Crew Tomlinson- Working From Home

Crew Tomlinson have had the challenge of working from home for the past two weeks and I have to say as their crew leader I have been so pleased with the hard work and organisation they have shown. The participation in hangouts (both for crew and lessons) have been fantastic, which will really help crew when we are back in school next week to continue with their expeditions!

We have also had two crew birthdays in this period, which crew sang Happy Birthday ‘perfectly’ to Dec last week and Danny today (which I think both students really enjoyed…well maybe not my singing)!

Crew have also spent Wednesday afternoons and some of the morning crew sessions to carry on preparing for their Passage Presentation. I have mentioned to crew the importance of preparing for this and how they need to be organising their time to make sure they are ready for it. Some crew members have worked exceptionally hard on their presentation using their time wisely and already starting to have a fantastic structure. Other crew members need to make sure they are using the time in the best way they can and make sure they are getting on target for their script to be completed.

I really can’t wait for crew to be back in school on Tuesday, it will be great to see you all again!

Again well done for your fantastic efforts over the last 2 weeks at home crew and hope you have a fantastic birthday Danny!

Mrs Burnitt


This Friday Crew continues with their first aid for Duke of Edinburgh. Crew looked at what to do when someone is having a diabetic emergency. Crew also independently researched possible causes and treatments of type 1 and 2 diabetes. Crew showed great maturity in group discussions and are well on their way to be trained first aiders. Great work this week everyone!

Mrs Burnitt and Mrs Pulham

Crew Tomlinson – Kahoot time

This morning for Thoughtful Thursday we had a look at the crew dashboard. On Monday we had set a challenge as crew that everyone would aim to be on the praise form twice by Thursday, it was fantastic to see half of crew had achieved this with some crew members earning more! Fantastic effort from Rikki, Max, Harley, Frankie, Harley, Nada, and Molly!!

We also had time to complete a Kahoot on Mode, Mean, Median and Range. Crew all worked really hard trying to answer the questions in the time allocated. We had some fantastic scores. Well Done to Danny who came 1st……great work!

Crew Tomlinson – Reading to Success

Crew Tomlinson have worked exceptionally hard over the last few weeks with lots of great activities. Crew have completed their first star reading test of the year. This is to determine the progress crew members are making with their reading ability. Every Tuesday is also Tranquil Tuesday where crew have the ability to get lost in their books and have that quiet time to read.

Over the last couple of weeks crew have also researched charities and started to present the charity they would like our crew to raise money for. Crew have shown some great maturity and compassion with both the presentations and also discussions we have had.I am really looking forward to the final presentation, for us to choose a charity and start looking at ways to fund raise.

Well done crew, I am really proud of how we have come back to school and the maturity you are showing. Keep up the great work!

Crew Tomlinson back at it!

Crew Tomlinson have had a brilliant start to the year. They have shown maturity and courage. We have discussed HOWLS and pledges this year to make sure Crew have the best year! Some of crews pledges include speaking more in community meeting and completing work to the best of their ability.
On Thursday we had thoughtful Thursday where we discussed  HOWLs and what we aim for our HOWLs to be this year. Crew agreed we need to make sure we are helping each other to keep on track with their HOWLs and holding each other to account.
Great start to the year Crew….well done!

X26 & X25 Coming Back Stronger!

It is wonderful to welcome back our students in Year 8 and 9 today, they have certainly returned with renewed energy and enthusiasm!

Today, is all about Crew.  Students have been spending their time today reflecting on the past few months, learning how to keep themselves safe whilst in school and most importantly reconnecting as a Crew.

I have had the pleasure of spending time in each of the Crew’s and it is great to see the students engaged, working collaboratively and happy!

What a way to start the year! #Comingbackstronger


Crew Tomlinson- Scattegories time

I can’t believe we are in our last 2 weeks of year 8, this year has flown by! Crew have worked exceptionally hard over the last couple of weeks with crew members working hard to catch up on work and make sure they end the term on a high! I want to congratulate Tom for this especially I have seen a great improvement over the last couple of weeks.

In yesterday’s hangout we had a game of Scattegories, which was quite tricky but also really fun with some impressive scores from Crew….Mrs Burnitt was really struggling on some of the categories!

This week we have had to change the time of crew hangouts and I want to thank the members of crew who have made sure they remembered the new time as it is so important that we are all involved in the calls. Next week is the last week before the holidays and I would love it if every crew member attended the 2 hangouts to say goodbye to each other, receive relevant information and play a few games. The times of the calls are Tuesday 2pm and Thursday 2pm. 

Look forward to seeing you all then!

Crew Tomlinson – Taking Over

Over the last couple of weeks we have had a number of crew calls and as a crew we decided it would be great for crew to take over the check in/crew activity once a week. Typically in school this would happen and help students to gain leadership skills and the importance of preparation. Last Thursday Frankie had arranged a fantastic ‘Guess the character’ quiz. I found some of them quite tricky but well done to Yasmin who scored 20/20, fantastic effort!!

I also wanted to thank a few members of crew who have really stood out over the last couple of weeks showing brilliant character traits, including courage and craftsmanship and quality.


Lastly I would like to remind everyone of the time and days of Crew Google Hangouts. We have two calls a week Monday 12:30 and Thursday 11:00. It is really important that crew members attend these meetings every week. We haven’t had a session yet that has had every member of crew! Fingers crossed for Thursday’s call.

Well done for your hard work this week crew and as ever if you need any help please get in touch.

Mrs Burnitt

I can’t believe the holidays are over and another week of hard work has flown by! We had two Google hangouts this week. On Tuesday we had a check in catching up on everyone’s half term activities. With crew mentioning they had BBQ’s and lots of days in the garden with the lovely weather we had. Max also shared a photo of him hard at work helping in the garden. We also discussed how we were feeling getting back into the swing of work, with crew having a honest and mature conversation.

Thursday’s check in was created by Franchesca who wanted everyone to bring their pet to crew. Franchesca has an amazing gecko called Echo and other crew members showed their lovey dogs. Mr Burke kindly stood in as Dec’s dog due to Dec attending school that day!

I want to thank crew for a great week back, crew members are becoming more proactive with their learning too, asking for help before deadlines and supporting each other.

Well done Crew!

Crew Tomlinson – Getting Creative

This week crew have been working really hard again! I wanted to share Max’s creative work making The Globe Theatre out of cake….which looked impressive and tasty….

Declan has also created a brilliant final product showing great drafting of work. Beautiful work!

We had 2 crew hangouts this week which were brilliant, the students have become more organised making sure they are on time which really helps us stick to the schedule to check in,  go through the tracker (to help students know where they are at with the work) and make sure everyone can speak….along with sometimes  managing to have a game too. On Tuesday our check in question was what are you looking most/least forward to about coming back to school in the future… We had a mixture of answers including looking forward to  seeing friends and working with others, with only one crew member not looking forward to the early morning starts…which I think a few people had forgotten!

On Thursday’s check in we had a music quiz which I tried to keep as up to date as possible and we had some fantastic marks….particularly well done to Fran, Tom And Danny for top marks!! I think next time I will play a few 80’s songs to make it a bit more of a challenge.

Great week again crew….Hope you all have a brilliant and well deserved break!