Year 8 students have been experimenting with oil pastels this term in their art sessions to create some beautiful sunset inspired blends. Can’t wait to see the finished pieces.

6-Side football tournaments next week

We have teams competing in football tournaments in years 7, 8 and 9 next week. The event takes place at Rossington All Saints School and we will travel there straight after school – returning at around 5:30-6pm.

Wednesday 22nd January – Year 9 tournament

Finn O
Christian M
Brendan K
Denzil M
Alfie C
Sam Coates

Callum B

Thursday 23rd January – Year 7 & 8 tournament

Year 7

Ben Boettcher
Lynden B
Harrison P
William L
Danny Davis
Arjun D
Sam Fielding
Josh B

Year 8

Riley Coates
Declan Richards
Ben Williamson
Alfie L
Andrew Hurst
Ricki Tomes
Harley A
Kyle SJ

Luke H
Finlay A

Big Picture Doncaster Vacancy

Big Picture Doncaster opened in April 2019 and is the first UK school set up under the Big Picture Learning UK charity. It follows the Big Picture ethos developed in the US which focuses the educational experience of the learner in a bespoke and tailored way.

The role of advisor is unique and multi-faceted. Advisors are not traditional teachers and do not work from a deficit model where they are the experts and students come with nothing. They are a guide to enable the student to learn how to learn and open up and explore their own learning. Advisors will work with a relatively small number of students to enable them to foster meaningful and authentic relationships and will be the key architect along with students and families of the learning plan.

Closing date: 9am Friday 8th February 2020

Below are further details:

Download (PDF, 126KB)

XP East Enrichment 19/20



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lunch-time Year 7 indoor football (sportshall) Year 8 indoor football (sportshall)

XP Crew Voices 

12.45-1.15 XP P13 All welcome

Year 9 indoor football (sportshall) Year 10 indoor football (sportshall) Year 11 indoor football (sportshall)

XP Ukes 

12.45-1.15 XP P13 

All welcome 

After School Badminton – all years – boys and girls

(3:30-4:30) Sportshall

Rock Challenge Performers Crew

(3.15-4.30) Sportshall 

**Netball – all years – girls


**Football – All years- Boys 


Cheerleading – all years – boys and girls

(3:30-4:30) Sportshall

**Football – all years – girls


Rock Challenge Backstage Crew

(3.15-4.30) A11


**Meet at the XP East Changing rooms – you will need kit in order to take part**

Check the board regularly for updates and additional clubs

Crew Kurt Hahn welcomes ‘Kurt Hand’!

In crew since we have come back after the Christmas break we have been focusing on the character trait ‘Respect“. It’s really important that we learn to listen as well as we are expected to use our voice. By actively listening to others shows that person respect, confidence, a sense of belonging and to be as important as everyone else in the circle.

However in Hahn this is something we weren’t doing too well last term so we needed to bring in protocols to help us improve on this. To help prompt and remind us not to talk at inappropriate times we are using a protocol where we can only speak when we have hold of a chosen item. For a while we were doing this using my mug. This seemed to be working so I decided we needed something that didn’t stop me drinking my morning coffee…

So, welcome Kurt Hand…!

Kurt Hand is a (clean) sock / hand  puppet. Members of crew can only take their turn to speak when they are using the puppet. If they want to speak we have to ask for the puppet. This should help remind us about respecting others and allowing everyone time to use their voice.

Kurt Hand spent the session this morning getting to know his crewbies and can be seen here with Sam.

Crew Bronte Tuesday Academic Crew

Every Tuesday since September Crew Bronte have been working on independent or paired revision tasks, focused on a subject of their choice. A lot of revision, learning and memory skills have been channelled into this, with presentations, mind maos, flashcards and note taking going on. The result? Most of Crew Bronte have gone up not 1, but 2 grades in those specific subjects, with three students going up 3 grades. This is absolutely amazing…still a way to climb though Bronte, let’s ALL get to the top!

X26 Fieldwork

As part of our current expedition ‘Get up! Stand up!’ our current case study is looking at Africa and Slavery.

On Wednesday 22nd January we are taking all X26 students to the Merseyside Maritime Museum to take part in a workshop and see displays about Slavery and the Trade Triangle.

We ask students to be at school for 7.45 am and we hope to be back approximately 5.30 pm, traffic allowing.

Students will need to bring a packed lunch with them and something to drink.  Students who are normally provided with a meal at school will be given a packed lunch.

The Museum is indoors but there is a short walk from the bus so we recommend that students wear a coat.

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact me

X24 / Y9 GCSE Spanish Extended Study

This week’s X24/ Y9 GCSE Spanish Extended Study is centred on learning the irregular verbs “tener” (“to have”) and “estar” (“to be”), currently being used to describe ailments and injuries. Vocabulary retrieval, i.e. a test on these two verbs, will take place in session on Friday 17th January. Relevant slides will be shared with students.










Thank you.

X25 Fieldwork to Oakham Castle

On Tuesday 21st January, all of X25 will be going on fieldwork to Oakham Castle in order to further develop their knowledge and understanding of the Medieval Period.

This is going to be an important piece of fieldwork as it links directly to our new expedition which is entitled ‘I’ve Got the Power!’ with the guiding question of ‘How does power affect us?’ 

Students need to ensure they are at school by 8.15am as the coach will be leaving at exactly 8.30am. The students will then return to school at 5.45pm. 

As some of the activities are outside and involve physical movement, students will need to dress accordingly. Therefore, warm clothes that are easy to move in would be most appropriate.

Students will also need to bring a packed lunch that they can eat whilst at Oakham Castle.

We are aware that this is the day after the Presentation of Learning at CAST Theatre, so students maybe tired, however this is an opportunity that cannot be missed. So please help us to make sure that all students attend.

If you have any further questions about the Fieldwork next week please do no hesitate to contact school or the students Crew Leader.