Great Habits of work and learning.

In Crew Hawking, the students have returned to school this term and are working on their HOWLS.  The pictures above show examples of how the crew are working hard and getting smart. The crew alongside the rest of their year 10 cohort are also revising and sitting their mock exams over the next two weeks. Below is their mock timetable.

Crew Hawking Back in the Classroom

It is great to have the crew back in school.  They have all settled very well in getting into their routine and working off their Timetable.  As you can see their timetable in school is very busy.

Now the crew are back, they have started to reflect on their habits of work and learning and this is where they critique themselves and their peers in crew on their HOWLS.  To support their Work Hard, Get Smart and Be Kind grades each student will once a week reflect and grade themselves on their HOWLS and enter their own grades for each subject lesson they study on how they are performing in Work Hard, Get Smart and Be Kind.  through this process each student will hopefully work on the subject areas where they need to improve.

How we grade ourselves in Crew. Work Hard, Get Smart and Be Kind.

The second time around for whole school closure. Since returning to education in the Year 2021, I would like to appreciate how well the students are coping and managing with their online learning.  Below is the timetable that Crew Hawking along with their peers in year 10 log onto daily during the week, for their lessons.

YEAR 10 / X24

Every Friday afternoon all 50 students in year 10 XP go onto the community online class where Mr Voltaire (Year 10 assistant principal) celebrates the great learning that the year 10 students are achieving. below are a few of the praises from Crew Hawking.

Jaggy is getting smart and I am so proud of him.

Symbolism in Artwork.  Evan has been working on the Learning Target: I understand and can describe how artists create meaning through their work.

Another crew member Helen Campbell of stunning graphics that she has been working on in her digital art workbook for the task Symbolism.

Y10 Christmas Hamper / Food Boxes

Our Y10 Silver DofE students have been unable to undertake their usual charity fundraising activities this year, so they’ve decided to create food hampers for our local food banks.

We’re all very aware of the financial impact the various lockdown/tier 3 restrictions have had on our community, especially on those who have been furloughed or are self employed and unable to work.  So, in addition to the staple non-perishable items (cereals; tinned and packeted foods; tea/coffee/juice) we are specifically asking for donations of those ‘treat’ items that some families may have to go without this year.

For example:

  • nice biscuits
  • chocolates/selection boxes
  • Christmas crackers
  • mince pies, cakes, etc.
  • small gift sets (e.g. hand cream/deodorant)

If you are able to contribute, please can you send items in to be passed on to your child’s Crew Leader by Monday 15th December.

The hampers will be donated to St John The Evangelist Church in Balby and The Trussell Trust at Christ Church during the last week of term.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

Mrs Mawby, Miss Cocliff, Mrs Batty, Mrs Collinson and Miss Wilmot (Crew Leaders Year 10)

Crew Hawking have been working hard in their classes over the last few weeks since returning after half term. In Art they are working in the style of a Graphic Novel Artist. They could choose to do the art work in the style of many different ways: Use a grid, Trace the outlines before applying your chosen artist’s style or Use autodesk sketchbook to do a digital drawing on the Ipad. In crew they have been looking and reflecting on their HOWL grades for each of their subjects. From the data off their teachers gradings, they were then able to make pledges to better themselves in their academic studies. 

HOWLS by Crew Hawking.


LT 1 – I can demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the key features and characteristics of The Peoples Health.
LT – 2  I can explain and analyse historical events and periods using second-order historical concepts such as continuity and change, cause and consequence, significance and chronology.






Joseph Smith, Getting Smart in English Literature, explaining his knowledge and understanding of Stave 1 A Christmas Carol.

Joseph Smith – Getting Smart in English Literature, explaining his knowledge and understanding of Stave 1 A Christmas Carol.


Happy 15th Birthday Ashley.  Crew Hawking celebrates Ashley’s birthday with a cake kindly sent in by mum Susan.











Crew Hawking are on task producing Flashcards.

Crew Hawking are getting smart by learning about procrastination and how to revise.   In the Wise Wednesday crew lessons, they have been answering the guiding question: How can we remember what we learn?   They have broken down the content of a topic and have been working on producing flashcards to aid revising a topic. Here are a variety of flashcards produced by the crew to support pathogens revision.

Hawking are back in the classroom.

It has been great to see all the students in crew Hawking turn up on the first day back after a very long time out of school.  They have all been tremendously engaged in learning and settled very well into the new routine that requires them to be mindful of social distancing and hand washing.

Year 10 students have chosen their GCSE choice option this week and each of them got to join their new class and have an introduction lesson of their subject.  They all seem very happy with their chosen choice class and are looking forward to starting their learning and revision website on google sites.


X24 Fundraising

As previously posted. This summer, X24 are taking part in fundraising for the toilet twinning scheme by walking 2 miles with 4 litres of fluid on their back, just a portion of what those we are trying to help do on a daily basis. Here is evidence from one students walk:

This is an opportunity to provide support for countries who don’t have the simple facility to wash their hands, at a time when hand washing is vital. To support please donate money via this link.

Crew Hawking 2 weeks until summer break

Well, it has been an unusual half term, with just over a week and a half until the summer break starts and crew are looking forward to hopefully a break in the sun, visiting the seaside, family, friends or even going abroad to those countries that are open to travel to.

Some of crew Hawking have enjoyed the relaxed rules of COVID 19 to get a chance to meet up with a friend and go out for a walk and catch up, others have enjoyed getting out cycling with a couple of friends and enjoying the freedom of riding about in Doncaster and of course keeping to the 1metre plus rule.

It has been great to hear a few voices from the crew over the past week either joining a Science hangout – Marcus (great to hear from you) or joining crew hangout (Max and Jack – last crew members standing with a super attendance to check in on crew and chat) and one to one tutorials with Helen and her big smile and stunning blue-dyed hair, retelling the tales and adventures of the different pets that she has at home.

The year group X24 that Crew Hawking is in have been asked by Mrs Goddard if they could participate in a fundraising event, something that all students were aware of and discussed before Christmas holidays (2019).  Here is a reminder of the details:

Students are being asked to walk 2 miles, with 4 litres of water (any fluid will do) whenever they get chance.

This is to raise money for toilet twinning (as we looked at before the Christmas holiday).

Just raising £10 from each member of X24 would mean that we can provide two toilet blocks to countries that need it.

There will be a funding page for contributions to be paid to (however the funding page will take a small cut for themselves).

It would be really nice for students to either film the walk or provide evidence of their journey through an app- so that we can provide evidence for those supporting the scheme.

Lessons are still happening at 2pm on google hangouts for all students to join in and support their learning so please join in and carrying on completing those learning tasks which all benefits each of you in achieving great grades.


Take Care All

Mrs Mawby (Crew Leader).