X24 History, getting started with revision!

Students this week have been given their own copy of the revision guide for our History exam board OCR B SHP History. All students should have named their copy so that if they are misplaced they can be returned. Students are encouraged to annotate and highlight the guide as they carry out their revision.

The revision guide has a number of different topics, however, students will need to focus on the following sections for revision:

  • The Elizabethans 
  • The People’s Heath 
  • Living under Nazi Rule 

The locations of these topics can be found in the contents page. We would recommend in general students start by revising The People’s Health as well as focusing on page 88 in order to prepare for the upcoming assessment in lessons. 

If any student has been absent when these revision guides were handed out, they can see myself or Mrs Hannam directly and we will make sure they get their copy.


A further revision guide focusing on the Viking Expansion will be issued to students in the coming weeks.



Crew Webb HOWLing on Flexible Friday

Crew Webb showed their habits of work and learning during our Duke of Edinburgh session this week by working on their outdoor first aid skills. Students worked in teams to examine case studies of outdoor scenarios that they might face in future Duke of Edinburgh expeditions once Covid restrictions change. Once Crew Webb worked through the case studies, they prepared presentations demonstrating the steps they would take to provide first aid in each case. Great teamwork and beautiful work on a Friday afternoon!


Crew Webb’s academic success

With the new term and expedition now well under way our check in today was focused on sharing a piece of work from the last few weeks that we were pleased with or proud of.

It was great to see examples from Art, English and Spanish as well as History.

Here are Crew Webb’s choices:

Charlie shared his 3D mask making designs. He has used both his Ipad and more traditional techniques when developing his Steam Punk creation.

Tristan,  Loris,  Kyra, Sam and Eleanor shared their History assessment on living conditions in the Medieval Period.

Amber also picked her Medieval living conditions assessment but also some of her Spanish work that she had drafted and improved. It’s great to see Crew Webb getting smart through revision and redrafting.

Here is Lara’s beautifully annotated version of the poem Living Space 

Tom and Kyle choose their work from 2D and 3D art. Here is Tom’s view finder study and Kyle’s steam punk helmet on Boba Fett! Beautiful work boys!

That was this weeks quiz when we checked in today! It turns out they all know each other really well with Annie just missing out on top score as she couldn’t earn the bonus point for a question about herself.(Sorry Annie)
We also began to reminisce and share some of our top Crew memories. Crew Nightingale being five times winners of Sports Day, our own specific Crew Check ins as well as all the first academic achievements we made: SLCs, Passage Presentation and COLs and POLs.
I was also impressed that during the quiz so many of Crew were able to recognise a very blurry picture of Elliot from our time on Outward Bound in Year 7. I can’t believe that Outward Bound was 2015. Time seems to have flown by.
Hopefully these memories will help Crew as they begin to write reflections on their time in Crew for their final product a book called “How we did XP”.

One final thing I forgot to mention today, was that this week we mark the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. Her legacy of improved hygiene and care for the sick lives on in the outstanding work the NHS does today.

Crew Nightingale are already rising to the challenge of this crucial academic year. Students have reflected on their mock exams and created themselves new revision timetables for the first half term. These have been based on the areas from their mock exams they have identified as needing to improve.  It has been really pleasing to see the quality and integrity of their reflections as well as the targets they have set. While the mornings this week have focused on academic growth our afternoons have looked at character growth and how we can work as a Crew to achieve and succeed. Building on successes at Sports Day, Crew have built upon on these skills – listening to each other, communicating effectively and working with each other- I have been really impressed with the conversations held and actions they have taken.  I look forward to hearing Crew share their reflections during our upcoming SLCs. More on this to follow!

X22 Application and Practice

As we are now coming to the end of our expedition ‘Are we really free to choose?‘ students have once again being applying their knowledge and practising answering exam questions. It’s been really pleasing to see so many students Working Hard and Getting Smart when attempting source and interpretation questions. Students have really risen to the challenge with these tricky questions! Here are just a few examples of their hard work from this week.

