GCSE Results Day: 25th August 2022

The wait is almost over: GCSE results will be available for collection from XP School on Thursday 25th August between the hours of 9.30am-11.30am.

Please read the following information about the collection process:

  • Entry and Exit will be by the usual student entrance at car park 3. 
  • Each Crew will have a designated area within the heart of XP school (all students of XP and XPE will collect their results at XP School). 
  • Crew leaders will have the results for their crew. 
  • Students will have the opportunity to wait on the stairs whilst waiting for a space with their crew leader. 
  • Students can open their results envelope with their crew leader or leave school to open them.
  • If students want to speak to Crew Leaders after they have received their results they will need to wait on the stairs.
  • Students will need to complete a destinations form with Mrs Burns before leaving school. Mrs Burns will also be available to discuss next steps, if required.
  • If students are not able to come to collect their results they must email Miss Cocliff if XP ([email protected]) or Mrs Parker if XPE ([email protected]) from their school email account and request their results be sent to them.  Results will be emailed to their school account.
  • If students have any concerns about their exam results they must email Miss Cocliff or Mrs Parker in the first instance outlining their concerns.
  • Official GCSE certificates arrive in School late October and students will be invited to a presentation evening in November to receive their certificates.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all on the 25th, and can’t wait to see the results of your hard work, through the most challenging of times. Please remember that – as important as your exam results are – they are just a small part of your XP/XPE journey. We are all super proud of the young people you’ve grown up to be, regardless of what’s in the envelope.

Mrs Parker and Miss Cocliff

C24 – And now we’re checked out!

What an absolutely amazing final week for our Y11s. After their last exam on Monday, we weren’t quite ready to let them go, so we planned a week of activities to send them off with a bang!

Final Word

Before you read the highlights from our final week we would just like to offer a massive appreciation to all the parents, grandparents, staff and friends who have supported our students’ Final Word presentations.  It’s been a humbling experience to hear how their time at XP/XPE has prepared them for the future, be that through crew, expeditionary learning, the character traits or through the friendships they have made here.

There is no doubt in our minds that our young people will succeed in whatever they decide to do over the next few years.

Malham Cove

On Tuesday, we went back to where it all began for our crews: Malham Cove. We trudged up 400 steps that could make or break crew and ended up at the top of the Cove together.  We spent some time reminiscing about the last time we visited and everything that has happened in Crew since then.  We spent some time remembering those crew members who are no longer with us. We spent some time just enjoying being with our crews, without the pressure of revision and exams!  Then, who would support crew by helping them across the wobbly stepping stones? We witnessed some really lovely examples of crew helping crew one last time – although I’m not sure which character traits were being displayed during the water fights (definitely not respect!)

Celebration Evening

Thursday night was our chance to celebrate C24 and all their achievements.  To say it was emotional would be an understatement, especially when Mr Portman played the video posted above.  It gave us all a bit of a jolt to see how they’ve grown physically (obvs!) and also in character. I’m sure every single person in the room felt an immense sense of pride that comes with knowing that our students aren’t just going to leave with whatever academic grades they get; they are leaving as kind, considerate, compassionate, beautiful human beings.

We crewed up one last time and handed out our Crew Awards, including the coveted Outstanding Crew Member Award, as voted by fellow crew members. Massive well done to:


Crew Churchill: Arandeep Kaur

Crew Finch: Noah Nixon

Crew Mandela: Alfie Close

Crew Young: Summer Cunningham


Crew Hawking: Max Danby

Crew King: Kai Hall

Crew Macmillan: Frankie Booth

Crew Webb: Kyra Hazel

Alton Towers

Our last day together was spent at Alton Towers. Some of us enjoyed the rides; some of us enjoyed a gentle stroll around the gardens; some of us rocked a poncho in the rain! 😉

C24’s Final Word

As we approach the end of the year, and our wonderful Y11s prepare to leave XP, they are about to take on one final challenge – their Final Word presentations!

During these presentations, students will aim to provide an answer to their final guiding question: How has my time at XP or XPE shaped me as a person, and a learner?

Y11 Crew Leaders will be sending out invitations for students to sign up to a Final Word appointment time – please do look out for these. These appointments will be available between Wednesday, 29th June, through to Friday, 8th July – but may differ depending on Crew Leaders’ schedules.

We are hoping these presentations will be a magnificent end to their efforts in GCSE exams – which have been really challenging! Students have worked incredibly hard behind the scenes to prepare for their Final Word presentations – we’re just not sure we’re ready!!!

Staff – please also keep an eye on your inboxes as I’m sure some invites will arrive!

C24/Y11 Final Week

C24’s Final week is very nearly upon us!!

Next week we have lots to look forward to – fieldwork to Malham Cove on Tuesday 28th June – Students need to be at school between 7:30am and 7:45 am. You’ll find more information here.

On Thursday 30th June, we invite Y11 students, staff, and parent’s/carers to our C24 celebration evening, taking place from 5:30 – 7:30pm.


On Friday, we have saved the best until last! C24 will be heading to Alton Towers to get their adrenaline pumping after a difficult exam period. This is now LIVE on ParentPay.


As always, if you have any questions please contact Miss Cocliff or Mrs Parker, or your child’s Crew Leader.


Miss C & Mrs P x

Closing the Circle: Final week plans for C24

It really is hard to believe that C24 are coming to the end of their XP/XPE journey. We would like to appreciate them all for their impeccable focus, behaviour and resilience during this exam period – they are making us proud until they very end!

After the final exam on Monday 27th June, we still have 4 precious days together before Y11 officially leave on the 1st of July.

Key dates:

Here are some key dates for the final week, with more details below:

28th June: Optional fieldwork to Malham Cove – Students have signed up to this already.

