And the winner is…..Save The Children!

Our C25 / Year 9 GCSE Spanish students have been working hard to promote a charity fundraising initiative in aid of Save The Children, as part of our current work on Fair Trade, social equity and child poverty in Latin America. This involved students producing and displaying posters in both schools, and visiting Crew rooms to invite their peers to guess the number of Fair Trade chocolates in a jar. At £1.00 a go, the winner with the closest guess to the actual number of chocolates would get to keep them and the jar.

This morning we can reveal that Mrs Cunningham and Crew Rosa won the chocolates in XP School, and Mrs Newrick correctly guessed that there were 99 chocolates in XP East’s jar. As a result of our students’ activism, they helped towards fulfilling the volunteering element of their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, but more importantly (and with the odd extra donation) they raised a total of £122.55 for Save The Children.

A huge appreciation goes to C25 students and Crew Leaders for helping to raise a three figure sum for charity.

X25 / Y9 GCSE Spanish end this week on a high!

After a quick popcorn round to consider key GCSE Spanish standards that were covered in their recent media expedition, our X25/Year 9 linguists agreed on expressing and justifying likes, dislikes and feelings, using a range of tenses, and extending their vocabulary as their “top three“.

Today they spent an hour honing their speaking skills by playing battleships to express positive and negative opinions of TV shows, using board games to peer assess the preterite tense, and grappling with a series of random letters to create vocabulary lists….competing against each other. A superb end to their media expedition from these proficient linguists!


X25 Spanish film faves!

Over the last two weeks X25 Spanish have been discussing TV programmes and films. Favourites, likes and dislikes, special features and Spanish directors, lots has been covered! Take a special look at Ebony’s entrance ticket, she remembered nearly EVERY film type from the session two days ago, now THAT’s building memory. Well done X25!

X25 flying start in Spanish

Our X25 GCSE Spanish students embraced the challenge of a Guiding Question framed in another language, practising their speaking skills this morning as they began our brand new Media expedition. Here they are gaining some much-needed social interaction as they ask, answer and record the answers to a survey on computer usage. A fabulous start from our young linguists!

X25 GCSE Spanish and Spanish+ Curriculum Plans

In Year 9 and beyond, and as in previous years, our X25 students will either continue to study Spanish to GCSE standard, and be entered for external examination at the end of their Year 11, or pursue a combination of supervised self-guided Spanish study and taught GCSE Citizenship, identified as “Spanish+” on their timetable. Either course will mean three hours of study per week and lead to a GCSE qualification. This follows our current curriculum model, and begins the process of personalisation of our provision for students that is then continued with choice and common mission entitlements.

We have now concluded a careful appraisal of your child’s achievements and attainment in Spanish so far, and are in a position to make a strong recommendation that they either join the GCSE Spanish group, or the Spanish+ group. You will shortly receive confirmation as to which of the two groups your child will be placed in, and Crew Leaders will be able to answer most questions that you might have.

In the event that you wish to discuss the recommendations further, or have any questions that Crew Leaders cannot answer, then please contact Mrs Sprakes in the first instance.