X28 – Yorkshire Sculpture Park Fieldwork

Students in X28/Year 8 will be visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Wakefield.

This will form part of their immersion for their first expedition of Year 8. 

Students will be visiting on Wednesday – 7th September 2022.

We will be travelling by coach, departing at around 9:15 AM and returning at approximately 15:00 PM.

Students will need to bring a packed lunch unless they access free school meals, in which case school will provide one for them. 

This is an outdoor site so students will be required to take a waterproof jacket/coat in case of wet weather, and wear suitable footwear (old trainers).

Usual school rules will apply in terms of mobile phones and these should not be used by students on the bus. Students may wish to take devices such as iPads to take any photographs or to make notes.

If your child needs to take any medication, please inform their Crew Leader so that any necessary arrangements can be made. 

All medication should be labelled with their name, and passed to a member of staff.

If you have any questions about the day, feel free to contact [email protected]

X26 Admiral were in the lab yesterday focussing on separating mixtures. This is part of our investigations for two case studies looking at how soldiers in the trenches could clean dirty water and how they could avoid harm during a mustard gas attack.

In this session we separated sand and salt by first mixing with water. Since sand is soluble, we could then filter to separate the sand. Following this we used an evaporating basin to separate out the salt.

Every member of the class achieved some great results and managed to separate the sand from the salt.

Here are Mollie and Becky with their finished experiment and Hubert’s prediction of what would happen:

Last week I posted the excellent field work and data collection of the local ecosystem, that X25 completed. This week, students used the data collected to built food chains and then grappled incredibly hard to build an XP ecosystem food web.

Learning Target: I can combine food chains to form a food web.

Next week, we will be investigating what might happen if disease killed one of the species in XP ecosystem or a completely new species was introduced…

Todays Learning Target:

I can collect and record data safely and accurately.

Great work today from X25s field work on school grounds. We have been practising identifying ‘play ground plants’, using quadrat to calculate percentage distribution, frequency, and mean data. Tomorrow, students will use their new skills to collect transect line sampling data ready to analyse next week.

Check out the full case study here

X25 fieldwork this week

A reminder that year 7 students will be visiting sites of former quarries to study Doncaster’s rock strata this week.

7 Admiral will be going on Wednesday 20th March.

7 Skipper will be going on Thursday 21st March.

Students will need a pack up lunch, a pencil and clothes that will keep them warm and dry. Long trousers or bottoms will be needed as we will be going through some overgrown areas. Wellies are preferable as it is likely the areas will be muddy.

We plan to return to school by 3pm each day.

X25 Fieldwork 20th and 21st March

X25 Admiral will be carrying out fieldwork on Wednesday 20th March.

X25 Skipper will be carrying out fieldwork on Thursday 21st March.

On each day students should arrive at school at the usual time.

The fieldwork is located at a range of former quarries where students can study the bedrock and superficial deposits in detail, as well as taking measurements of the dimensions of each site. Students are expected be back in school for the regular time of 3.15pm

Student will need to be prepared for the weather. Long trousers and sleeves are best as we will be walking through some overgrown areas. Wellies and a raincoat are advisable whatever the weather.

Students will need a pack up lunch, they can take this in their normal school bags. We can provide lunch for students on free school meals.

Student will also need a bottle of water and suncream.

X25 Celebration of Learning – REMINDER

A reminder that the X25 (Year 7) celebration of learning is this Wednesday evening, 19th December from 5.30pm until around 7.00pm.

It is important that every student has someone from their family at this event as it helps to provide an authentic audience for their work in what will be a great celebration of their efforts in their very first learning expeditions at XP.

Students are asked to dress smartly as this is a formal occasion. Students can bring a change of clothes or can choose to attend in smart clothes for the whole day.

Student must stay in school between 3.15pm and the start of the celebration of learning. They will be given some time to relax after school and before the last rehearsals, so they can bring a pack up tea if they choose.

We look forward to seeing you this week!


Many thanks

X25 Immersion fieldwork in January

In the New Year, X25 students will be visiting the National Mining Museum in Wakefield as part of their Immersion for the next expedition.

Admiral will be visiting on Wednesday 9th January and Skipper will be visiting on Thursday 10th January.  We will be leaving promptly at 8.45am and hope to be back in school by 3.15 pm, traffic allowing.

Students will need to bring a packed lunch with them including a drink, students on Free School Meals will be provided with a packed lunch/drink.

It is recommended that students wrap up warm for the visit, a warm coat, sensible shoes (trainers/boots- no heels) are recommended.  A small amount of time will be spent outside and with the weather starting to turn I also recommend students bring a hat, scarf and a pair of gloves.

If there are any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me on [email protected].

Many thanks in advance.