X23 Admiral Fieldwork Wednesday 8th May

Admiral will be going on fieldwork tomorrow to study biodiversity in the local area. We will be working in grasslands at a site in Besseccar. The fieldwork will take place in normal timetabled session times so lunches and home times will not be affected.

At the moment the forecast is rain, so we just ask that students bring waterproofs and wellies or walking boots a change of shoes for after as there is a good chance of getting wet.

Should there be prolonged torrential rain, the fieldwork will not go ahead and we’ll stick to classroom-based sessions.

Thanks for the continued support.

Mr Voltaire

C23 Immersion 3rd and 4th September

C23 will be visiting the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds for their immersion experience into their first expedition of Year 9. Students in Admiral will visit on Monday 3rd September and Skipper will visit on Tuesday 4th September. 

We will be spending the full day there, although this should not fall outside of normal school hours. Should there be a problem with traffic we will post updates directly to the school website. With the museum only being in Leeds, this should not be an issue.

Students will need everyday school attire and equipment as normal but will also need a packed lunch. Students on free school meals will have a packed lunch provided.


Already looking forward to the new year!

Tassomai: Continuing Extended Study

A polite reminder that ALL C21 and C22 students have the ongoing compulsory extended study task of completing 10 minutes of daily quizzing on Tassomai. This must be kept up throughout the half term and beyond if it is to have to impact on student’s recall of key science information.

Please remind your sons and daughters of the need to keep this up!

Thanks again for the continued support.

C21/C22 Parents: Tassomai

Students in Years C21 and C22 have the ongoing compulsory extended study of 10 minutes of daily quizzing on the Tassomai science learning programme. This system works to develop students retention and recall of key science facts and concepts by daily quizzing and interleaved retrieval practice. Tassomai done for a least 10 minutes per day will be massively important in ensuring students are GCSE ready. It is only effective when done little and often over the time until GCSE examinations. It is ineffective when not done and left until before exams.

We have been using Tassomai with students in since Christmas and have an expectation that it is done on a daily basis. However, there have been perhaps a significant number of students who have not used the program for many days and continue to do this sporadically despite reminders from members of staff.

We have therefore decided that students who have missed two days or more of quizzing in a week will attend a compulsory extended study session to catch up. Progress will be checked on a Friday and those students who need to then attend compulsory extended study will then do so on the following Thursday. We would greatly appreciate it if parents could give students a nudge to check whether Tassomai has been completed.

Thank you for your continued support in ensuring our students develop strong habits of work and learning and in our aim of becoming exam ready.

We have decided to postpone C23’s fieldwork to Flamborough Head that was scheduled for this Friday 16th of March. The weather forecast predicts strong winds and heavy rain and having completed a risk assessment, we have decided that it would not be wise to continue with the trip.

We will instead reschedule the visit for Skipper to Tuesday 20th March. Please see our original post on fieldwork requirements for the day.

C21 Revision for test first week back

All students in C21 have revision activities to complete. There is a dedicated part of the website for this. In the website go to ‘Students>GCSE curriculum>science>topics>physics>electricity’. Alternatively, students can follow the link directly that I posted on Google Classroom. This part of the website will continue to grow and develop over the course of the year and will be a go to resource for revision and exam practice.

I will be adding more videos every day this week so students should watch them, attempt the practice exam questions and then mark their work and address misconceptions by watching the accompanying walkthrough videos.

By Friday all videos will be added so students will need to complete the google form found on the bottom of that revision page where they can let me know their progress and any area where they still need help.

Students should also continue to do 10 minutes of daily quizzing on Tassomai and read their text books to do retrieval practice.

Any feedback from parents and students would be gratefully received. We are building a website that works for students and meets their study needs to give them the best possible chance of passing their GCSEs.

Thanks for your continued support.

Mr V

C21 Post Mock Exam Celebration!

Our students in Year 10 have been busy working hard and getting smart in preparation for their mock exams which have taken place over the first two weeks of term. The somewhat gruelling schedule has taught our students the value of good preparation and study habits and they have conducted themselves admirably throughout this period.

As a thank you to students for their hard work, we will be having a celebration this Friday 17th January. PE will take place as normal first session in the day followed by fun activities. After lunch we will be taking students for a game of bowling to help them relax and blow off some steam. There will be no change to the usual finish times for students, however we will finish bowling at 14.15 and will let students go home straight from the ‘Tenpin’ bowling alley if they want to. Those students who wish to, may return to school as normal if they are being collected by parents. Please note, this may be a little later than usual as we will be walking back from the bowling alley.

Once again, congratulations to Year 10 on working so hard!

C21 Celebration of Learning: 13th December


As we approach the end of the term, C21 are busy preparing for the culmination of the current expedition, ‘Raiders and Invaders’. As such, we would like to invite the parents, carers and families of all our Year 10 students to their first Celebration of Learning for this academic year. This will take place at the school on Wednesday 13th December at 17.30. The event will last approximately 1 hour where our students will acts as historians, writers and scientists as they present their work and learning to you. This is especially important as this will be a first practice at being an expert for the Viking festival in York where our students will be representing the school in early 2018.

We look forward to seeing you all on the 13th! Thanks for your continued support!