School closes at 1:30 tomorrow

This is just a reminder that on the last day of this term, Friday 24th May 2024, the school will be closing for all students at 1:30pm.

This is so staff are able to prepare for the new term. There will not be any provision for students to stay after this time so all students must leave at 1:30pm.

School reopens on Monday 3rd June 2024.

Many thanks as always for your continued support and have a lovely break.

XP Office

This week in PE

Well done to the Year 7 boys cricket team for their participation in the cricket festival at Doncaster town cricket club.

PE extra curricular W/C 3rd June

Monday- Athletics practice

Tuesday – Cheerleading and cricket practice

Wednesday- Rounder match away Year 7,8/9. Please tick your name off on the team sheet.

Thanks team PE

Y9 Leading Our Own Learning – Parent Drop In!

We are pleased to announce our Parent Drop-In evening. This event provides an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions and seek guidance on your child’s next steps as they transition into Key Stage 4 and begin their Leading Our Own Learning (LooL).

The Parent Drop-In will be held on Thursday, 6th June, from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. During this time, you will have the chance to meet with subject teachers and gain valuable insights into what to expect for LooL. We encourage you to take advantage of this drop in event, to ensure you and your child are well-prepared for the exciting journey ahead.

We look forward to seeing you there and supporting your child’s educational development.

If you are unable to attend, information can be shared by crew leaders, please contact them for this info.

Thank you

Sharing our Stories: 24/05/2024

Beautiful Work This Week

Chance to Dance – Royal Ballet at XP

We were delighted to be able to welcome the Royal Opera House and Royal Ballet programme ‘Chance to Dance‘ to XPE last weekend. Over two days the tech teams and over 100 pupils from five Primary Schools across Doncaster – including our own Norton Junior School –  rehearsed and then performed a specially choreographed piece based on a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

For months the children had been working in their schools, finally joining us at XPE last weekend to meet all the other participants and share their love of dance, working together to create a beautiful piece of ballet. Performing alongside them were Isabella and Valentino, remarkable solo artists from the Royal Ballet.

Over two performances several hundred friends and family filled the auditorium at XP enchanted by the stunning piece that was received with cheers and much applause. This is the second year running that XPE has hosted this event and it was a delight to welcome back the team from the ROH and Royal Ballet. 

Blue Planet – Product Curation at 23rd Owston Scout Hall

Beautiful work from KS1s most recent Expedition ‘Blue Planet’ is on display of the walls of the Owston Scout Hall! Their guiding question was ‘How will what I do today impact the world tomorrow?’.

The art focusses on three different countries they have been learning about: the UK, Africa and Antartica. The exhibition not only showcases all of the children’s artwork but also food and drink from the countries and facts that they had learnt about each country.

Visitors from Hong Kong at XP

XP Doncaster hosted 50 Visitors from Hong Kong last week. The visitors left feeling very inspired and praised our students for being so confident and articulate – we look forward to welcoming our visitors back to XP in the future!

We’re looking for an outstanding Learning Coach (Teaching Assistant and HLTA) and Crew Leader at XP Gateshead!

Find out more here and apply to #JoinOurCrew

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Year 10 Mock Results

Now that mock exams have been marked, moderated and graded; students will be receiving the their results today. Students will receive two grade cards. The first details the grades for this set of exams. The second provides subject teachers predicted grades for the final exams in Year 11. These predictions are informed by mock grades, but also other assessments that students have done over the year as well as attendance and Habits of Work and Learning.

In addition, there will be a document which provides some context around each of the mock exams that students took. Each subject has had a slightly different approach based on students progress through the GCSE courses.

After half term, we will be inviting parents into school for a Teacher-Student Led Conference where students will reflect on their progress with subject teachers and parents. This will also provide an opportunity for parents to ask any subject specific questions directly.

In Year 11 students will sit two more rounds of mock exams in order to prepare for the final GCSEs. We of course hope and expect students to work hard, get smart and be kind over the next year to give them the very best chance of success.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact your child’s Crew Leader of subject teacher in the first instance.

Best wishes,

Mr Voltaire and the Year 10 Team.

Crew Marsha. P. Johnson’s Noodle Adventure!

This morning, Miss Taylor kindly organised a ‘noodle adventure’ during crew… and wow, were our horizons broadened; with different flavours and noodle types!

Following a conversation in crew around pot noodles being the best things ever, Miss Taylor decided to do an ‘around the world’ noodle tour! Students enjoyed a range of noodles… but stay away from the Jollof Chicken ones if your spice tolerance is low, eh Morgan?!

Thank you to Miss Taylor for organising this morning’s crew session; it was lovely to sit and enjoy some noodles together! And thanks for inviting me along, too, crew!

Miss Cocliff x

Warm weather

As the weather is starting to get warmer and the sun is shining we advise that students bring suncream to school for PE. Students will also need to make sure they have a water bottle filled up.


Team PE

Crew Pasteur X28 Year 9 DoE Practice Walk

Last week, Crew Pasteur took part in their 7 mile walk from Wadworth to XP – in a temperature of 24 degrees! Needless to say, there were a few sun – reddened faces by the end of the day, but Crew demonstrated excellent map reading skills, and above all, compassion for each other by checking in regularly, sharing sun cream and a joke or two. You will be AMAZING on the qualifying experience at the end of June, Crew!

Crew Barnes – Stewards of Our School

Crew Barnes helped the XP community by litter picking around the school and futsal court outside. Despite the hot weather, we persevered working as a crew to keep our environment clean, taking it in turns to collect rubbish. This goes towards our DofE Bronze Award, bettering our chance of achieving it.


X28 Crew Darling – Smashing their Practice DofE Walk

I was excited to join my Crew last week for their practice walk (from a distance) for their Bronze DofE award. Crew Darling displayed great teamwork, support and compassion for one another on a hot, humid and challenging day. They even tried their hand at some sheep herding! Take a look at the fantastic day that was had, especially impressed with their cooking skills!

Extra curricular this week

Another hectic week of extra curricular. Our cricket teams were in action this week, being involved in a festival at Doncaster town and home fixtures against Hayfield and Campsmount. The uptake in cricket has been fantastic. Students showed real character and were phenomenal both on and off the pitch.

Next week will be as follows:

Monday – Athletics practice

Tuesday – Cricket and cheerleading

Wednesday – Y7/8 Cricket fixture and rounders practice

Lost Property

If any of this lost property belongs to you please come and collect it from XP recaption before we break up for half term.