Crew Nightingale’s visit to AgeUK

During the first Thursday of the new term Crew Nightingale spend the morning at the AgeUK centre in Armthorpe.

Here are our reflections from the visit and what we learnt about the importance of the centres for elderly people in Doncaster and across the UK.


At the Age UK Centre I met a old lady and I learnt that some only come once a week and some come twice a week as most of them live on their own and they go to the Age UK to meetup with other people, some people get dropped off and some go there themselves. The Age UK Centre is important for them because it can be the only time they get to go out anywhere and some of them go to see their friends because they have made friends with one and other.

James Herriot


At the Age UK centre I met two women and three men. I learnt that the Age UK centres are really important to the elderly and people with dementia as that time that they spend and the centre may be the only time they socialise and get some a form of entertainment for example; playing games. However this isn’t all, they might receive the only hot meal of the day. Whilst I was there I learnt that even though the people there weren’t that active they had a very bubbly characters and some I found to be quite cheeky. I also learnt that quite a lot of them were really good at playing dominoes.

I think that Age UK is an important charity as they help resolve loneliness for people who may not have many family and also people who don’t have any at all. They pick up people and bring them to the centre from their house. The charity and centre is very welcoming and the people who visit are very chatty.

Kajal Singh


From today’s visit to age UK, i’ve learnt that it’s important for the elderly have the opportunity to go to the Age UK centres, for a few reasons the main one is so that they have company of talking and meeting new people and bonding with others. Most elderly people live on their own which can be quite lonely and boring so it’s nice to have the chance to get out the house and interact with others.

I met a lady called Ivy, she lives on her own as her husband had died and her son doesn’t live with her. It was her first time visiting the centre and she seemed to be enjoying it so far, overall she seemed overwhelmed to have been able to spend some time with me.

Overall I think it’s a good idea having Age UK centres around the UK as it can change elderly people’s lives, even if it’s going to the centres a few hours a week it can make a difference.

Keira Moules


During today’s visit at the AgeUK centre, I learned that the AgeUK centres are very helpful for the elderly who struggle to do a lot of things due to their age. AGEUK centres are helpful for them to;

  • Get them out of the house.
  • Get them a cooked hot meal per day they are there.
  • Helps them socialise with other people.
  • Helps them enjoy the rest of their life with people who will help them by picking them up because they couldn’t make their own way


I spoke to 4 people today at AgeUK and the first two were men one of 98 years of age, I asked him what he used to do he explained how he was in the Royal Air Forces for 5 years dure in WW2 fighting in India. Then he went on to explain about how he left after 5 long years into another part of the Army. He spoke to me about it like it was just a week ago it happened.

Loneliness for an old person is the equivalent for smoking 15 cigarettes per day, so this will mean it affects you mentally, everyone at AgeUK might not get anywhere else all week, so it’s good for you to say something to them, even if it’s in the street they might not of spoken to anyone else at all that day.

Jake Riddiough


At the Age UK Centre I met Dora. I learnt that she lost her husband around 10 years ago and her son recently. I now know she likes to do knitting and wordsearches in her spare time. The Age UK centre is important for them because they can meet new people and they can have company if they live alone at home, like Dora.

I learnt that the importance of the Age UK Centre is that they help older people who for example people with Dementia not feel as lonely as they normally do. I learnt from Dora that loneliness is depressing and it makes her feel really sad as at home she can not socialise with anyone. She said to me games like dominos are boring for her and she’s just grown out of them.

Loneliness effects her badly because being lonely isn’t very nice and it can cause depression.

Lea Ashforth


Today crew Nightingale went to the AgeUK centre in Armthorpe and met with some old people to talk to them and find out about their lives. This was in order to complete 1 of our 20 ways to be XP.


Me and Kai were sat with three people visiting AgeUK to learn all about their lives and just to have a general conversation, this is because loneliness is a big problem among old people and people need to be aware of this.


My favourite part of the day was finding out about all the interesting stories the elderly people were telling us. Lee was in the navy during the Korean War and served for the entire length of the war before coming back to the UK. We also found out about Mavis owning a farm with hundreds of chickens, 32 goats lots of cows, 18 cats and 3 dogs.


