Crew MRO – Heading towards the end of term!

It has certainly be a different term. One we will never forget, but it has also involved the similar qualities as any other term at XP.

  • We have shown courage to deal with all the changes and worries within the current situation.
  • We have displayed respect for our community by following government guidelines.
  • We’ve continued to develop our craftsmanship and maintained our quality of work.
  • We have shown compassion to members of our households, loved ones, extended families, our communities and of course the key workers of our country.
  • And finally we have shown that integrity is so important. Doing the right thing, even when no-one is watching. Whether that is staying at home when we really want to go out or not Googling the answers while doing a ‘hangout’ quiz!

Here is a little reminder of what we look like as a Crew…

We wish everyone a healthy 2 week break and look forward to the time when we can create an updated Crew photo.

Surprising revelations made by crew

This week we went back to basics a little for our crew google hangout. We discussed a few protocols like ‘microphones to be on mute unless you have been directly asked to speak’ and to put your hand up and wait if you have a question. I decided to go through this because our previous hangouts have been a little rowdy and off topic. When everyone talks at the same time, it’s really difficult to hear anyone.

Once the new rules had been established, we did our check in which was ‘What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?’. Now, this is where I was really surprised! There were some very unexpected answers. For example:

Broccoli, olives, ketchup (who doesn’t like ketchup!?), garlic, asparagus, shepherds pie, instant mash, coleslaw, tuna, Harry Potter dog food flavoured jelly bean and finally – a caterpillar and a worm!!

After those revelations, we looked at our crew tracker. This is where I have been keeping tabs on crew and their progress with their home learning tasks. I have shared this document with parents as well so they can see the work that is being completed and what needs to be done.

By talking about work that some members of crew have completed  – it really helps the other students understand the tasks and help each other (which has been really lovely to see)

We then moved onto a quiz which was made up of four rounds; general knowledge, films, music and capital cities. Jessy won with a massive 24 out of 25, with Arthur coming second with 21 and Tammy third with 20. Olivia has volunteered to prepare a quiz for next week and be the quizmaster. I wonder how many questions I will be able to answer!

REMEMBER – our crew hangout is every Tuesday at 12 noon and is compulsory. 

All but one crew member attended the last one, it would be SO good if we had every member of crew joining next week (and every week that we are in lockdown).

I would also like to say a big well done to Olivia, Arthur, Harrison and Max for joining Miss Vayro’s google hangout session for Hums on Mondays at 1.30 and also Nida for joining one.

Can ALL crew please ensure that they join Miss Vayro’s hangout EVERY MONDAY at 1.30 please.

This will help you with your expedition and also give you an opportunity to stay in contact with your classmates (which I think is really important).

Lastly for this week, I wanted to share some emails that I received from Mrs Collinson. She wanted to let me know that some members of crew EJN have been working really hard on their Spanish work:

Massive well done! Keep it up.


Crew MRO – Birthdays and Appreciations!

During our Lockdown period we have now had 2 birthdays within our Crew. There are a couple more to come in June, I’m sure these are birthdays they will never forget.

Download (PDF, 79KB)

Download (PDF, 79KB)

Staff have been working incredibly hard to support students and Liam had an appreciation for his Maths teacher…

Download (PDF, 78KB)

This week also saw our highest attended Google ‘Hangout’ – Well done Crew!

Crew MRO Stepping it up!

I won’t go as far as to say we are now used to our ‘new normal’ but we are definitely getting to grips with many of the new ways of doing things!

It’s been great to see all of Crew getting more involved with our Google Classroom and the daily check-ins, the Google ‘Hangouts’ and contacting each other to see how things are.

It feels like we have really re-visited those core values that we hold so dear and of course showing, above all – compassion.

Big ‘shout out’ to the following students in particular…

Also a massive well done to Ebony who completed the 3 Peaks Challenge with her Dad and members of her football team…

Finally as we start new expeditions and head into another week, sometimes it’s the small things that catch our eye in amongst the busy days. This week it was this plant called ‘Bleeding Hearts’ in my garden.

Each week we step it up and achieve more and more as a Crew. Moving forward and making progress is a real achievement in this current situation – Well done Crew MRO!

Crew EJN being creative!

Crew EJN have produced some beautiful work based on the artwork of Wassily Kandinsky during lockdown.

