X22 Human Expedition – Are We Really Free to Choose?

Students in X22 have been working hard during the course of this term on an expedition that explores the value of freedom and how this can be easily compromised by extremism and hate. Students have studied the rise to power of Hitler and how he consolidated his grip on Germany in the 1930s and 40s through creating a culture of fear, blind nationalism and the use of propaganda.

Alongside their historical studies, students have read and analysed the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell. The novel is an allegory of the events that led up to the Russian Revolution at the start of the nineteenth century and the subsequent rise to power of Stalin. The novel focuses on how power corrupts and how an ideal can be quickly destroyed by greed and inequality. There are obvious links between the case studies and students have been grappling with some very difficult and sophisticated concepts. Above is a picture of X22 Skipper working with grit and determination to complete a timed analysis of an extract from the novel – a key skill they will need for their English Literature GCSE. Look at the amount Marley, in the top right hand corner, has written in just fifteen minutes! The whole Year Group have been really focused and are determined to produce work of a high quality. Great work, X22!


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