Dear Parents and Families of Students in Year 11


As we are at an important time for students in Year 11, as they continue to work towards developing evidence of progress and attainment for Teacher Assessed Grades, we are pleased to announce the phased re-opening of Extended Study provision after school for students who wish to stay at school until 4.30. In these times there will be members of the Year 11 teaching team on hand to provide additional subject-specific support. Please see the Extended Study timetable below with specific days and timings.


Best wishes,

Mr Voltaire

D6 Resumes this Saturday 27th March

Dear Parents and Families of students in Years 10 and 11,

Now that we have returned to school, I’m pleased to say that we will be opening our doors again each Saturday at the XP East site for D6, our sixth day of school provision. D6 is led by our Student Coaches and supported by our school’s Learning Coaches and is an opportunity for students to come into school to complete any additional study they’d like in a supportive and friendly environment. Whether students want to come into school and get some additional help with a specific topic or piece of Extended Study, or support from our Student Coaches, or just find a quiet space to work on their own priorities, our school is open and staff are ready to accept students. 

Our invitation is initially to students in Years 10 and 11 from both XP and XP East but we hope to open things up to the whole school in the near future. 

D6 will begin this Saturday 27th March for students in Year 11, and then from April 10th for students in Year 10. However, there will be no session 3rd April as it is the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. 

Sessions will begin at 9.00 and end at 12.30


We look forward to seeing students back in school this Saturday!


Best wishes, 

Marc Voltaire

Assistant Principal of Years 10 and 11

X23 End of Term Update

Dear Families of students in X23,

Please see the attached letter which summarises some of our experiences of online learning of the last few weeks and also provides some information on what to expect in the upcoming term when students physically return to school on Monday 22nd March.


We hope you have a restful half-term break and look forward to seeing everyone return to school soon!

X26 Student of the Week

Student of the week in Year 8 / X26 goes to Arthur…

Congratulations Arthur, you have been nominated by so many of your teachers for working so hard in your online lessons and producing beautiful work. I am really impressed with what I am seeing and hearing about Arthur. Keep up the hard work, it is not going unnoticed.


Here are some of the comments teachers made about you:

I am really impressed with Arthur. He always has his hand up answering or asking questions. He is working and trying really hard. He has been working hard since the start of the new lockdown and i think he needs appreciation 🙂 (Miss Haythorne)

I nominate Arthur. He is working really hard in all his sessions and getting good feedback from every teacher. Dedicated to having a good SLC and being prepared and creating some beautiful artwork. (Miss Jones)

It would have to be Arthur for me for student of the week. Absolutely smashing it!! Example of work – OMAM character analysis – finding quotes to support his inferences! Independently! Always answering questions! (Miss Ibbotson)
Miss O’Grady also commented on how impressed she was in the quality of the work you are producing in PE.
Well done Arthur! Let’s hope you have a happier face when you see this post than in your picture! 🙂



Update in Year 11

Dear Parents and Families of students in Year 11, 


Our student-led conferences are in full swing and our students have been busy preparing and delivering their reflections on their progress to date and their intentions for the remainder of the year. There have been some wonderful, mature and thoughtful examples of students in Year 11 leading their own learning and making pledges on what they still need to do. By now Crew Leaders have made contact with you to organise a time and date, and if you have not yet done so I encourage you to respond to messages from Crew Leaders so that we can give all of our students the opportunity to share their work and learning with you. Your support is as vital as ever and we would love for you to attend your child’s SLC. There is also an opportunity for you to ask any of your own burning questions about your child’s progress. 


Whilst the onset of the lockdown has changed our planned schedule for key dates such as mock exams and addressing specific concerns around student progress, we are now in a position to begin our lockdown version of this and will be offering some students some additional layers of support. This may look different for different students and in different subjects, but should there be any areas of concern regarding your child’s progress, you’ll be contacted soon to discuss how we’d like to address this in line with our ‘Narrative for Success’, where we ask; are our students safe, able to engage, attending, working hard, getting smart and being kind, and achieving academically? 


As it stands, we have no further update to provide on the shape of final assessments and how grades will be formed other than to say that the joint consultation led by the Deparment for Education and Ofqual has now closed and that we expect full guidance to be published within the next few weeks. As soon as we do know anything further, we’ll inform you as promptly as possible as this will in turn inform our plans for the rest of the year. 


At this point, I’d like to thank you all for your unwavering support in getting our students online, getting them learning and getting them to the top of the mountain. At 6 weeks into online learning, we know its getting tougher for some but I’m incredibly proud of our students and their work ethic so far. We’re not giving up, we’ve got it all to play for. Together, we’ll make sure our young people receive the grades they deserve. We are Crew. 


As always, if there are any questions or queries please feel free to contact your child’s Crew Leader or myself directly at [email protected]


Best wishes, 

Mr Voltaire

Assistant Principal of Y10 and Y11

X25 / Y9 Student of the week goes to…

In X25/Y9 the student of the week award goes to Guraaj for her outstanding contributions to discussion during online sessions and her conscientious attitude to learning.

