New Year 9/C28 – First Week Back August 2023

🚨Update – Please can all Y9 parents complete the consent forms below by 25th August (if you haven’t already done so)- this is to allow your child to attend the Flamborough Head Hike🚨

We are excited to share our first week back plans with you for the new academic year 2023/2024.

Key documents here:

  • Medical consent form via email: This must be completed by 19th July. Should this form not be completed it may result in your child/children not attending the Flamborough Head Hike.

New Y9/C28 parents only!

  • Parent letter: Details and timing regarding the fieldwork. Including kit list and recommendations which will support the hike.

For the most part of the week, students will be based at their respective school (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday). Start and finish times will remain the same 8:30 – 15:15

  • Note Time Change: Wednesday 30th August 2023 – This is due to us embarking on our Flamborough Head Hike – 08:00 – 16:30

If you have are experiencing any difficulties in accessing this information or have any questions please contact your child’s crew leader, who will be more than happy to support you with this.

We hope you have a wonderful Summer and look forward to seeing you in the new academic year!

C24 Engineers are hard at work!

Earlier this year, the year 10 Engineering students were challenged to solve a problem which was affecting classrooms across the XP trust.  We currently have Apple TV boxes tucked behind screens in around 100 classrooms, and they need to be safely attached to a wall.  The Engineers began a process of designing and testing prototype Apple TV holders around 6 weeks ago.  They calculated the most efficient use of time and materials and last week were ready to put their theory into practice!  After some initial fails and a bit of critique, the students settled into their self chosen roles.  During this week’s session they refined the production line further, and they increased their production speed from 1 completed holder last time, to 15 in this session.  We’re hoping to ramp up production considerably and hit our target of 100 completed units by the end of the term.  The students are really motivated to be working on something that will have a positive impact on not just our school community here, but also across the trust.