School reopening details

Hi everyone,

please find a link to the new ‘school reopening: support for parents’ website that we have created in order to help our community to understand the changes for the return of our students in the last week of August.

As you will see, we have produced a series of videos that explain:

  • the rationale behind the planned changes
  • overview of the safety measures
  • details for the first week back and the staggered approach to students returning
  • helping students to get back into the swing of things
  • how PE will work
  • individual videos for every year group at XP, XP East and XP16 (zoned locations of ‘bubbles’, entry/exit locations, lunch arrangements, equipment, staggered end of school day times).
  • a section for FAQs
  • Google survey to ask any questions (bottom of the link)

We have worked hard to produce such detailed resources because we want to reassure parents about the comprehensive plans that we have in place, and to let our community know well in advance of the changes that we have made.

We have also produced this video (also embedded below) which explains how the website works, and I encourage all parents to please take the time between now and the week beginning 24th August to make themselves aware of the changes.

Please stay tuned for further details between now and the start of the new school year.

Click below to access the site


Reopening details delayed until tomorrow…

Hi everyone,

we’re not quite there with regards to the final details regarding reopening.

I’d like to apologise for not meeting our published deadline that I set for today, however I can guarantee that they will be available tomorrow – I’d rather wait one more day in order to ensure that the process is right.

Thank you in anticipation of your understanding.

Jamie Portman


Details regarding school reopening

Hi everyone, further to my update from the 3rd July I can confirm that on Wednesday 15th July we will be publishing the final details concerning school reopening.

We are currently finalising many different aspects of this work, and we will be releasing a specific website that will include a series of documents and different walkthrough videos.

The website will include video presentations on how the site has changed, details about the first week back, timetable changes, advice for encouraging children to get back into good habits and the different protocols for keeping our community safe.

We’re nearly there – please stick with us.



Covid-19 update on the return of students

I’m sure parents will be aware of the recent announcement by the Government about all students returning to school for the new academic school year.

Yesterday, new guidance was released which provides specific details on some of the procedural aspects concerning the return. This is a 41 page document which needs careful consideration by our Leadership Team, and will take some time to fully digest – there is lots of hard work ahead of us.

I intend to be able to provide details of the measures that we will be taking in a published plan which will be available for the final week of this term. I can reassure parents that our decision making process will always consider what is best for our students, within the local context of Doncaster – not the national one.

It’s been a long time coming, but we are hoping that there is some light at the end of the tunnel as we have really missed our students. Please stick with us for the next week or so in order to ensure that we get this right.

Best wishes, Jamie Portman (Principal of XP and XP East)

X24 Fundraising

As previously posted. This summer, X24 are taking part in fundraising for the toilet twinning scheme by walking 2 miles with 4 litres of fluid on their back, just a portion of what those we are trying to help do on a daily basis. Here is evidence from one students walk:

This is an opportunity to provide support for countries who don’t have the simple facility to wash their hands, at a time when hand washing is vital. To support please donate money via this link.

See you soon crew Hahn…

So today was our last crew hangout of this academic year.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to those students that have regularly turned up to the hangouts, you have kept our crew together during this difficult time. Shout outs to James Sk, Jon, Sam, Sophie, Tom, Rhys and James L!

I honestly cannot wait to see you all next term in our new crew room ready for our journey into our GCSE’s.

I’ve asked my crew to spend sometime thinking about the positives they can get from lockdown over the last few months. During this time students have had to grapple with getting organised, being self disciplined, creating their own working environments, schedules and trying to do this when all around the world seems to have stopped.

I’m proud to say most of Hahn have done this and overcome a number of hurdles along the way. I believe that by reflecting on this time and learning who they are in terms of their academic learning, that this will give them an insight into them selves that will help them during their GCSE’s.

They will have already experienced many similar situations they will encounter in the run up to their exams, such as making revision plans, finding out they work better at a desk that sat on their bed or vice verse. This knowledge is the foundation to them becoming leaders of their own learning and so we will spend sometime focusIn on this  on our return.


