Beautiful work in Product Lab

Product Lab runs after school every Thursday in extended study time.  Staff and students can use the workshop facilities to work on products or on their own personal projects.  This week Alfie and Francesca were constructing their air powered rocket car for the expedition Faster, Leaner, Cleaner.  Rex was the laser cutting expert, helping Alfie and working on his own Dice Tower project, and Mills continued to work on Dave 2.0, the dinosaur puppet that she’s been building for the last two years!

All students are welcome, just bring your ideas!

VCERT: Creative Studies

X21 Have been working hard on their VCERT exams last week but they also have three units of work from year 10 that must be completed.  All students have something to work on still and the deadline for this is Wednesday 17th October.  Details and guidance are on the Smart portfolio.

If students still have unfinished work after the deadline, they will be invited to attend a catch up session during the holiday.

The nature of this qualification means that if any section of the portfolio is not passed then the whole VCERT cannot be passed.  Please ask students to show you the Creative Studies Tracker and encourage them to comment on it if they’ve recently completed work which hasn’t yet been graded.