C26 (Year 10) Work Experience Launch 18th April 5pm

On Tuesday 18th April we would like to invite you to school for the C26’s work placement information evening which starts at 5pm until 6pm.  The evening will provide you with detailed information on the work experience process; including 1:1 career advice available in school, expectations, finding a placement, roles and duties as well as the all important health & safety measures of the placement. 

Work placement Launch

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LOOL Students Getting Smart with the Police

Year ten leaders of their own learning students, hosted two expert police visitors in session yesterday. The session was a Q&A style focused on consolidating their knowledge around their exam topic Rights and Responsibilities!

Year ten were thoroughly impressed with the officers who attended and appreciated the stories shared from the Police.

A great session of getting smart for all!

E26 Working Hard and Getting Smart in English

X26 spent time on Friday learning about what to expect in an English Language GCSE exam. Pupils have been focussing on English Literature skills recently, so this was a great opportunity to revisit some of the work on non-fiction from before Christmas. 

As this was a Component 2 Reading Section walk through mock, pupils initially had to read one text and find key pieces of information quickly. Some pupils find it stressful to work to a tightly controlled time limit so this was a valuable experience to get a real idea of how the timings will work in their GCSEs. 

Next, pupils conducted close reading and analysis to find examples of how the writer presented snow positively. Many pupils were pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of writing their responses using the scaffolding provided by the teacher. It was great to hear so many pupils asking how to access the highest marks and the top bands. Many were trying to find nine or more quotations to use in their answer, despite only having fifteen minutes to write it! 

Well done to X26, your effort and focus on this task were a credit to you. Both Mrs Desborough and Mrs Cross are very proud of you!

Engineering a greenhouse

Engineering students from XP and XP East in year 10 are working on a project for XP Outdoors. Commissioned by Mrs Watson and sponsored by Costain, the students are building greenhouse covers for our outdoor planters. The students have planned all the work themselves and are making use of the timber provided by Costain to build the frames. They’re hoping to have them constructed and in place before Christmas.

Working hard to succeed…

LOOL Citizenship student Nida shared this fantastic set of revision notes she has been working hard on over the weekend! Nida has been collecting information on the UK’s role in global organisations, ready for her next Citizenship lesson. What an amazing role model Nida is to fellow Year 10 students for working hard!
Keep up the hard work Nida!

Crew Blessed Xpionage

On the first day back after the New Year we pulled names out of a hat to spy on that person doing good things.

The comments below were made by a secret person from our Crew…


Ebony’s behaviour in PE has improved and she didn’t have to stay in.


He worked hard in HUMAN.


Cejay worked hard in Mr Sprakes’ lesson and his work was shown to the class.


Cain has worked very hard in all his lessons this week. He has contributed to work in maths by putting up his hand to answer questions. In HUMAN, when we were doing partner work he helped the people around him and caused no distractions in class. Cain shows compassion to those around him by helping others in lessons.


Alana worked really hard in HUMAN with Mr Sprakes, trying her hardest to complete the task. She also tried in maths and was very well behaved. in PE on Friday morning she was very well behaved.


Staying quiet about something I told him about.


Lighting up peoples day constantly, for example one afternoon someone was feeling down so he started dancing and singing and made it a whole lot more fun.


He was consistently good in all lessons.


Worked very hard in all sessions this week.


He had done work well and was kind. He got 100 PERCENT ON HIS MATHS TEST WELL DONE OSCAR *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*


Working hard in all lessons and helping everyone if they needed it.


I saw her helping other people in lessons.  She’s been very good. 👏👏👏👏

This positivity has really helped to reboot Crew and set us up for a positive term!

[Blog post written and compiled by Alana & Ebony]

Crew Blessed bringing 2021 to a close…

It has been a long, eventful, successful and at times a challenging term for Crew Blessed. They have demonstrated our school character traits on a weekly basis from their amazing attendance as a Crew through to the quality of their work. This work was presented to a Year 7 audience following the recent change in restrictions regarding COVID. It was great to be able to see them discuss all the aspects of their work in such detail and with such maturity.

X26 PoL to a Year 7 audience.
X26 PoL to a Year 7 audience.

There has been some real personal successes this term and lots of character development by everyone in Crew Blessed. This development is great timing as we have Passage Presentation to look forward to in the New Year.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year from Crew Blessed.

He’s taken on Piers Morgan, but can Jon McClure- lead singer of the band Reverend and the Makers- handle grillings by X26 and E26?

They may only be Year 8s, but they’re the next generation to challenge injustice and support when it’s right to ‘Fight the Power’. As well as curently raising funds to commerorate the Doncaster Suffragettes, they’re working to become young, poetic activists as they write their own verses for their ‘Fight the Power!’ expedition.

For someone who doesn’t like ‘fake news’, Trump and his pal Piers know how to create it…(cue Jon McClure stepping into the ring).

South Yorkshire star Jon, brings his expertise as a song-writer and poet, as well as having a First Class History and Politics degree! Jon has collaborated on lyrics with the Arctic Monkeys, whilst also having written the music for his own band who have had chart success with anthems such as Heavy Weight Champion of the World. From drawing festival crowds and packing out gig venues, to appearing on politics shows and Good Morning Britain, this guy has lots of wisdom to impart on our Year 8s. The man who said “When we see people like yourself fawning over Donald Trump, then we feel the need to stand up and say something,” will hopefully be inspiring our students to do the same.

Jon will be chatting with our students via Google Hangout (we’re sure he will have the same presence and ‘draw the crowds in’, despite Covid restictions) on Monday afternoon (7th December).  Good Morning Britain will be quaking in their boots…or booking us for their next debate!