So have a fab summer and stay safe, see you in August!


Ipad Parental contribution scheme


I know some parents have recently tried to order the iPads but It has said it is closed to new orders.

This has now been corrected and it is back open and will remain so until 6pm on the 31st July 2020.

If you have any questions please contact your crew leader.



School device loan during CV19

Students that have been loaned a school device during the CV19 period can continue to use it over the summer holidays if they need it.
Students are expected to return the device to their crew leader before the deadline of Friday 4th September.
Please make sure that you have organised for your son or daughter to have an appropriate device for use in school every day after summer. This is part of our returning to school stronger and making sure all students have the equipment they need including devices. If you have not already sorted this then please speak with your crew leader to discuss the ipad contribution scheme. School devices will not be available for general student use after the summer holidays.
Have a wonderful summer break and see you next term.

X24 Superbug: Toilet twinning Fundraising

Before Christmas, students in X24 were learning about a possible extinction point, that of the Superbug. The Product is to raise money for the toilet twinning scheme. The scheme aims to supply a toilet or a block of toilets to parts of the world who have limited or no access to sanitation.

This charity is even more important under our current circumstances, given that one of the big drives in helping to control coronavirus, is good hygiene.

To raise money for this, students in X24 are going to walk two miles, with 4 litres of water on their back to ‘walk in the footsteps’ of communities where this is the only way of having any hope of hygiene. This will all be done in their own time.

To Sponsor X24, please donate via this link

If you have any further questions about this, please email me:

Hi everyone,

With us not being able to run sports day this year we have decided to give our students the opportunity to take part in a virtual competition hosted by Yorkshire Sport. The emphasis is on participation and all students who take part will gain points for their crew with additional points awarded accordingly for the top 3 scores in each year group. There will also be bonus points for the crews who have the most participants for each event. Share evidence of your scores with your crew leader who will pass it on to me. I have attached the details around what events to expect here. The link to the love event video feed is here. (This will be live on Friday)

Please also submit your scores via the link on the youtube video so that we can compete against other schools. It is hosted live on Friday 10th July at 10am and scores should be submitted no later than 12pm on Monday 13th July.

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to email myself or Miss O’Grady. Thanks and good luck!

X27 Transition day groups – Fri 3rd July

Good afternoon. We are really looking forward to welcoming our new students to school via google hangouts tomorrow on Friday 3rd July.

We know that some families have been having problems accessing the Google Classrooms which have been set up by the Local Authority. This is understandable given that we have never set up this type of provision across the whole of Doncaster before, and we would like to thank the Local Authority for the huge amount of work they have put into the transition events across all schools in the borough.

We have come up with a solution using our own Google apps. Students in each group should be able to use the same link to join our hangouts throughout the day tomorrow.

The first session will start at 10.00am on Friday 3rd July

The second session will start at 1.15pm on Friday 3rd July

Both sessions should last around 45 minutes.

To find which group your child is in, please look for your child’s initials alongside their Primary school.  Children from the same Primary school have been put in different groups where possible to enable them to meet other new students.

XP School: X27 group 1 – Use this link to join the Google Hangouts throughout the day.

Group 1
CE Adwick Primary School
LK Atlas Academy
SW Balby Central Primary Academy
AG Kirkby Avenue Primary School
EB Bessacarr Primary School
LZ Copley Junior School
LA Green Top
ER Hexthorpe Primary School
BT Park Primary
MC Pheasant Bank Academy
RC Plover Primary School
DC Copley Junior School
HC Southfield Primary School
EB Town Field Primary School
KC Tranmoor Primary
RD Warmsworth Primary School
SH Woodfield Primary School


XP School: X27 group 2 – Use this link to join the Google Hangouts throughout the day.

