X22 DofE practice expeditions

A massive well done to all the students that took part in the practice DofE expeditions last week. For the hikers it was a rather challenging couple of days but it ended very positively.

The practice expedition is a time for students to be able to make mistakes and then learn from them so that they are able to complete a successful qualifying expedition.

Students are expected to work in teams making choices for their expeditions. This isn’t easy and mistakes will inevitably happen. However each group is supported by an expedition supervisor who will guide, support and challenge them throughout their preparations. This includes allowing them to make mistakes!

‘It’s not the mistake that matters, it’s how you deal with it, what you learn from it, and how you apply that lesson to your life’.

After the practice expedition students debrief their experience with their expedition supervisor and discuss what they did well and what they could have done better in all aspects of the expedition process. These points are then actioned before the qualifying expedition so hopefully when it counts mistakes are avoided.

I am really looking forward to the qualifying expedition in July.

As always if you have any concerns or worries please email me.




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