Science Mock Revision update C24

Parents and Students in C24,

I just wanted to update you all on the examined content in the upcoming Mock Exams.

Please use this list to focus your revision for the upcoming science mocks. Please note that the Physics paper will be delayed to later this year. 

Any queries please contact [email protected] 

Physics paper 1 Biology Paper 1 Chemistry Paper 2
This will now be held in a lesson before Christmas.

PLEASE focus your revision on Biology and Chemistry


Cell Structure and Transport

  • Pro- and Eukaryotic structure
  • Microscopy and calculations
  • Diffusion, Active Transport and Osmosis

Atomic Structure

  • Atomic mass and Atomic number
  • Calculating Protons, Neutrons and Electrons

Cell Division

  • Mitosis and the cell cycle
  • Stem cells and therapeutic cloning

The Periodic Table


  • Electronic configurations
  • Properties in group 1 and 7 

Organisation and the Digestive System


Structure and Bonding

  • Ion formation
  • Ionic, covalent bonding
  • Linking properties to bonding

Communicable Disease

  • Pathogens and the immune system
  • Immune response

Chemical Calculations

  • Relative formula mass
  • The Mole
  • Concentration
  • Balancing equations
  • Reacting masses

Preventing and Treating Disease

  • Vaccinations

Chemical Changes

  • Reactivity of metals with oxygen, acids and water
  • pH scale calculations

Non-Communicable Disease

  • Causes and treatments
  • Lifestyle factors

X23 Industry Workshop – Cementation Skanska

X23 have recently been studying Volume and Surface Area in maths. Cementation Skanska delivered an Industry Workshop on how volume is used in piling and foundations. Students were able to apply the maths they have been learning to calculate the volume of concrete and steel reinforcements needed for particular projects. Fantastic effort by all students!

Today X22 students had an excellent opportunity to attend Sheffield Hallam University. The day involved an introduction to university and a chance to experience what studying for three years would be like. Students found out about the pathways into university and had the chance to see the numerous different courses on offer. Becky and Renee, from HEPP, were really helpful and used their own knowledge and experience to help build students’ understanding. Thank you HEPP!


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X22 Extended Study Plan


In order to support X22 students in preparing for GCSE science we have bought all students a beautiful workbook. Extended study will be set each Monday due in the following Monday from this workbook. We have also worked incredibly hard to provide a range of online support which can be found here:

I have attached the plan for the next 6 weeks.

I would really appreciate your support with students completing extended study for the deadline assigned.

Best wishes

Mr Campbell

Date set         Date due        Higher Topic Support on website Foundation Topic Support on website
11/2/19 18/2/19 Compounds p93

More separation techniques p96

Acids and Bases p130

Chem: unit 1

Chem: unit 4

Compounds p83

More separation techniques p87

Acids and Bases p112

Chem: unit 1

Chem: unit 4

18/2/19 25/2/19 Chemical Equations p94

Reactions of acids p 132 -133

Chem: unit 3

Chem: unit 4

Chemical Equations p84

Reactions of acids p113 -114

Chem: unit 3

Chem: unit 4

25/2/19 18/3/19 States of Matter p120

Changing of state p121

Physics: unit 3 States of Matter p106

Changing of state p107

Physics: unit 3
Holiday 18/3/19 Electrolysis p138-140

Hydrocarbons p 153-154

Energy resources and their uses p183

Chem: unit 4

Chem: unit 7

Phys: unit 1

Electrolysis p117

Hydrocarbons p129

Energy resources and their uses p156

Chem: unit 4

Chem: unit 7

Phys: unit 1

18/3/19 25/3/19 Potable water p172

Energy Stores and systems p175

Chem: unit 10

Phys: unit 1

Potable water p145

Energy Stores and systems p148

Wind, solar and geothermal p157

Chem: unit 10

Phys: unit 1

25/3/19 1/4/19 Current and Circuit Symbols p186

Stopping distance p229

Phys: unit 2

Phys: unit 5

Current and Circuit Symbols p161

Stopping distance and thinking distance p194

Phys: unit 2

Phys: unit 5


MANTRA visits XP

We’ve been really lucky this week to have the MANufacturing TRAnsport visiting from the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Sheffield.  On Monday and Tuesday this week, students from XP and XP East have been able to experience something of the future of manufacturing and engineering on this fantastic lorry!  We’ve handled objects, used AR to investigate an engine and tried out virtual MIG welding.  Congratulations to Kelsea who was the champion welder with an impressive 91% score for the quality of her weld!

We’re looking forward to working again with the team from the AMRC and would like to appreciate them for their hard work in setting everything up and working with our students.

C21 Preparation for Y11

Students have a small amount of revision to do over the summer for science. The work covers some of the fundamental knowledge which needs to be retained. This will allow students to make a running start to the year and will help us maximise the time available before their exams next year. Many students are confident with the ideas already so this will require very little work.

Secondly, there are some students who have not completed their ‘answer to the guiding question’ in science. It is important that students complete this before we return. It will be a challenging year for students next year as it is, so it would be beneficial for students not to have to catch up work on previous expeditions.

Finally, I do appreciate there will be weeks where Tassomai can not be done and that the most important thing for students is that they have a rest this holiday, however if Tassomai can be kept ticking over it would be useful to students. 

I would be really grateful your support with this.

To both students and families, please have a wonderful summer and enjoy the deserved rest.

Mr Campbell

Tassomai: Continuing Extended Study

A polite reminder that ALL C21 and C22 students have the ongoing compulsory extended study task of completing 10 minutes of daily quizzing on Tassomai. This must be kept up throughout the half term and beyond if it is to have to impact on student’s recall of key science information.

Please remind your sons and daughters of the need to keep this up!

Thanks again for the continued support.

C21/C22 Parents: Tassomai

Students in Years C21 and C22 have the ongoing compulsory extended study of 10 minutes of daily quizzing on the Tassomai science learning programme. This system works to develop students retention and recall of key science facts and concepts by daily quizzing and interleaved retrieval practice. Tassomai done for a least 10 minutes per day will be massively important in ensuring students are GCSE ready. It is only effective when done little and often over the time until GCSE examinations. It is ineffective when not done and left until before exams.

We have been using Tassomai with students in since Christmas and have an expectation that it is done on a daily basis. However, there have been perhaps a significant number of students who have not used the program for many days and continue to do this sporadically despite reminders from members of staff.

We have therefore decided that students who have missed two days or more of quizzing in a week will attend a compulsory extended study session to catch up. Progress will be checked on a Friday and those students who need to then attend compulsory extended study will then do so on the following Thursday. We would greatly appreciate it if parents could give students a nudge to check whether Tassomai has been completed.

Thank you for your continued support in ensuring our students develop strong habits of work and learning and in our aim of becoming exam ready.

C21 Revision for test first week back

All students in C21 have revision activities to complete. There is a dedicated part of the website for this. In the website go to ‘Students>GCSE curriculum>science>topics>physics>electricity’. Alternatively, students can follow the link directly that I posted on Google Classroom. This part of the website will continue to grow and develop over the course of the year and will be a go to resource for revision and exam practice.

I will be adding more videos every day this week so students should watch them, attempt the practice exam questions and then mark their work and address misconceptions by watching the accompanying walkthrough videos.

By Friday all videos will be added so students will need to complete the google form found on the bottom of that revision page where they can let me know their progress and any area where they still need help.

Students should also continue to do 10 minutes of daily quizzing on Tassomai and read their text books to do retrieval practice.

Any feedback from parents and students would be gratefully received. We are building a website that works for students and meets their study needs to give them the best possible chance of passing their GCSEs.

Thanks for your continued support.

Mr V