Guraaj, you were nominated by several of your peers and teachers. You continue to exceed expectations and set an example of what working hard really looks like!

I have really enjoyed working with you in our Push to 4.0 group, your love for learning is infectious!  Keep being awesome, it certainly is not going unnoticed.


Here are a few comments your teachers/ peers have said about you:


  • My choice is a tough one. I would say this week it is Guraaj. I have no work to show as in Crew the focus has been passage and we don’t want that sharing yet until they have done it!! Gurraj has shown great HOWLS in relation to preparing for her Passage Presentation. She has also spent time helping and supporting other students in Crew to complete their work. Well done, Guraaj!

Another Great Week in Years 10 and 11!

Dear Parents and Carers of Students in Years 10 and 11, 


It’s been another strong week for us here at XP in our phase. Whilst we are now almost four weeks into the term, our students have still managed to maintain the high levels of work and engagement and are producing some fine examples of beautiful work even from home and without access to resources they might usually have at their disposal. Friday’s community meetings were lively and happy meetings with many appreciations for students coming from staff and each other. The overall message this week was a simple one; we’re alright we are. If we keep attending and engaging with our learning online, we leave ourselves with all to play for as when we finally do come back to school and for whatever shape the final assessments do take. It is at this point that we stress again the need to attend online and get stuck into sessions. Whilst it’s been a busy week and has felt tiring at times, it is as important as ever to keep the momentum we are building as we move into next week and the long weekend with next week’s staff days. 


After that, in the week commencing February 1st we will begin Student Led Conferences which are always a positive occasion and this time around our students will be reflecting on their progress to date and what they need to do for the rest of this year in order to achieve the academic success which will set them up for the next phase of their education. Crew Leaders will be making contact with you to arrange times to take part in an online version of the SLC. We look forward to seeing you there. 


I’ll leave you this week with some more examples of beautiful work going on in online sessions and some of the praise that our students have received this week. 

Have a great week. 

Mr Voltaire

Assistant Principal of Years 10 and 11

X26 Student of the Week goes to…

Bobby in Crew Pankhurst!

A massive appreciation to you Bobby for your hard work in your online learning sessions. Your teachers have mentioned how you have stepped up this week and completed beautiful work which evidences real thought and detail.

Here are some of the comments teachers have made about you:




Well done Bobby! Keep up the great work, it is not going unnoticed!

Year 11: Climbing the Final Mountain

Dear Parents and Carers of students in Year 11, 


As a school we wanted to provide you with some information and updates regarding Year 11. The past two weeks have presented a challenge to both our staff and students as we moved our curriculum online, but I’m pleased to say that it is a challenge that we have all risen to. We have seen some wonderful examples of lessons being delivered online and we’re proud of the way our students have been accessing these sessions, and of the beautiful work they are producing. Even now, X23 are working hard, getting smart and being kind. Here are some wonderful examples: 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I’d also like to share some updates in terms of where we are now as a result of the lockdown and how we’ll move forward in the short term. Currently, there is little firm guidance on what final assessments and grades will look like after the message from the government that GCSE exams will not go ahead. At present, all we know is that there may be some form of teacher assessments and that there may be some shorter externally set exams, but we await further guidance on this, so we will continue to work in the way that we have and focus on the key topics in the curriculum. This will then inform how we move forward longer term. 


Therefore, in the coming weeks, it is imperative to run Student Led Conferences so that students can reflect on where they are in their learning and what they need to do to ensure success in their upcoming GCSEs whatever form their assessments take. Although the focus and format may be somewhat different and will likely be completed online, students in Year 11 still have much to reflect upon. Keep an eye on the website for further information on when SLCs will take place and how, as it will be a great opportunity for students to review their progress and set targets for the coming months, and is a brilliant opportunity for parents and Crew Leaders to work together in supporting students to GCSE success. 


We would also like to take this opportunity to celebrate student attendance in our online provision. We have had very high levels of student attendance and engagement in sessions and we hope to see this continue. There is however, some room for improvement and so again we must stress the importance of students attending all sessions online including Crew so that they are best equipped to deal with whatever form GCSE assessment takes. We’re really proud of our student engagement so please keep encouraging them to get to session on time and to stay for the whole session. 


We know that for our students and our families it can be a worrying time with so much uncertainty about the next few months, but we are Crew  and we’ll do what we’ve always done: listen to our students and families, support them in any way we can and navigate the road ahead together. It’s times like these that we reflect on why we ask our students to climb mountains in their first week at school. We conquered that one, and we’ll conquer this one too. 


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can get in touch with your child’s Crew Leader, but you can also contact me directly at [email protected] should you wish to discuss any issues. 


We are Crew!


Marc Voltaire

Assistant Principal of Years 10 and 11