29th/30th June – Final Word appointments – schedule to be released.

30th June: C24 Celebration Evening 5.30-7.30pm

1st July: Alton Towers

Malham Cove: 28th June

We have arranged to go back to where we first became Crew – Malham Cove – which seems a fitting place to close our crew circle and reflect on what crew has meant to us over the past 5 years. Please read the important information below:

All students need to be at school between 7.30-7.45am, ready for prompt departure at 8am, and we will return at approx. 5pm.

Any medication should be sealed in a bag with student’s name and dosage instructions and handed in to their Crew leader at registration. Please ensure your child takes any travel sickness medication and/or antihistamines (if required) before they get to school.

Here is the mandatory kit list for the day:

  • Trousers/knee length shorts suitable for walking – not cotton or denim as these are likely to get wet.
  • Comfortable/practical closed toed footwear – walking boots are best if available, but sturdy trainers are fine. No sandals or flip-flops!
  • A rucksack big enough to hold the following:
  • Pack-up lunch – please note that a lunch will be provided for those students in receipt of free school meals.
  • A large water bottle – please send with plenty of water, no fizzy drinks, sports/energy drinks or milkshakes.
  • Sunscreen and hat (we’re hoping for nice weather!)
  • A small towel.
  • Bin liner for wet clothes.
  • Spare dry trousers.
  • Spare dry top.
  • Spare dry socks and footwear – these can be open toed as they will only be for the coach ride home.

Celebration Evening: 30th June

On Thursday 30th June we would like to invite C24 and their families to a Celebration Evening. This will be held in The Lorax area at XP East, and will include our awards ceremony and buffet.

Look out for your formal invite later this week!

Alton Towers: 1st July

As a final hurrah (or should that be hur-aaarrrrgggghhhh!) we have arranged a trip to Alton Towers on the last day.

This is an optional visit and we are asking for a contribution of £8 towards the entry fee. This can be paid in cash to Mrs Parker or Miss Cocliff, or there will be an option to pay on ParentPay next week – we will let you know when that’s live. Students can take a packed lunch or money to buy lunch in Alton Towers.

So, lots to look forward to after the exams!

Mrs Parker and Miss Cocliff x

C24 (Y11) Leavers Hoodies!

We have managed to secure a supplier for C24’s leavers hoodies!

They will look similar to the one below – but our hoodies will be black, with orange writing (XP) and Blue writing (XPE).

Leavers’ hoodies will be £15 each and they are available to pre-order on ParentPay. We need orders by 4pm Thursday, 16th June please – we know this is a very tight turnaround, but this gives the supplier the time to make and deliver hoodies to us before July 1st.

Sizing is as follows:

XS – to fit chest size 34″

S – to fit chest size 36″

M – to fit chest size 40″

L – to fit chest size 44″

XL – to fit chest size 48″

XXL – to fit chest size 52″

XXXL – to fit chest size 56″

4XL – to fit chest size 60″

5XL – to fit chest size 62″

Please make a note on the notes section of ParentPay for the size you require. Please note that orders cannot be made after Thursday 16th, and no hoodies will be ordered without payment in advance.

Miss Cocliff & Mrs Parker x

Y11 Finishing Time This FRIDAY

Hi all,

Our super Y11s have been incredible during their GCSEs so far!

Due to TONNES of exams, and also half term approaching, C24 (Y11), and ONLY Y11, will have a finishing time straight after their morning exam. They will therefore all need to leave site at 11:30am. All other students are expected to stay until 1:30pm.

There are also some revision sessions taking place for our Y11s over half term based in XP East:

Monday 30th MayHistoryXP: 10am – 12pm
XPE: 1pm – 3pm
CitizenshipXPE: 10am – 12pm
XP: 1pm – 3pm
Thursday 2nd JuneEnglishXP/XP East: 9am-12pm

Students should be continuing with their revision over half term – with some relaxation time, of course!

Have a lovely half term,

Mrs Parker & Miss Cocliff x

Super Praises for our Super Y11s!

Another fantastic Y11 community meeting this morning, full of praises and appreciations for our hard-working Y11s, as you can see from our slides above!

Super shout-outs

As well as the usual praises, Miss Cocliff and Mrs Parker had some extra special shout-outs and awards for our Praise Champions (with an extra special mention for Summer, too!):

XPE’s Praise Champs:XP’s Praise Champs:

We also celebrated the following students for regularly attending our D6 sessions:

Thomas, Thomas, Lara, Corey , Chris , Heather, Courtney, Rye, Ashley and Coen.

Well done guys! The effort and commitment in attending these Saturday revision session will really pay off.

Goodbye to Little Miss Poncia!

Students also used this community meeting to offer their appreciations to our wonderful Emily Poncia, who is leaving us on Friday for her next exciting adventure. Miss Poncia has gone above and beyond with her dedication, help and support for all our Y11 students and she will be sincerely missed by us all. She may only have been with us for a short time, but her impact has been HUGE. We wish you all the luck in the world 

Have an amazing Easter break, Y11.

Miss Cocliff & Mrs Parker

Y11 (X24) Science – Staff Days

Due to advanced information released by Exam Boards, we are able to invite X24 students in during our staff days in March to complete some hands on science required practical experiments.

Students in both Admiral and Skipper will each be invited to a morning session and an afternoon session to complete these experiments.

A paper copy of these letters will also be sent home with an attendance slip to complete – we ask that these are returned by Monday 7th March please.

If there are any questions/queries, please contact us on:

[email protected] and [email protected]

Best Wishes,

Mel Cocliff & Darren Mead

XP Y11 Phase Lead & Science Lead