X23’s tonal self portraits looking amazing!

Y10 have been working extremely hard to get their tonal self portraits finished for their ‘Christmas Style Lecture’ that is due to take place next week.

Pupils have looked at portraits through history in order to help them with their own self portraits.

Pupils have been asked to plan a background for their portraits to show aspects of their character and what makes them who they are. They have all been asked to create a rough plan in their sketchbook. Here are some examples:

Pupils now need to complete their background and mount their tonal self portraits onto them.

Here is one in progress:

Im looking forward to seeing this piece of work completed and displayed next week! Well done X23! Keep up the fantastic work!

A number of students from X24 have been working extremely hard both in lesson and also in the completion of their extended study. They have completed these tasks to a high standard and also made sure that they have been handed in on time.

The students that I would like to give a special mention to are Alfie Lockey (X24 Admiral), Bella Herring (X24 Skipper) and Amber Clark (X24 Skipper) who have all finished the two studies (paper cut and sharpie block design) in class and also their extended study (Artist research).

All three of these students are now well on the way to creating a lovely charcoal study for their developing and exciting art portfolio.

Alfie Lockey:

Amber Clark:

Bella Herring:

Well done Alfie, Amber and Bella! Keep up the good work!

All year 7 students have some reading and notes to complete. The deadline is this Wednesday’s session. Each student has a copy of the document in their bag and it has also been shared digitally through google classroom if they prefer to make notes online.



2. CATP Text code in the main body of the text:

C – Connections,
A – Ask questions
T – translate tricky passages into your own words
P – Predict (how did Darwin use this information to come up with the theory of evolution by natural selection)

3. Then complete the note catcher on each of those two pages.


Students have already done the first part of a CLOSE READ and skimmed the document.

SOAPSTONE: From that as a class we decided that…

Subject – Evolution by natural selection and how Darwin came to relaised this is how species developed over time.
Occasion – A book about Darwin’s life and discoveries
Audience – Young people and adults interested in science
Purpose – To promote awareness of the genius Darwin’s theories
Speaker – A science historian
TONE – Quite formal, but engaging.

Beautiful work by Class of 23

Year 7 have been working closely with Age UK in their current expedition Spread A Little Happiness. They have done service learning by playing games with users of Age UK in Sprotbrough and Armthorpe and found out what they like. Students then made “Kindness boxes” for their person with the things they like in.

Click here to see the Free Press article about this.

Here are the beautiful boxes…

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Year 7 Expert

Today, Colin from Age UK has been teaching Year 7 students about Dementia. At the end of the presentation students chose whether they Pledge to become a Dementia Friend. Dementia friends is a project run by Alzheimer’s Society to help everyone understand dementia so that people can live well with dementia and feel part of the community.

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Chefistry Presentation of Learning

Over the last couple of evenings year 7 students have presented to parents what they have learned in their current expeditions: Chefistry and Make a stand.

For Chefistry students made cake stands and baked a cream tea for their parents to share with them on the evening. Heres just a few pictures from the evening….

(Keep an eye out on the website next week for some of the year 7 Make a stand speeches)

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