X24 Science Assessment


X24 will have their end of KS3 assessment for science on Wednesday 3th / Thursday 4th July.

The area that they should focus their revision on are:


Evolution and adaptation

Organ Systems – Circulatory



Heat Transfer


Atoms and the Periodic Table

Writing up a scientific investigation


Mr Campbell


X24 Testing speed

X24 students are continuing their expedition work in STEAM by looking at speed.  They were given some marbles and some track and were challenged to work out the speed of the marbles.  Students quickly designed their own experiments and decided how they were going to get to the answer.  This work builds their knowledge for their work this week designing experiments focussing on investigating ” a factor that affects the speed of an object “.

So far students have planned to measure the speed of Nerf bullets, RC cars, falling objects and toy cars on tracks.  We’re excited to read their reports when they’re finished next week!

X24 Building Background Knowledge

This week in Humanities sessions X24 students have been exploring the context of their anchor text Of Mice and Men. As the book is set in 1930’s America we have been studying what life was like at this time and recording our new understanding using a BBK note catcher. All students worked hard to expand their knowledge during these sessions but Milla and Aaisha’s work stood out in terms of it’s Craftsmanship and Quality. Beautiful work girls!

The Big Reveal

With a few hints, clues and a quick game of hangman, X24 students successfully identified all the components of the new expedition.

Over the next six weeks we will be studying the expedition entitled Life through a Lens and attempting to answer the question “How can the Arts help to uncover the past?”