Beautiful artwork in y8 Admiral

Year 8 Admiral getting to grips with drawing the human form

As part of their new expedition “Being Human” our year 8 students are grappling with some tricky subject matter; the human body. It can be a real challenge to represent people well, but 8 Admiral have been working really hard to understand how using rules of proportion can help them to draw better humans. In this session they used inspirational artwork from classic Marvel characters, the Fantastic Four to help them build on their knowledge of anatomy and proportion in the human body. Impressive!

Our sketchbooks are starting to fill up with really beautiful work. Here you can see how we’re progressing from initial studies of proportion to more complex human body shapes.

X27 Presentation of Learning 8th December 4-5pm

Finally X27 are able to show off their great work to their families in a presentation of learning. This is an opportunity for the students to show off their work and learning from their current expedition! Something we are so excited to have back at XP.

The current expedition has focused on the guiding question “what does it mean to be human?”, alongside showing their work, they will performing a speech with their answers to the guiding question!

If your child is in X27 they will be hosting a PoL on Wednesday 8th December, starting at 16:00 and finishing at 17:00

We will post a reminder closer to the event and we hope to see you all there!

X25 Presentation of Learning

Just a reminder that X25 will have their STEAM presentation of learning on Tuesday 17th.  We’ll start at 5pm and expect to finish around 6pm.  Students will be expected to stay on site between the end of school sessions at 3.15 and the start of the PoL.  They are welcome to bring snacks to keep their energy up while they prepare for the event!

We look forward to seeing you in the heart of the school on Tuesday where year 8 will teach you some Maths and take you on a walking tour of the evolutionary history of our planet!

X24 Praise Butterflies

It’s fantastic to see our X24 students working so hard during our first week back.  Praise butterflies this week were awarded to Isaac, Vinnie, Aaisha, Chris, Jaggy, Courtney, Kyra, Bella, Charlotte, Milla, Charlie and Harpreet.  Butterflies were awarded by staff and by students for consistent hard work, being kind, showing compassion and in one case – for being epic!

Well done everyone!