This Friday Crew continues with their first aid for Duke of Edinburgh. Crew looked at what to do when someone is having a diabetic emergency. Crew also independently researched possible causes and treatments of type 1 and 2 diabetes. Crew showed great maturity in group discussions and are well on their way to be trained first aiders. Great work this week everyone!

Mrs Burnitt and Mrs Pulham

Crew Charity

During the last couple of weeks Crew Stan Lee have been looking at which local charity we would like to support.

After lots of discussion we have decided on the RSPCA who work tirelessly to protect animals in danger of neglect.

Crew Stan Lee showed great compassion towards animals on recent fieldwork, where Yr 9 were introduced to lots of different species including a legless lizard which looks like this.


Crew will even have an expert joining us from the RSPCA in November to discuss the important work they do to protect innocent animals.

WE ARE REALLY PASSIONATE ABOUT OUR CREW CHARITY and appreciate any help our community can provide.

Please look out for our fundraising events.


Freeze Frame

Crew Stan Lee had a fantastic time in our Wise Wednesday session creating a still image.


This session we looked at what a still image might look like and how they as a crew could recreate their own.

Crew working together…


Pause!! Frankie was in charge of this freeze frame.

Crew Stan Lee are back!

Crew Stan Lee are definitely back with a bang!

We have had a fantastic couple weeks back in crew, reconnecting and reflecting on the last few months.

I am thrilled with everyone’s mature and positive conduct regarding “keeping ourselves and each other safe”. Let’s keep up the great work!

With the launch of Mindful Monday crew have been researching a charity that we would like to support through the school year… I am really looking forward to the Grand Reveal, we have had some fantastic suggestions.

And lastly crew have been working on personal pledges to work on during Yr 9 these range from:

Working on passage presentation preparation.

To contribute more in session.

To support our crew ……

Just to name a few, we will be checking in and holding each other to account to reach our goals.

I am really looking forward to leading this fantastic crew all the way to the top of the mountain!



X26 & X25 Coming Back Stronger!

It is wonderful to welcome back our students in Year 8 and 9 today, they have certainly returned with renewed energy and enthusiasm!

Today, is all about Crew.  Students have been spending their time today reflecting on the past few months, learning how to keep themselves safe whilst in school and most importantly reconnecting as a Crew.

I have had the pleasure of spending time in each of the Crew’s and it is great to see the students engaged, working collaboratively and happy!

What a way to start the year! #Comingbackstronger


Pets At Home

Crew this week was all about our pets and how they cheer us up and brighten up our lives.

Alfie brought along his amazing giant rabbit it was the size of a small dog but so fluffy and adorable! We also got to meet his super cute dog Evie I love her stripey jumper.

Millie brought along her ferrets they loved being cuddled and they seem really friendly and I think they make awesome pets.

Beth was in school during our hangout but she wanted to share a photo of her beautiful dog…. What a beauty


Crew had some amazing news this week Miss Cross has had a gorgeous baby boy.

WE MISS YOU already Miss Cross xxx

It is the last two weeks before Summer crew let’s work our socks off, so we can enjoy an awesome Summer.

Next crew hangout is on Thursday at 1.30pm. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again.


Mrs Pulham.

Bon Voyage

Today Stan Lee gave me a goodbye hangout as I hand crew over to Mrs Pulham: whilst I go on Maternity Leave. Mrs Pulham is amazing, they are in safe hands and she is just like me!

They are one great crew! They are all so unique and what has been great to see over these two years is that they have stayed true to themselves. They express their own opinions without judgment and we have really created our own safe bubble. They may disagree with others in our crew but in a mature way where they don’t take it personally. Building resilience and listening to others point of views, as we all have different life experiences.

In crew check in they had to say one thing that they will miss – with me not being around: my kindness, my laugh (as apparently I laugh when no one else is laughing and it’s not funny), being helpful. Alfie said I have two sides to my personality as Kyle often says my ‘happy face’ and my ‘am I in bother face?’. Like I always tell them when you get it right I will tell you and when you get it wrong I will tell you.

