X21 GCSE Results Day Thursday 22 August 2019

X21 have worked tremendously hard over the past five years and have developed into incredible young adults who are confident and full of compassion. They have been a credit to our crew, their families and themselves. Whatever the outcomes are in August, we know our students have placed themselves in a position to succeed in their next steps towards our common mission of ensuring they are ready for success in whatever field they choose and are able to access university.

Below is information concerning GCSE Results Day on Thursday 22 August.

The school will be open and GCSE results will be available to collect from 9am on Thursday 22 August for all X21 students and parents.

Exam slips will be issued by Crew Leaders followed by sign up for Post 16.

In addition, a destination form for all students will need to be completed and handed in to Crew Leaders before students leave.

I am extremely proud of X21, our pioneering students. Enjoy the summer, rest up and be ready to go again in September.


Thank you, as always, for your support.

Andy Sprakes


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