8 Admiral try press printing

8 Admiral had their first go at press printing today.  They’ve been looking at the work of artist, Shepard Fairey as part of their current expedition ‘I’ve got the Power’ and have started to produce some studies of patterns in his work.  The students worked hard and grappled with the new technique with some students producing their first few prints towards the end of the session.  We’ll be doing more printing this week and students are looking forward to creating their own designs as part of our expedition product later in the term.

X25 Fieldwork to Oakham Castle

On Tuesday X25 went on fieldwork to Oakham Castle to enhance their understanding of the Medieval Period. Oakham Castle worked really hard to create an itinerary which built upon our learning in the classroom. Throughout the day we did a variety of interactive and thought provoking tasks such as taking part in a Peasants’ revolt role-play, playing a game called ‘Surviving the Black Death’ where groups of peasants had to battle to survive against all odds and participating in a debate over democracy verses dictatorship in the courtroom of the Great Hall.

We all throughly enjoyed immersing ourselves in medieval life. The students came back into school yesterday with a stronger understanding of the context and events of this time period. Which is exactly what fieldwork is all about! If you haven’t been before Oakham Castle it is certainly worth the visit!

X25 Fieldwork to Oakham Castle

On Tuesday 21st January, all of X25 will be going on fieldwork to Oakham Castle in order to further develop their knowledge and understanding of the Medieval Period.

This is going to be an important piece of fieldwork as it links directly to our new expedition which is entitled ‘I’ve Got the Power!’ with the guiding question of ‘How does power affect us?’ 

Students need to ensure they are at school by 8.15am as the coach will be leaving at exactly 8.30am. The students will then return to school at 5.45pm. 

As some of the activities are outside and involve physical movement, students will need to dress accordingly. Therefore, warm clothes that are easy to move in would be most appropriate.

Students will also need to bring a packed lunch that they can eat whilst at Oakham Castle.

We are aware that this is the day after the Presentation of Learning at CAST Theatre, so students maybe tired, however this is an opportunity that cannot be missed. So please help us to make sure that all students attend.

If you have any further questions about the Fieldwork next week please do no hesitate to contact school or the students Crew Leader.


X25 Presentation of Learning @CAST Theatre

Last term students in X25 studied the expedition entitled ‘Should I stay or should I go?’ with the guiding question of ‘Why should we care about Migration?’ 

Our final product for this expedition is a documentary that explains our answer to this question. The first screening of this documentary will shown at X25 Presentation of Learning next Monday 20th January at 5.30pm at Cast theatre, Doncaster.

Every student will be expected to attend on Monday with one ticket for one adult companion. Unfortunately, as the theatre has a full capacity of 130 people, students are unable to invite more than one person. Students need to make their own way to and from CAST theatre as transport will not be provided.

Therefore to allow students to showcase their hard work to more relatives/friends we are putting on another screening at XP EAST on Thursday 23rd January at 4.30pm.

Please arrive in enough time to be seated before the screening begins.

We look forward to sharing our expedition with you.

All Together Now in X25!

Students in X25 were joined by members of the Conversation Club on Tuesday afternoon where they hosted a variety of different board games.

We particularly enjoyed catching up with those we have met previously and showing off our more competitive sides!

We were keen to show the asylum seekers that they no longer need to feel ‘isolated’ like they had previously told us, because they are welcome in our community any time!

Some students were involved in filming aspects of our final product today too, capturing the action using the specialist equipment with help from our expert, Geoff Hewitt. We would like to appreciate Geoff for allowing us to have this opportunity.

Filming our journey throughout the expedition helped us to reflect on just how much we have learnt. Later into the afternoon students took time to silently reflect on their thoughts and feelings. Some were interested to see how they had changed, and we were all moved by what we had heard and learnt over the past couple of months.

We would like to appreciate those from the Conversation Club who took time out of their day to come in and see us! We would also like to appreciate Mr Jackson and Mrs Mawby for providing transport to and from XP which made this possible!

Above all, compassion.

X25 Students working with the Conversation Club

Over the past two weeks students in X25 have been working with the Conversation Club.  A charity based in Doncaster that offers support to refugees and asylum seekers.  We have taken part in workshops about Migration and on Monday we had the privilege of meeting and interviewing people who are currently seeking asylum in Doncaster. Their stories gave us a real insight into the realities of migration and made us realise that the community of Doncaster can do more to help.

Our task now in X25 is to come up with ways we can help and put them into practice! After all… above all else is compassion!