Common Mission Music Fieldwork

Year 10 and Year 11 Common Mission Music students will be going to CAST Theatre on Wednesday 27th April to watch ‘Footloose’ the musical as part of their Arts Award qualification.

We will be walking from school at 1:30pm to watch the afternoon performance which will finish at 4:45pm approx.

Suitable clothing for waking to CAST Theatre will be needed depending on the weather (a coat if it looks like rain etc.) and students attending will be required to organise transport home from the theatre after the show. This will be communicated with parents and carers before Wednesday.

Any further question please feel free to email Mr Robins at [email protected]

Not running this week

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D6 is paused for this weekend as we have staff days on Friday and Monday. Most year 11 students are in school for the staff days so it would be unfair to ask them to also attend school on a Saturday.

D6 will be running as normal next week, Saturday 19th March and moving forward for both year 11 & year 10. With only a few weeks left before GCSEs start please encourage your student to attend. Just 6 sessions can make a huge difference to outcomes for students committed to improving their grades.

Careers Website

Please click on the link to check out all that is Careers at XP

My name is Kathryn Burns and I am Careers Lead at both schools. Please click on the link to check out all that is Careers at XP. The people most students take advice from are parents / grandparents and carers so it’s important that you know how best to support them in making their choices in their next steps on their academic journey. Please have a look and let me know if there’s anything missing or anything is difficult to navigate. Email [email protected] 

To help your student to achieve the grades they deserve encourage them to attend D6 on Saturdays, 9am – 12.30pm. There are 11 more available Saturdays left of D6 this year, that’s 38.5 extra hours of quality revision supported by coaches who have been through the GCSE stage at XP, are experts at revision, study planning, answering exam questions. At the moment D6 is open to all our year 10’s and year 11’s.

XP/East revision website

Year 11 Crew Leaders, Phase Leads, Teachers and Learning Coaches have put together a website to support your student whether in year 11 or year 10 by creating an enormous resource bank with a range of different techniques to revise. Please encourage them to access these resources in the run up to summer exams.

A busy morning at D6!

It is absolutely fantastic to see so many Y11s here at D6 this morning, especially as it meant dragging themselves out of their warm and cosy beds on such a cold and frosty Saturday morning!

We’ve got about 20 students here either undertaking independent study or taking advantage of the support on offer from our Student Coaches to produce some high quality revision notes. 

Some of the boys have even snuck in a game of chess during a ‘brain break’ – still developing their mathematical and critical thinking skills 😉

D6 runs every Saturday morning during term time, 9am-12.30pm, over at XP. East. It is open to all Y10 and Y11 students. 

Working hard and getting smart – that’s what we like to see!

Keep up the fantastic work, Y11 – we’re so proud of you!

Miss Cocliff & Mrs Parker x

Crew Macmillan’s 2021!

What a term 1B has been!!!! I started my new role as phase lead for X24 in November, when we returned to school – and it feels like a lifetime ago!!!

Crew Macmillan have had a fantastic term, yet again!!!! As we left for the Christmas holidays, I decided to take a look back on some of the things we’ve done this year – from January 2021 to now. Take a look at some of the memories below – from year 10, to year 11 – we must take lots of crew photos now! This is a real challenge when crew hate having their photos taken!!!!

Remember WAY back in March, we did a sponsored crew walk for Macmillan (even with Ricki’s broken foot?!) – and raised £135 from Captain Tom’s 100 challenge?!
… and as the summer term ended, we enjoyed a lovely crew breakfast! (until Mr V stole all the pancakes!)
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Dropping into other Crews!

As part of our ‘giving back’ project, Y11 are dropping into crews across other year groups to lead/support sessions!

Imogen, Courtney & Milo headed into Crew Kahlo (Y9) to support with Passage presentation prep… here’s how they got on!

“My group presented to Crew Kahlo on Tuesday and it was really helpful to their passage presentations. We got amazing feedback from all students and they worked extremely hard towards improving their passages.”

X24 History, getting started with revision!

Students this week have been given their own copy of the revision guide for our History exam board OCR B SHP History. All students should have named their copy so that if they are misplaced they can be returned. Students are encouraged to annotate and highlight the guide as they carry out their revision.

The revision guide has a number of different topics, however, students will need to focus on the following sections for revision:

  • The Elizabethans 
  • The People’s Heath 
  • Living under Nazi Rule 

The locations of these topics can be found in the contents page. We would recommend in general students start by revising The People’s Health as well as focusing on page 88 in order to prepare for the upcoming assessment in lessons. 

If any student has been absent when these revision guides were handed out, they can see myself or Mrs Hannam directly and we will make sure they get their copy.


A further revision guide focusing on the Viking Expansion will be issued to students in the coming weeks.



New College Taster Day Monday 27th September

Today again Scott Faulkner from New College delivered a presentation to our year 10&11 cohort.  I can now confirm that there is an opportunity for all our C24 & C25 students from both schools to attend the NCD taster day on the 27th September.
Could all students complete the form below for the taster day at New College on Monday 27th September. They need to choose 3 options and then a 4th standby. This information needs to be completed by Monday and prospectuses have been shared. The links to the college for both taster day  options and the online prospectus are below.
Please encourage your students to choose sessions they think they will enjoy or are intrigued by rather than in friendship groups, this is an important opportunity to try out before they enrol. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me. Crew Leaders will also be able to support and advise.
On the day we will be picked up by a coach at XP schools and taken to New College, we need to ensure all students leave from XP. Lunch is provided by college which I am excited about. They will attend 3 sessions and return to school by the usual finish time. 

X24 Expeditionary Arts

Wow what a great first lesson back X24. We started with a silent conversation around the GQ: ‘What does Identity mean to me?’ This is building on from Year 10 work as it is part of students coursework. We then went on to cutting out the black area on our chosen image; afterwards we will print this image using a silk screen, ink and a squeegee to create a singular print. Can’t wait to show you the final results. Well done!