Parents of Y9/X25 students at XP will be aware that we had to close the year bubble yesterday.

However, as mentioned in my original blog post:

The test result came from a home testing lateral flow kit. The student should now have a PCR test with the NHS – if it shows as negative and does not have Covid symptoms, students will be allowed to return to school.

I can confirm that the PCR test done with the NHS has come back as NEGATIVE. As a result of this, and because the student does not have any Covid symptoms, students can now return to school (as advised by the Department for Education helpline when I rang this in yesterday).

Due to the timing of the situation, students may either return to school for a 1:30pm start, or continue to do the online sessions at home and return as normal tomorrow morning. If students do return today, please ensure that they have had their lunch.

This is the best news we’ve had in a long time… Woohoo!!!

Don’t hesitate to contact school should you have any questions.

Best wishes

Jamie Portman

Unfortunately we have a positive case of Covid19 in Year 9 / X25 at XP.

Public Health England have instructed me to send students home and isolate for 10 days. Could parents collect students as soon as possible. In the meantime, students will remain in their current classroom. Everything is calm, and students have been informed.

The student in question was in school yesterday. The test result came from a home testing lateral flow kit. The student should now have a PCR test with the NHS – if it shows as negative and does not have Covid symptoms, students will be allowed to return to school.

This is just a very quick message to make Y9 parents aware of the situation.

We will move to an online provision as quickly as possible. Stay tuned for further updates.

Please contact school on 01302 898792 regarding any issues.

Jamie Portman

Y9 X25 Bubble Closure Timetable Update

As we have unfortunately had a positive Covid test in X25 Year 9 we will be moving to online learning from this afternoon (Tuesday 13th April). We have chosen this timetable as it reflects the online provision that was successful during our last period of distance learning. After speaking with students this morning we have adapted the timetable to mitigate the risks of screen fatigue. Therefore, the students will only do four out of the five sessions providing them with an extended lunch break. 

Please see the timetable below that outlines the times for each session. The teacher taking the session will send out the hangout link and post it on Google Classroom. We look forward to seeing all our students online this afternoon.  Thank you for your continued support. 

Link to Timetable.


Thank you to our community!

On the 23rd of March I had the massive pleasure to bring Alfie his new bike. This was only possible by the amazing support from XP staff, students, parents and the wider community allowing us to raise £910!

Further to this I had been in contact with Barnaby at He went above and beyond and got Alfie a bike at massively discounted rate. Allowing Alfie to get a great bike and more importantly be overwhelmed with joy.

Below is the YouTube link to Alfie receiving his bike and a message of thank you form him to you all.

I cant believe people donated this money, words can’t describe the love I feel to this school. Im overwhelmed and so happy, I also thank Mr.Doyle for setting the fundraising up and for people donating, even random people donated and I’m so happy about it.

The bike company also added to the fund, I’m so happy about that to. I cant believed they doubled the value. I have the best bike in the world and I’m overwhelmed.

Thank you, for the bike, I love it, it was and is my dream bike!!

Overspill carpark, waste ground near XPEast

Unfortunately the car park used to drop off and collect XP East students is temporarily inaccessible to us, we are working on this to get it re-opened ASAP, during the mean time parents will need to collect students from car park 3 on the other side, making sure that your registration is logged with either office by email or by phone 898792. Any longer than 20 minutes could create a fine letter in that car park, many thanks, XP & XP East.

X24/Y10 Mock Exams

Year 10 will begin their first set of GCSE mock exams from the week commencing 10th of May over the following two weeks. This first round of mocks will be over two weeks to all the students’ time between exams to ease students back into the formal examination process, but it also helps us to maintain our current CV-19 adjustments in school. 


The following exams will be taken by students in X24/Y10:

AQA citizenship (Cit students only)

AQA Spanish Writing (GCSE Spanish students only) 

AQA Spanish Speaking (GCSE Spanish students only) 

OCR B SHP History The People’s Health / Living under Nazi Rule 

AQA Geography Paper 2 (Common Mission students only) 

Eduqas English Language Component 1

Eduqas English Language Component 2

Eduqas English Literature XP made paper from a combination of Comp1 and 2 

AQA Business Paper 1 (Common Mission students only)

AQA Maths Paper 1 Non Calculator

AQA Maths Paper 2 Calculator

AQA Science Paper 1 – Communicable and non Communicable diseases

AQA Science Paper 2 – Mag/electro mag/Hydrocarbons/alternative sources energy


All exams will take place during a normal school day, and will take place in the sports hall with appropriate CV-19 safety adjustments in school.

