X25 DofE Fridays-Skill

We hope everyone has had a great half term and ready for the next term. As part of the students Duke of Edinburgh silver award they will be completing an hour towards their skill award on Friday afternoons. At the end of last term students chose which skill they wanted to complete. Students have chosen between sewing, beauty and board games.

We have a couple of board games in school but would be great if you have any at home that we can borrow for students to make the most of this time.


We are really looking forward to the students completing their DofE.



X25 crew leaders.

Students today and tomorrow who hold prescribed medication at school will be handed back their medication.  Students who require medication to be taken at school in the new term 2021/22 will be required to fill in the medication form.

The Google form is required to be filled in and then press send.  This then gives staff consent to administer medication and for it to be kept on school premises.

Please ensure Inhalers, Epi-pens and other prescribed medications are sent into school with the child’s name and expiry date clearly visible.

Physical Friday, X25 Duke of Edinburgh Award

X25 took part in a selection of sports activities on Friday afternoon which will contribute towards their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. Students had to pick from futsal, rounders or a 5km walk/run. The weather stayed nice and dry with even a bit of sunshine coming through the clouds.

All the students were amazing and everyone took part in something. It was great to see on a Friday afternoon.


We are the leaders of the future# Crew Piper

Crew Piper have been supporting and leading this week in crew. Students have been offering support with others passage and helping me so I can read through everyones. Brilliant teamwork everyone.

We have been chatting in crew about students mental health and how we can support each other. We came up with a bank of ideas to help over the weekend and next week.

  1. Going for a walk.
  2. Exercise class
  3. Reading
  4. Baking
  5. Having a facetime with friends.

We have also decided as a crew to make Fridays into FUN FRIDAYS and are taking it in turns to lead a fun activity in crew. Can’t wait for our first session next week.

In crew students having been creating some beautiful pieces of artwork. Here are some examples. Its lovely to see the different hobbies we have as a crew.


Have a fab weekend everyone

Work hard, Get smart and Be kind

Crew Piper have made a great start back during these strange times.  Attendance to lessons and input into sessions has been very positive, well done.

We have been working hard as a crew  looking at our passage presentation and reflecting on the last 2 1/2 years at XP.

I would like to say thank you to the students who have been helping others out in crew and to the other crews for also supporting.

We all as a crew are demonstrating the XP HOWLS


Students have also been completing some beautiful work in lessons. Here is some work from a student from their Spanish lesson. Well done, keep it up.


If we all work together as a team we can overcome anything.


From Crew Piper

X25 Y9 Bubble Closure Timetable

Following the closure of our Y9/X25 bubble, we will now move to an online educational provision as shown below – this has proved to be highly effective in supporting students in other year bubble closures as engagement rates have regularly been above 95%.

Here is our protocol for online learning:

  • all Crew sessions and lessons will take place LIVE via Google Hangout and the timetable is highlighted below.
  • students will receive input from teachers and have time to complete activities on Google Classroom.
  • students are registered in Crew (8.30am), at the beginning of the morning session (9.15am) and afternoon session (1.15pm).
  • all students are expected to join each session.  If a student is absent, Crew Leaders will contact home to ascertain the reason why. If a student is unable to join a session, for example, they are unwell, we ask parents to please contact the office.
  • Crew Leaders and Expedition teachers will send Google Hangout invitations to their classes.
  • invites for live sessions will be sent through email.


3 words that sum up our week

PROUD– Proud of my crew for the amazing efforts during their isolation and the fantastic pieces of work they produced at home. They have had a fab first week back, I am one proud crew leader.

PIPER– Our crew and they are just amazing.


PASSAGE– It has been a few weeks of reflecting on the last 2.5 years at XP and the journey we have been on as a crew. It has been lovely to hear what students did and how they felt in year 7, 8 and the start of year 9. Here they are working hard and looking through their portfolios of beautiful work. I know we are going to have some really strong presentations and I am excited to hear them all.

Academic Crew Piper

Crew Piper have been working hard, getting smart and being kind in HUMS lessons. Learning interesting facts about the industrial revolution and how to write and format a letter. Here are some examples.

Here is another example of a fantastic piece fo work in art Excellent effort Piper

We has some great discussion this morning on how we can challenge ourselves to achieve above our MEG by asking for those extension tasks and contributing to group discussions.

Well done Crew Piper its amazing to see all this beautiful work.