They also said about how our crew chats can sometimes go off topic ‘not sure if I should be sharing this’, they really like this. We once had a whole crew session talking about dough balls. What I will really miss is the fact that they can share funny stories with me, without getting embarrassed.

We have all been on this journey together as myself and crew started XP together. Here are some pictures of our time together.

I wish you all good luck in Year 9, yes you will soon be in Year 9 wow! Smash it and remember: This is your world, shape it or someone else will.  Mrs Cross

Great crew hangout this week,

I would like to praise crew for being consistently great at attending crew hangout every week, and if not being able to make it, letting me know via email. I really appreciate this guys.

Kian did a great crew check-in with guess the emoji movie, it was great fun and everyone did really well.

This week I would really like to reflect on the amazing work being produced weekly by crew and I have a few special mentions.

Jacob has completed all work set by expedition teachers, even finding time during the 2 week break to catch up and complete all music work set.

Frankie has worked so hard, not only during working from home but before that, Frankie you are a SUPER STUDENT!

Millie has been so conscientious always asking me if she needs to do anything else. Millie even made herself a work schedule so she didn’t miss deadlines. Millie always shows such integrity.

Beth’s Craftsmanship and Quality is second to none her work is always beautifully presented and with great content, Beth goes above and beyond on every expedition and I couldn’t be prouder to have her in my crew!

Meadow has shown great resilience during this unprecedented time, although things were tough at the beginning, Meadow has never given up and she has got lot’s of work completed and handed in.

Lacie shows great courage by asking for support if needed and completing all work set by expedition teachers. Lacie’s work in humanities has been beautiful and she always meets her deadlines.

Jessica has also shown great resilience during this time, it was really tough to begin with but Jess has worked really hard to get work completed and handed in. It shows great courage to ask for support and I am a very proud crew leader.

This is week 12 of learning from home and I feel Crew Stan Lee are doing an amazing job, I am one proud crew leader.

Keep up the great work.

Thank you Crew!

Mrs Pulham


The sun really did have his hat on!

What beautiful weather we were blessed with during the two week break!

It really was a scorcher…..

Crew seemed to have a great, well earned break and did lots of lovely activities.

Frankie blew me away with his woodwork. Check this out!!


I really want one of these!


Some lucky birds having such a beautiful home.

Beth and Millie have produced some awesome Artwork here it is!


And Millie got a perfect kitten….

everybody meet Teddy, think you will agree he is gorgeous.

Keep up the great work crew! I’m one proud crew leader.

Mrs Pulham.

What am I grateful for and why?

We had a very uplifting and positive google hangout in crew this week….

Our Check in this week was What am I grateful for and why? We had some lovely heartfelt responses here they are:

Kyle: Football and Fifa (no surprises there Kyle loves his footie).

Alfie: Having a healthy family and living near woods to explore.

Jacob: Video games.

Luke: T.V.

Frankie: Friends and family.

Millie: Having a healthy family.

Beth: Having a healthy family and her pet dog who is always happy (Photo to follow).

Aaleyah: Her pet rabbit (Photo to follow).

Meadow: Having a garden to enjoy the sun.

Lacie: Her little sister to make her laugh and cheer her up.

Miss Cross: Having a nice safe house to isolate in.

Mrs Pulham: My two Sons who always brighten my day.


Next our very own Bradley Walsh (Luke) took charge of our crew quiz, he put us through our paces and really tested our knowledge.

We had a variety of questions ranging from Whats the fastest animal in the world? to

which football team did Ryan Giggs play for?

Kyle was crowned quizzing champion this week.

Aaleyah is organising our crew activity for when we return to school, I cannot wait to see what she comes up with.

Hope crew have a restful couple of weeks, staff are still working the first week so please email myself or Miss Cross if you need anything.

Mrs Pulham.