X23 “Elementary” Presentation of Learning

We would like to invite you to the Presentation of Learning for X23.

Skipper’s POL will be held on the 27th March

Admiral’s POL will be held on the 28th March

The presentation will start at 17:30 at XP school. Students will be delivering a lecture about the structure of the periodic table, the atomic structure, atomic size and chemical reactions. This is a vital part of the expedition for students as it allows them to express their learning and understanding from the expedition.

VCERT: Creative Studies

X21 Have been working hard on their VCERT exams last week but they also have three units of work from year 10 that must be completed.  All students have something to work on still and the deadline for this is Wednesday 17th October.  Details and guidance are on the Smart portfolio.

If students still have unfinished work after the deadline, they will be invited to attend a catch up session during the holiday.

The nature of this qualification means that if any section of the portfolio is not passed then the whole VCERT cannot be passed.  Please ask students to show you the Creative Studies Tracker and encourage them to comment on it if they’ve recently completed work which hasn’t yet been graded.

C22 Fieldwork 19th February

Students in C22 will be going out on fieldwork to Conisbrough Castle on the 19th February in order to further their knowledge/learning about Norman castles. Admiral will leave at 9.30 and come back to school for 12.30, Skipper will leave at 12.30 and come back to school for about 3.30 (depending on traffic). Lunchtime arrangements will not be affected so students can take their lunches as normal. Students should wear warm clothing and comfortable shoes… it will be cold!

Thanks for you continued support!

We expect our students to work hard, get smart and to be kind. From time to time students do not meet our expectations and for some incidents, we isolate students from their peers. There are a number of reasons for doing this, these include:

  • to give the student time to reflect upon and take responsibility for their own actions
  • to give the student time to think about the consequences of their actions, and how they can begin to put this right
  • as a consequence to prevent the student taking similar inappropriate actions again in the future
  • to prevent them from being with their peers until they have demonstrated that they are ready to do so.

We are making some changes to our protocol for removing students from classes. Now that the school is growing in capacity, senior staff can work with students to help them reflect upon their actions and to get them back into sessions.

If a student is to be isolated from their peers, this is now our protocol:

  • Where possible parents will be contacted by phone, to let them know that their son or daughter will be isolated the following day. We will also explain the reasons for taking this action. If this is not possible we will leave a message by phone and/or email and try to contact again on the day of the isolation.
  • The student is to arrive no earlier than 9am, and no later than 9.30am for school the next day. They must report to main reception, rather than the student entrance.
  • Upon arrival, the student will be greeted by a member of staff. They will be asked to hand in any devices and given some time to reflect quietly upon their actions.
  • The student will then write a response to some questions which encourage them to be more mindful in the future and to begin to make pledges that will help them to take restorative steps to make amends.
  • The student will then complete some general work on English, Maths and Science appropriate to their current level of knowledge. This will be completed before their lunchtime.
  • The student will then have lunch, away from their peers.
  • Following their lunch, the student will complete work that their expedition teachers have set, so that they do not fall behind. This work should ideally be completed in the afternoon before leaving school. Any work that is not completed must be done that same evening so that the student can return to class the following day. We will inform parents if there is any outstanding work that must be completed.
  • The student will leave school at 4.30pm.
  • Students will be monitored by crew leaders who will contact parents to update on progress a week after the isolation period.


If students have prescribed medication that they need to take during the school day, we can not administer it without information and permission from parents.

Medication needs to be in a box with the manufacturer’s instructions. This should be accompanied by a signed and dated note of consent including instructions for administration.
Thank you

DofE Expedition Weekend dates

Year 9 DofE Bronze award students will be completing 2 weekend expeditions. The first is a practice expedition, the latter an assessed expedition.

The practice weekend for your child will either be the 6/7th May or 13/14th May followed by the assessed weekend which will either be the 17/18th June or the 24/25th June.

You will be able to get these dates at the upcoming SLC’s.

Further information about the expeditions will be available very soon. If you have any questions please email me. kapharri@xpschool.org


Duke of Edinburgh helpers wanted.

Are there any parents / carers who would like to volunteer to help with the Duke of Edinburgh activity sessions on a Friday from 2.15pm till 3.15pm? There are activities such as gardening, clean up crew, table tennis, robotics and more. You don’t need to know anything about the activity as they already have a supervisor / assessor, however if you do that would be cool. I could just do with a few helpers. If you’re interested or want more information please email me, kapharri@xpschool.org