Crew Darling – First Week Back!

Enjoy a snippet of Crew Darling’s first week back! It has been a jam-packed week, full of activities focused on strengthening our bond as crew, and mentally preparing for the year ahead. We have worked on our communication skills, gone on beautiful fieldwork, played inter-crew games and more, all of which culminated in a POL this afternoon!

Year 9 is a rollercoaster of excitement and change, and the first week back with these unforgettable crew times sets the tone for the whole year. Looking forward to working hard with Crew this year!

Crew Darling: Cultivating Stewardship

Last years final product from C28 is still thriving, despite the heat we have experienced. Last year students created lovely planters filled with beautiful flowers, aiming to attract wildlife like bees and bring a burst of colour to XP School. Despite scorching weather, Crew have diligently watered and removed weeds, ensuring the plants thrived. In crew time we have been studying the impact of climate change on our environment. Crew Darling have demonstrated outstanding stewardship by transforming their school surroundings.

X28 – Crew Re-wilding!

Dear Parents and Carers,

Crew Darling and Crew Barnes are bonding together under the shared passion of re-wilding our school. We hope to attract more wildlife like bee’s, bunnies and more.

We hope if you have any spare flower seeds could you please donate them by Wednesday 24th of May 2023 so we can make our school bright and colourful again. X28 Crews have started studying the importance of caring for their environment in their Crew Wise Wednesday sessions. Crew worked hard last week learning about the impact Climate Change has on their environment, and ultimately how there is No Planet B!

We ask kindly that if you have any spare seeds and flowers (even flowering plants), that you drop them into reception to help us build a beautiful environment for nature around our school.

Crew Darling and Crew Barnes thanks you in advance!

Written by Leo and Junior.

Crew Darling hits the fields!

Crew Darling, a wild adventure..

On Friday afternoon, Crew Darling embarked on a walk to the Lake. This was a reward for their fantastic improvement in their HOWLS this term!

This adventure involved football, refreshing water fights and hill top chats, with a lovely debrief at the end. Followed by a community meeting.  Crew really enjoyed this and clearly immersed themselves with the outside world! So much so, they wanted to document their journey in this blog post!

They were also joined by the lovely, Crew Southgate.

Blog post written by Crew Darling

(Leo is cool, Poppy has a pug, Mr Froginton, Daisy, Holly doesnt know, Anonymous Charlie, Olivia, Analeigh Pog, Logan, Joel doesnt know, Junior with all the animals, and Leighton).


X28 Crew Darling (EWI) What do our HOWLS really mean to us?

During crew time, Crew Darling (EWI) have been looking at what our HOWLS really mean to us! Crew split into three groups, focusing on working hard, getting smart and being kind.. this was then followed with a fantastic presentation to the rest of crew, sharing their thoughts and ideas about HOWLS and how they can be the best version of themselves going forward!