it in punctually. Well done guys!!

Alongside this, Crew have been set an additional task and a physical challenge. The task set was to find and paint a stone with a kind and meaningful message on it. Guraaj and Andrew have some lovely examples.

Last weeks physical challenge was to see how many star jumps they could complete within a minute. Unfortunately, I have no photographic evidence of this!! I wonder why?? Are Crew getting physically lazy? This is a competition so come on Crew!!

There is a new physical Crew challenge for the coming week, this time it is how many push ups can you complete in 60 seconds? Come on Crew Rosa Parks, lets show everyone what we are made of. Don’t forget the points go towards the inter-crew competition. Don’t forget the evidence too!!

The Crew task set for the next week is a cooking task. It can be anything, savoury or sweet, it is personal choice. I can’t wait to see the results. It looks like Elijah has made a head start and has been practising.

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