Welcome back, Crew Mac!

Welcome to the final term of Y9!

This week saw the beginning of a new term – a fresh start, in week 11 of lockdown. I don’t know about anyone else, but i’m so fed up of not being in school now – I miss crew so much!

This week i’d like to give a special shout-out to a number of members of Crew Macmillan, who have gotten straight back into the swing of work. I’d like to start off with those who have completed all of their maths work this week! Great work Frankie, Harrison, Archie & Ricki!

Other members of crew have shone in other subjects – Well done to our HUMS superstar, Heather; and super work Vinnie, Alfie and Imogen in Science!

Keep up the good work – i want to see lots of green boxes on subject trackers, not red! 

Crew should also be on with completing a First Aid course during common mission time, to boost their evidence for their Bronze DofE award. An extra special mention goes to Archie for this, as i am consistently receiving high quality work as evidence of completion. Well done Archie!

Check out Heather and Maddie’s cake, too – it’s lovely to see what Crew have been up to when they aren’t working hard on academic work! I’ve heard that Alfie has cracked Macarons, too – and even made his own pop tarts from scratch!!!

This week we had great attendance on our weekly crew hangout too. We discussed some important issues surrounding the protests and riots in America, and crew have pledged to spend some time at the weekend educating themselves more and doing some extra reading. We may never fully understand, but we can pledge to continue learning, and listening.


I’d like to end this week’s blog with something that I very rarely have to do in crew – by making a stand. I like to think that I support my crew (and all students) as much as I possibly can – so if this is the case, and you have asked for help, or we have organised a hangout – please have the courtesy to show up to the session. There have been a few instances this week where I’ve wasted a fair bit of time waiting for students who haven’t shown up, when i could have been supporting others elsewhere.

Have a great weekend – I’ll check in with you all next week – and i’ll see you again today at 2:45pm for STEAM Closing Circle!

Miss C x

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