When X28 Admiral designed and ran their own countries..

An awesome start to Immersion week for X28 (Year 8) today!

They have hit the ground running, designing their own government and country.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you gave a 12 or 13 year old keys to their own country? Have them choose the type of government to oversee it, and design their own immigration and international relations policies?

X28 have designed thoughtful countries, researched different forms of government, created and designed a national anthem, and decided which international organisations to apply for membership too.

A great start to Immersion year 8!


X27 Spanish creating posters about healthy living

This term in Spanish, X27 have been learning to talk about healthy and unhealthy habits. Students completed a formal assessment earlier in the week, and our final lesson was spending some time using Canva to create posters giving tips and advice for leading a healthy life. Really creative work from Year 9, showcasing their technical skills and their knowledge of Spanish.

Beautiful work in Art from C29

Our year 7 students have been getting to grips with mono printing this week – many of them trying it out for the first time! They’ve been using the skills which they have built up over the past term’s work on tone. Their images are all of artefacts relating to our expedition “From the ground up” which looks at the impact that coal mining has had on our city. We’re really proud of the beautiful work that our students are creating and hope that you’re looking forward to seeing it at their presentation of learning near the end of the term.

Beautiful artwork in y8 Admiral

Year 8 Admiral getting to grips with drawing the human form

As part of their new expedition “Being Human” our year 8 students are grappling with some tricky subject matter; the human body. It can be a real challenge to represent people well, but 8 Admiral have been working really hard to understand how using rules of proportion can help them to draw better humans. In this session they used inspirational artwork from classic Marvel characters, the Fantastic Four to help them build on their knowledge of anatomy and proportion in the human body. Impressive!

Our sketchbooks are starting to fill up with really beautiful work. Here you can see how we’re progressing from initial studies of proportion to more complex human body shapes.

Fantastic Farming!

One of our wonderful year 11 students, Jayden, lives – and works – on his family farm. Today, myself and Mrs Sprakes were lucky enough to be invited to see the work Jayden does on the farm – and we were blown away!

Jayden is involved in all aspects of the farm, and is SO knowledgable and passionate about the workings of the farm. There isn’t one piece of machinery that Jayden can’t drive or operate! I bet Jayden could run this single handedly (sorry, dad!). He showed us today the stacks of hay bales he has sorted out – WOW. Jayden also took us both out in his tractor – what a good driver! at 16 years old, this really is impressive.

During the guided tour…
Jayden’s hard work – perfect stacks!!!

Keep up the fantastic work, Jayden. You’re doing yourself, us, and your family proud both inside the classroom and outside of it, too! Don’t we have amazing students at XP?!

Miss Cocliff x