X28 Year 8 Crew Pasteur Outward Bound

Last week Mrs Earp and myself had the pleasure (and challenge!) of spending four days with our Crew in beautiful Ullswater. Crew worked together to show compassion, fantastic team work skills and achieved the target of getting up the mountain (but not without some trips, falls and stumbles!).

On Day 1 Crew jumped from a cliff into the lake and spent some time swimming together

On Day 2 we kayaked for over three hours to a point from where we walked for another three! Then we spent the night in tents or under tarps, with a stunning starlit sky as company.

On Day 3 the walk continued, this time with stumbles DOWN the mountain, finishing with another twilight swim. I can’t believe what water babies Crew Pasteur are, they really are in their element in any type or temperature of water.

We look forward to continuing the challenge of Year 8, with more trips and stumbles to come I’m sure, together.

  1. Thank you for sharing the write-up and photos, Mrs Sprakes. Did you jump in the water as well?

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