By Nida

By Tammy

By Bryan

By Arthur

By Jessy

By Olivia

They have also started their new expedition ‘Above all, compassion’ off with a bang by designing a storyboard to show the environmental changes during ‘The Lorax’.

By Harrison

By Arthur

By Jessy

There is a website that has been created especially for this expedition to help pupils find the tasks that they need to complete and to give them extra guidance. The link for the website is here.

Keep up the good work crew and remember that I want you to concentrate on the most recently set tasks on google classroom and try to meet your deadlines. If you fell behind with the work from the beginning of lock down – that needs to be done after you finish the new work.

Take care and stay safe!

Crew MRO – A successful week!

It’s been a productive week for Crew MRO this week, completing some beautiful work, having a successful Google Hangout, checking in daily and generally just getting on with things in a positive way. Well done Crew.

Here is an example of some of the great work done this week by Ebony…

Download (PDF, 22KB)

Well done to Liam who has pretty much completed all the work that has been sent to him.

The Crew Google Hangout was fun and Mr Robins is just about getting used to chatting on video calls!

Some interesting check-in comments too this week…

  • Would you rather win £1,000,000 as a one off amount OR £50,000 a year for the rest of your life? Why, how would you spend it?

50k cos u don’t have to work for the money and you can pay for your pension easier when u get old

50,000 x 20 = 1,000,000 so you would have to wait 20 years for 1,000,000 but I would still get 50,000

1mill because then if I die I’ve still had chance to spend some of it

I would rather 50,000 Because with my job I will be a millionaire so with the 50,000 I am going to donate it to the air ambulance charity every year

  • What have you done as an act of kindness for someone in the last few weeks (since we’ve been at home, no matter how small)?

I emptied the dishwasher

i’m forced to empty the dishwasher whenever its done… anyway i helped making dinner

Cheered my best mate up

I set up the dinner table for my family

  • Where will be one of the first places you will go or visit (other than school) when the lockdown ends?

Toby Carvery for a breakfast

Maldives because we couldn’t go in July


Well done Crew, a great week with lots achieved. Keep it up and stay safe.

Crew MRO doing our best.

After 3 weeks of ‘lockdown’ and now are further 3 weeks to come this has been a challenging week for us all. I think the artist Charlie Mackesy sums it up perfectly in his piece above.

It has been great to continue to check-in daily with Crew and see their comments to a range of questions.

How do you feel today and why?

Mollie – Alright because I woke up later

Liam – Warm because its warm

Which Harry Potter character would you be and why?

Voldemort so i don’t have a nose…
Ron Weasley cos he’s weird like me
Sirius Black because he’s cool.
Luna because i have big brain 🙂
It’s been great to catch up with Crew parents too and to share their perspective of our current situation.
Liam has shown us that he is prepared for anything…
and I noticed some simple natural beauty on our walk with my family today.
Sometimes things look so normal in a time when little feels it.
I’ve read a great book that I will share with Crew when we physically get back together called ‘The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse’ by Charlie Mackesy. So to continue the theme I’ll finish this blog post with his words which I think round up our time so far…

Working hard and getting smart

I have been looking through the work that crew EJN have been doing whilst they have been in lockdown. Some pupils are finding the whole situation more difficult to adjust to than others (which is totally understandable). Everyone deals with things in their own way. I have emphasised this during our crew google hangouts and explained that they need to be kind to themselves and just try their best.

Whilst tracking the work that crew have been completing I have noticed that Nida, Arthur, Tammy and Harrison are consistently completing tasks that they been set. These students have been working extremely hard and I’m really proud of them.

Here are some examples of their work:

Keep up the good work crew….and remember – if you need any help or support with any of the tasks you have been set – make sure you contact your subject teachers (or me)

Keep safe.

Crew MRO’s Daily Check-in

Keeping up with our routine of a daily check-in, Crew MRO have been sharing all sorts of interesting answers to our check-in questions… what would your answers be?

  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Ben’s answer: Brunei

  • Name 5 toppings you would put on a pizza.

Alana’s answer: I don’t like pizza 😂😂

  • If you could have 2 super powers, what would they be?

Luke’s answer: Be able to control animals and breath underwater

  • Share something that has made you smile over the last 2 weeks.

Mollie’s answer: Ummm My art because I have improved a lot.

A suggestion from Liam if you can’t get your hair cut was to go for a re-style… so Mr Robins also gave this a go!…