Although we are currently in lockdown due to the corona virus this doesn’t mean that our DofE journey has to be put on hold!

The DofE award scheme has made some amendments to allow students to continue with their activities at home during CV19.

Any changes to a students programme need to be discussed and agreed upon with their crew leader but there is no reason they can’t change to activities that can be done at home during this difficult time.

I have students that have changed from playing football for their local team to now running for an hour a week using a phone app to record their evidence. Other students are helping to shop for neighbours to continue with their voluntary activity or listening to their younger siblings read.

There is further advice about this on the official website

Obviously the expedition and residential aspects of the DofE Programe have been put on hold until further notice from the government. I will let you know of any changes to this situation as soon as possible.

Best wishes to you all and get creative at home but remember to evidence anything you are doing. I would love you to send photos of the things you’re doing. Email them to your crew leader or to me:

Please speak with your crew leader if you have any concerns or questions or would like further support.

Silver Expedition Introduction Session:

I will be holding 2 Silver Expedition Introduction sessions on Monday 17th & then again on Monday 24th February.

Students need to book which session they want to attend and come along with their potential team members if possible. Students that haven’t yet got a group are welcome to book in too.

Students must email me to pre book the session they wish to attend.

The expedition dates are:

Practice Expedition: Friday 15th – Sunday 17th May

Qualifying Expedition: Wednesday 26th August – Friday 28th August.



Changes to the DofE expeditions 2020:

This year we have decided to trial a few changes to how we do DofE Expeditions at XP.

The Bronze Expedition will no longer have an overnight practice expedition. Instead we will spend the day hiking; learning navigational skills and return to school the same day. The qualifying expedition will still be an overnight expedition.

The Silver Expedition  will be voluntary this year for year 10 students. Students will still be expected to complete the voluntary, skill and physical sections of the programme.

We hope that by allowing students to choose to do the expedition we will create a much richer and fulfilling experience for those that participate. We would love for parents to encourage their son / daughter to do the expedition so that they can complete their full Silver DofE Award as this is an internationally recognised qualification.

Instead of the expedition planning sessions taking place on a Friday afternoon they will now happen on a Monday after school, however this won’t necessarily be every week.

The silver practice expedition will take place from Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th April and the Qualifying expedition will be from Friday 15th – Sunday 17th May. Whilst expedition students are out of school on these 2 Fridays the students that remain in school will be doing service learning within the community. 

Crew leaders have been fully briefed on these changes and can answer any questions you may have, however I am more than happy to receive emails or speak over the phone too.

This week in crew we will be asking year 10 students whether they would like to take part in the silver expedition. A letter will then be given to you at the upcoming SLCs for you to sign and give consent.


Kate ap Harri

DofE Bronze Qualifying Expedition – Crew Earhart

Last week Crew Earhart embarked on the qualifying expedition for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. In crew this morning we focused on debriefing our DofE experience, which included a discussion about our strengths and weaknesses as crew, giving appreciation and apologising when necessary and also discussing the importance of de-gunge.

This experience has helped Crew Earhart to realise the importance of working together and the power of being crew not passengers.

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