E25/X25 Year 9 Common Mission

Year 9 Common Mission 


To explain how we use Common Mission to support students to access different pathways to academic, career and life readiness at XP. Common Mission is a curriculum process that is additional to our Core GCSEs, where we further develop character and positive habits of work and learning in our students.  In addition to our Core GCSEs, we run one session a week from Year 9 called ‘Common Mission’. These sessions allow students to think about, prepare and take qualifications in pathways that will help them to become who they want to be later in life. Common Mission sessions include career and further education advice, as well as time for them to study a GCSE of their choice if they have the motivation, capacity and capability to do so.  Common Mission includes the opportunity to study a Choice qualification or to pursue other curriculum or personal interests. In these sessions students develop their self-study skills so they are ready for their next steps in the education process.




On Wednesday the 14th of April, students at X25 and E25 students will choose one of the following common mission options to develop their self-study skills so they are ready for their next steps in the education process, with the potential to gain the listed qualifications. 28th of April will be the start date Your support and guidance as parents will be invaluable to our students making a choice that is right for them. As well as discussions at home, our students will spend time in crew this week. Please see the video below outlining the overview of Common mission. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate use the form attached and I will answer any questions as soon as possible.


Topic Options:



Common mission Option  Potential Qualification Specification
Business Studies GCSE AQA
Engineering NCFE Level 1/2  NCFE
Maths pushing 9.0 Additional Study  GCSE AQA AQA Maths
Music ABRSM  Level 2
Music qualification through the Rock School (RSL)
BTEC PE BTEC Pearson Edexcel
Triple Science GCSE AQA Triple Biol, chem, phys
Psychology GCSE AQA
Dance BTEC BTEC Pearsons Level 2
Geography GCSE AQA
Core Expeditions Additional Study  STEAM, MATHS, HUMAN
Self Study Mix Mix


XP Self Study Website Examples:


Business Studies





Have any questions?:



Returning to the classroom has been a little tricky for some of us. But yet again Crew Tubman have really risen to the challenge!


We’ve taken to using the crew wall as a focal point to revise our learning and get us back on track.

Mindful Mondays

Some of our points of learning on Mindful Monday have been around writing a letter to our future self about how we have faired during lockdown, asking how things are in the future and maybe if some things have changed or perhaps remained the same, what advice would we give ourselves.


Tranquil Tuesday

Resetting our reading targets is a really important part of our time. Looking at what we can do to make sure we are reading regularly, in order to benefit from a better understanding which, in turn allows us to make better word and sentence choices in our own work as well as growing to understand more challenging texts. Making sure we have regular times to familiarise ourselves with the written word and the many contexts we find it in, so Tuesday is a great time to sit back relax and enjoy our favourite author. We have also looked at what Genre we enjoy to help others find something to challenge their usual reads and expand our experiences, followed by a pledge to improve on where we are currently.



Wise Wednesdays

This has been focusing mainly on our mental and physical health, discussing and exploring what this means to us and how we have a choice over how we deal with things and who we can turn to. We have had some really mature conversations about where they feel mental health affects physical and visa versa, resulting in the conclusion that they both rely on each other and how best to maintain this.



Thoughtful Thursday

Here we are looking at reconnecting to our HOWLs and identifying how our behaviour directly impacts our academic achievement alongside our attendance, also how this impacts us as a crew. Over the coming weeks we will be analysing our classroom efforts and looking as a crew, supporting each other in order to get the best out of ourselves. Some of us may need a little more help than others but we are all there for each other.


We have taken time this week to reflect and analyse where we feel we sit with our HOWLs, really thinking and picking apart how we feel we are achieving in our lessons based on our current performance and how we are coming back after the break. As you can see they have used a lot of integrity in identifying where they need to work harder or need help in a subject in order to become a better version of themselves. This is something we will grapple with over the coming weeks with discussion, critique, notice, wonders and praise.


Flexible Friday


This is where we take time to catch up on any discussions we want to expand on, follow up work or finding time to share a good read. This week we have taken the opportunity to read Rosemary Sutcliff’s ‘Beowulf’

Whilst listening to the text we have used our visualisation skills to determine what we think Grendal, one of the main characters, would look like based on the description in the book.

Have a look at what they thought…




Another great week for crew Tubman, looking forward to next


All that best




— Resetting the Bar