X27 Admiral – Being more Sheila Birling and taking responsibility for their English assessments

This week English sessions for X27 Admiral have been intense. Expectations have been sky high as you completed your first forty mark English Literature GCSE question. This is all fantastic preparation for your mock exams after Easter.

You all worked incredibly hard for the preparation work and the assessment itself. It has really shown how well you know the play which makes me very excited for year 11.

I am really proud of you all.

Mrs Desborough

X27 Embracing English Immersion

This week X27 have started their second English slice expedition in year 10. We have focused on immersion all week. This has included a gallery walk about the Titanic and conditions in the country in from the 1900s to the 1980s, a session about the cost of living and budgeting and the class system in the historically and today.

This. expedition slice will focus on another key text that the students will analyse as part of their English Literature GCSE. Judging by the focus, engagement and superb discussions that have taken place this week, this should be a fantastic expedition.

Well done X27, you really are ‘A Class Act’!

Mrs Desborough and Miss Cross

C27 Smashing Their Walkthrough English Mock

Both X27 and E27 completed their first walkthrough English Language Component 2 reading section last week. They all put in a huge amount of effort and showed maturity and resilience throughout.

We were so impressed with the positive way that they completed the work. There wasn’t a single student who didn’t give it a go.

The questions that lots of students asked showed how motivated they are to do well.

We are really proud of you! From everyone in Team English

XP Students visit New College for Spanish Taster Day

Two of our Year 10 students and one Year 8 student visited New College today to experience A Level Spanish. Students worked with current Year 12 and Year 13 students to improve their speaking skills. They talked about what their lives would be like if they lived in Spain, building on previously learnt vocabulary and grammar, and adding new language through conversation. They also looked at careers where languages can be an advantage.

C27 Expert Visit – Rev Canon Ian Smith Engages XP/East School in Sacramental Understanding

Rev Canon Ian Smith’s expert visit to XP and XP East School sparked meaningful discussions about sacraments and the church’s role in the local community. Students participated and asked respectful questions, leading to a valuable learning experience; deepening their understanding of the GCSE content.

Rev Canon Ian Smith explained that sacraments are special rituals that help us connect with God and his community. He shared personal stories that showed how sacraments bring comfort, inspiration, and strengthen his faith. XP School students listened with compassion and respect, asking interesting questions about the origin of sacraments, the church’s impact on the community, and how sacraments provide support during difficult times.

Rev Canon Ian Smith provided insightful answers, helping students better understand sacraments and appreciate the church’s compassionate role in offering guidance, support, and a sense of belonging in the community. A great morning sharing this with our C27 Ethics students!

X27 Presentation of Learning & D of E Information Evening

Dear Parents and Carers,
We are delighted to invite you to X27’s presentation of learning on Thursday, 11th May 2023 at 4:30 pm. The presentation will showcase what the students have learned during their expedition titled ‘You Give Me Fever’, which explored different historical periods and how they dealt with diseases and epidemics.
You will have the chance to experience and learn about life in the time periods that the students have studied and the diseases that ravaged the periods, such as the Black Death, the Spanish Flu, and Cholera.
This PoL will also serve as an information evening for the students’ Duke of Edinburgh expedition in June, where they will apply their skills and knowledge gained so far this year in an outdoor setting. In order to not miss any key information on this, do not miss this PoL.
The presentation will last for about an hour. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating the students’ achievements.
Yours sincerely,
X27 Crew

X27 Spanish creating posters about healthy living

This term in Spanish, X27 have been learning to talk about healthy and unhealthy habits. Students completed a formal assessment earlier in the week, and our final lesson was spending some time using Canva to create posters giving tips and advice for leading a healthy life. Really creative work from Year 9, showcasing their technical skills and their knowledge of Spanish.