Elliot Crawley


Today I visited the Age UK centre in Armthorpe. I met 80 year old Harriette who goes to Age UK twice a week. Harriette really enjoys getting out of the house to socialise with people. She loves to speak to people and depends on Age UK to do this since her husband died nearly 3 years ago.


Harriette is from Ireland so some of her family live there near Dublin airport however she does have a nephew named Brian who lives in Kent.  She goes to visit him quite often as they get along really well.Harriette came from a big family with four brothers and three sisters however they sadly passed away and she only has one sister left.


Harriette likes to keep herself busy by reading books. She can get lonely sometimes when she is at home, a lot of people on her street don’t speak to her apart from a family across the road who speak to her often. Before her husband died she lived in a village in Bawtry where she got along with people really well.


Harriette and her husband ran a shop in Bawtry selling arts and craft such as paintings and pottery. She really enjoyed this job and it was a successful business she also opened a shop in Doncaster after closing the Bawtry one however she prefered the one in Bawtry.


Demi Bunting


From visiting Age UK, I’ve learnt how important the company of the centres are for those who visit. The elderly often live alone and have very little company but the Age UK centres provide the chance for them to leave their houses and interact with other people. The lady I spoke to was called Ivy and she spoke about how she lives alone after her husband passed away. She also has a son who she adopted with her husband but he lives in Blackpool where she used to live years ago. Loneliness can affect the elderly as they have to spend their days at home in an empty house with no way of communication as they don’t tend to use social media and it’s unlikely they would be on the phone to someone all day. Without communication they would begin to isolate themselves from society and it could lead to issues with their mental health.


Amy G


Today our Crew went to the Armthorpe age UK Centre. We went out to complete 1 out of 20 ways to be XP. We learned that the centres are used around the UK to help lonely elderly who have no one to talk to. When I was talking to the people at the centre I thought that they would be slow and not talkative however that was not the case as the people who I talked to we very talkative and intrigued about me. They had a good sense of humour and wanted to talk forever.


I asked a man who was at the centre and he told me that he gets really bored at home because he has nobody to speak to. He said that he has been going to the centre for 2 years and he goes for the company


Kai Ameri


The Age UK centres are very important to the elderly people as that might be the only place they can have a hot meal. The centre mean a lot for the old people as they can provide comfort if the elderly are lonely. People can go their to socialise.


I learnt that even people who have dementia and are elderly people can have fun, I played dominoes and the lady played with was extremely good at it. We talked a lot and found we had a lot of fun. I played games with a lady called rita, at start me and James played noughts and crosses with her. I have learned even people with dementia Can still have fun and play games. Rita was really good at the games and could understand us really well.


Marley McAnulty


I never really understood the importance of Age UK until my visit to Armthorpe Community Centre, this is where I met Mable she showed me that Age UK is a big thing for her as she has nobody left, except for her dog Penny. Age UK is a place where she goes to communicate and socialise.


Mable taught me that she used to be a hairdresser but also that she has never been abroad. We didn’t get very much of her life but we know that she took caravan trips to Filey with her family.


She only gets to see people when she visits Age UK, she had some fun today and was upset to see us leave. This shows she clings onto the interactions of Age UK like her happiness depends on it.




I never understood the importance age UK is to the elderly who go there. This is until, I went to the Armthorpe centre. Here, we were given the chance to meet some of the elderly who go there, and I met Mabel.


From these elderly people, we got an insight into what is Age UK meant to them and what an importance it is.



Crew Nightingale’s Academic Day

Each week Crew Nightingale have an academic check in. During the session students can work on expedition specific content, revision or extended study. Kai used some of the session to model a maths answer for Elliot and Marley and Lea talked Amy through her maths paper. Mean while it was great to see Annie, Caitlin, Kajal, James, Jake and Demi revising or working on other content from the expeditions this half term. Great job guys you made me a very proud Crew Leader!

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