XPD Outdoors

Mondays are by far our favourite day at XP – Out and about in the fresh air.

This week our activity was orienteering with a twist!

We brushed up and gained many skills during our session, from map reading, listening and speaking, riddle solving, XPD protocols, teamwork and embedding crew norms and expectations. 

Here we are embarking on a mini orienteering session around the school grounds. It was awesome to see class crews remembering our fundamentals, circling up, listening to each other,  showing courage and compassion, working together and stepping up and stepping back to allow others to shine, and all being crew not passengers!

These are some of the riddles we had to solve – They all absolutely smashed it! Awesome work C29!

Next week’s session is another outdoor session – so please remember to wrap up warm. Looking forward to this already!

XPD Outdoors Crew!

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