Group 2
GB Bessacarr Primary School
BG Bessacarr Primary School
CG Branton St Wilfrid’s Church of England Primary School
CH Carr Lodge Academy
JL Willow Primary School
OJ Copley Junior School
AY Lakeside Primary School
JP Park Primary
FF Pheasant Bank Academy
JH Plover Primary School
CL Southfield Primary School
MS Swinton Primary school
EM S Town Field Primary School
OH Warmsworth Primary School
NM Warmsworth Primary School
TW Waverley Academy
NB Woodfield Primary School


XP School: X27 group 3 – Use this link to join the Google Hangouts throughout the day.

Group 3
MS Bessacarr Primary School
RS Bessacarr Primary School
EB Green Top
GD Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School
NR Hexthorpe Primary School
JM Hill Top Academy
IM Hooton Pagnell All Saints C of E Primary
BS Kingfisher Primary Academy
NK Lakeside Primary School
AP Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School
ML Park Primary School
AJ Pheasant Bank Academy
HJ St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School
JB St Oswald’s C of E Academy
HB St Peter’s Catholic Primary School
OS Town Field Primary School


If you have any queries about your son or daughter’s group, please email .

Am a very proud Crew Leader this week with Zack in crew Attenborough and his twin Logan taking part in a charity bike ride raising money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital by cycling 40 miles between football stadiums along with a group of fundraisers. The boys raised over £600 between the 2 of them which will make a massive difference to the hospital and the children who will benefit from the kindness and generosity of the boys and their sponsors. What a fantastic achievement from them. Was lovely being a part of the send off team on their epic journey. They can also benefit from being able to use the volunteering and physical as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award, which XP are supporting by encouraging students in finding different ways of achieving their goals while socially distancing.

James in our crew has also been fundraising, carrying out 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days in an effort to raise money for a charity that supports families living through breast cancer. He’s already raised his target but still going. Well done James and again all towards your DofE.

As we near the end of the year please encourage your student to keep going and dig deep, COVID 19 might keep us apart but we will always be together as Crew.

Today has been about reflection for me as Crew Leader of Attenborough. 5 years ago I started at XP and as part of that I did a staff outward bound followed by an expedition. I then had to write a speech about who I wanted to be at XP, I hope I have done my best for my students but most of all for my Crew, I hope they are as proud of me as I am of them.

“Having debated the question of whether we are important in the grand scale of things, it is my belief that although we are here at XP School; on a tiny planet in a vast universe, we can still choose to make a difference, we can still choose to be significant. In our ability to make education something to be enjoyed, embraced and proud of, we can fill our students with that same joy of learning and a deep understanding of whatever subject matter they encounter; because we as educators are now making the same journey.

Dr Kurt Reinhardt had a motto “Grow to be what you are.” This I have now done, so my dream job when I grow up has become a reality, and I have discovered that I am the sort of educator and the person inside who works best alongside my new family of inspiring colleagues and students, at XP School, in collaboration with leaders and members of the community, to educate each other, in order to produce courageous and respectful young adults, who are ready to take on the next challenge that life has in store. I am proud to be part of this school, I am proud to be Crew XP.


Crew Bronte – hasta la vista – not adios!

Today marks Year 11’s last official day at XP. Not quite the goodbye any of us envisaged, but over the last week I asked Crew to send me a memory from our time together. Here is what they said…

Katie – My favourite crew memory is when we all met for the first time and did all the great activities together in Wales and how we all grew from there.

Noah – the massive game of Jenga we all played in Year 9, those mystery liquids Joel brought in for the end of Year 8/9 and just the whole of Wales.

Lannie – Year 10 sports day is probably one of the best memories for me, all of the cheer and excitement of everyone was so overwhelming and memorable.

Mr Sprakes – definitely Duke of Edinburgh! Watching all of you arriving back on the second day of your Bronze practice in Year 9, soaking wet but smiling! This was the first time I felt part of Crew Bronte.

Mrs Sprakes – our second Outward Bound at Hatfield at the start of Year 8. We’ve never had much luck with the weather on our Outward Bounds, but that second day was ridiculously wet…and none of us, me included, had zipped up our tents! I can’t really repeat or re-enact some of the grumpy / angry / astounded words and faces that day!

Here are some blasts from the past!