X21 and X22 Extended Study

How does Shakespeare present the relationship between Othello and Desdemona in this scene? Act 3 Scene 3
In order to revise and review the work that we’ve been doing on Act 3 Scene 3 of Othello, I would like students in X22 and X21 to answer the question above as Extended Study. Firstly, students are to update their notes/annotations on their own texts using the class-notes (on google classroom) and then they are to write a short essay between 200-300 words which answers the question above. Their answers should include a number of quotations and engage with language specifically (AO2), alongside pulling key meaning from the text (AO1).

Please remind students that you should be reading their texts at home- whether that’s revising what we’ve read already or getting a head start on the next scene. ‘Sparknotes’ is an excellent resource to support independent reading. We’re about to move onto Act 4 so if students that to get their heads into this it will be beneficial for them.

X22’s work is due next Friday (23rd) and X21 next Wednesday (21st).
Thanks for your continued support
Mrs Smith

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