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DofE Bronze award evening. At the beginning of the presentation, Tom and Mills greeted parents and told them a bit about what we would be doing. They then directed parents to the dining hall, this was so students could give their presentations. Students showed & explained their expedition route and talked about how they cooked their meals using the tangier. Parents were then directed to the heart of the school where students were congratulated and presented each other with their award. To end the night Tom then gifted Mrs ap Harri with flowers and thanked her on behalf of X23 for the amount of hard work she had put into helping our year group achieve our bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. Congratulations X23!

In history, we have been studying the Elizabethan period. We have been learning about Queen Elizabeth’s childhood and the Elizabethan era. Also, we have been learning about different classes in the Elizabethan era and what type of houses they have. We found out about the fact that Elizabeth was named illegitimate to the throne and that her brother took over. She was then imprisoned by her sister and became queen. Her era was named ‘the golden age’. We learnt about the gentry, labourers and middling class. We now know the differences between all three classes. The thing that stood out to us the most was the fact that a piece of pike (that the gentry class ate) cost 30 times more than the labourers earned. 

Science. During immersion we were told we were going to be visiting Isaac Newton’s house.  When we finally got to Isaac Newton’s house we were told we were going to be getting into small groups and have a tour around the different parts of his land. At one point we went into a small room and we were shown the maths behind all the inventions. We were then shown around his house and living space. And at the end of the tour we looked at all of Newtons’ inventions. Also, we looked at all the types of energy and how they function and at the definition of the types of energy. 

In English we are studying Macbeth for our GCSEs. Macbeth is a valiant soldier and he is a brave person who never backs down in war. He is greeted by three witches and they predict that he will become Thane of Cawdor and eventually king. He doesn’t believe them until he is told that he actually is the Thane of CawdorMacbeth comes back from the battle and hopes that King Duncan will make him king but he decides to make his son the next heir. Macbeth becomes angry and jealous and he makes plans to kill King Duncan. 


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