X21 Locker Key Deposits

It’s coming up to that time of year when sadly some of our pioneering students will be leaving us.

We have been asked by a few parents about returning locker keys. We are able to do this from today, up until results day. If students are planning on staying for Post-16 we are able to collect the XP key in and prepare a new locker in the Post-16 area at XP East ready for their return in August. This just means there is no need to hand money back out for you to pay it again, although if you would prefer to do it that way we can accommodate it.

The only condition is that lockers will be checked on return of the key before the money is refunded. As long as there is no damage to the locker and all items have been removed the deposit will be returned immediately. The new Year 7 students will be issued with these lockers and we would love for them get them in the same condition that X21 had them from new.

Thank you.

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