A busy couple of weeks for crew Kahlo

Well, it’s been a busy couple of weeks in crew. We have been working hard and cracking on.

This week, crew Kahlo has been looking at ‘British Values’ as part of our crew curriculum. We have been learning about how British Values teach us tolerance and respect for others.

We even made a display in our crew room.

We then moved onto looking at the difference between weather and climate. Pupils carried out research into causes of climate change.

I wanted to highlight this beautiful work by Bryan and Jessy. For our current Y8 expedition ‘Wherever I Lay my Hat’ where we have been looking at the artist Luke Dixon for inspiration. Pupils have practiced adding lines and patterns to simplified copies of his work and also using a viewfinder to zoom in on details. I don’t know about you, but I think Jessy’s pencil-tone portrait is absolutely amazing! I only asked for a line drawing – but she went for it! We didn’t want to add any lines (like Luke Dixon does) over this drawing – so we have photocopied her work and she is adding lines to a copy so she has not one but two beautiful pieces of work!

On Thursdays, crew Kahlo has started to think about the HoWLs grades that they would give themselves for that week in each subject area and crew. Pupils critiqued each other’s grades and commented on whether they agreed with them or not. This led to loads of discussion about what ‘work hard’ looks like and how they could try and improve their own ‘get smart’ in lessons. It has been really great to have Mr. Challen in crew with us as he has been able to comment on pupils’ work in their maths lessons.

A very productive couple of weeks crew! Keep up the good work.

X26 XBlock Drama

This week in XBlock Drama Year 7 have been working on their use of characterisation skills. The task in today’s lesson was to create still images of traditional children stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  The students worked hard to create images that were interesting and realistic. I was really impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of their work!

Excellent work X26!


X25 Celebration of Learning – REMINDER

A reminder that the X25 (Year 7) celebration of learning is this Wednesday evening, 19th December from 5.30pm until around 7.00pm.

It is important that every student has someone from their family at this event as it helps to provide an authentic audience for their work in what will be a great celebration of their efforts in their very first learning expeditions at XP.

Students are asked to dress smartly as this is a formal occasion. Students can bring a change of clothes or can choose to attend in smart clothes for the whole day.

Student must stay in school between 3.15pm and the start of the celebration of learning. They will be given some time to relax after school and before the last rehearsals, so they can bring a pack up tea if they choose.

We look forward to seeing you this week!


Many thanks

X25 X-Block Observation and colour work

Today X25 have been working on the following Learning Targets:

  • I can sketch out accurately from observation
  • I can overlay coloured pencil to create form
  • I can mix/ blend coloured pencil
  • I can leave highlights and record shadow

They are working hard at developing their Art skills: these are transferable when creating a product for an expedition.

Here you can see X3 busy using colour to create form on their observational apple study.


C24 Age UK Fieldwork

I am really pleased that we are once again working with Age UK this year.  C24 students will visit one of four Age UK Centres and play games in the next week with the service users.  The second visit (April/May) students will be linked with a user and they will ask them questions to get to know them and the third and final visit in July, Students will present their Kindness boxes.

All visits will take place in school time and students will return before dinner.

The following students are going to the following places:

Friday 6th April, 20th April & 6th July- Woodlands- Vinnie, Milla, Charlie B, Maxwell, Marcus, Calum, Aaisha, Amber, Sam, Christopher, Livia and Heather.

Tuesday 10th April, 24th April & 3rd July- Wheatley- Kyle, Francesca, Helen, Henry, Ashley, Kai, Kian, Emily, Coen, Enza, Courtney and Thomas.

Monday 9th April, 23rd April & 9th July- Rossington- Kyra, Bella, Charlotte, Tristan, Harpreet, Archie, Finnley, Harvey, Evan, Bobby, Joseph, Milo and Tyler.

Tuesday 17th April, 1st May & 10th July- Balby- Roshni, Alfie, Isaac, Kate, Freddi, Charlie P, Loris, Jaqtar, John-David, Imogen, Jayden, Ricki and Charlie W.

As an additional note, we would appreciate if parents can start to save and send in cereal boxes ready for when we start to make the Kindness boxes.

Any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via email at [email protected].

Many thanks.

C24 Admiral Extended Study

C24 Admiral students needs to use their notes in their HUMAN books to revise for an assessment on Monday.  The assessment will cover Magna Carta, The Crusades, Richard the Lion heart, Peasants Revolt and the area they became experts in; either Baron, Peasant, Knight or the banquet.

All presentation notes/text coding notes can be found on Google Classroom.

Beautiful work by Class of 23

Year 7 have been working closely with Age UK in their current expedition Spread A Little Happiness. They have done service learning by playing games with users of Age UK in Sprotbrough and Armthorpe and found out what they like. Students then made “Kindness boxes” for their person with the things they like in.

Click here to see the Free Press article about this.

Here are the beautiful boxes…

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