School Football Fixtures

This coming week we have some exciting football fixtures to look forward to with both boys and girls fixtures home and away.

Our year 11 boys start their journey in the National cup away at Astrea Woodfields and the KS3 girls team at on Maculey at home in their opening league game.

Y11 Boys V Astrea Woodfields 21/9/22- Meet at the changing rooms at 3:15pm- Pick up from XP at 5:15pm

KS3 Girls V Maculey- 22/9/22 Meet at the changing rooms at 3:15pm- Pick up from XP at 4:30pm

Both team sheets are now up on the PE notice board, if you have any questions ask see Mr Stables

Beautiful artwork in y8 Admiral

Year 8 Admiral getting to grips with drawing the human form

As part of their new expedition “Being Human” our year 8 students are grappling with some tricky subject matter; the human body. It can be a real challenge to represent people well, but 8 Admiral have been working really hard to understand how using rules of proportion can help them to draw better humans. In this session they used inspirational artwork from classic Marvel characters, the Fantastic Four to help them build on their knowledge of anatomy and proportion in the human body. Impressive!

Our sketchbooks are starting to fill up with really beautiful work. Here you can see how we’re progressing from initial studies of proportion to more complex human body shapes.

Crew Blessed up and running!

Members of Crew Blessed have made a fantastic start academically this term as well as showing great character traits.

This morning in Crew other students were celebrating how Luke had been supporting Year 7’s at lunchtimes and making sure they were involved in lunchtime activities. Well done Luke for showing great kindness – a fantastic role model!

Alana and Ben were given great feedback in HUMAN last week. The positivity just keeps flowing.

Well done everyone in Crew for making such a positive start to Year 10 – lets keep it up!

Year 11 Spanish GCSE Shared Writing

This week Year 11 have been discussing work experience in Spanish. What, where, who with, tasks involved, and routine were all considered, as well as the most important fact perhaps…did the people involved enjoy their experience and why?


X26 – Year 10 – Smashing it!

X26 have come back to school with a sterling attitude! Most students are already working hard, getting smart and being kind every single session!

This morning’s community meeting highlighted the good stuff going on – along with a few reminders from our behaviour policy. We have incredibly high expectations, because we see every day how amazing X26 are!

Take a look below at the reminders and the praises highlighted this week 🙂

Great work, guys!

Miss Cocliff x

What do our character traits look like in sessions?

Following our return from Outward Bound in Wales, Crew DPE employed the silent conversation protocol to consider the question: “what do our character traits look like in sessions?”. As we’d already opened a similar line of enquiry in Aberdovey, we were able to develop our concept of integrity, craftsmanship and quality, compassion, courage and respect, and identify where we had witnessed these traits in others amongst our Crew last week.

Rugby League World Cup

Good evening, as a school we are delighted to have the opportunity to secure tickets for our students and parents for the upcoming Rugby World Cup matches at the ECO-Power Stadium on Monday the 17th and Monday the 31st of October.

On the google form below you can fill out how many tickets you would like and the cost of each ticket. Tickets will be charged to the parent pay accounts. For those ordering ticket you will be contacted about payment from the week commencing the 19th of September.

Please note that this is not school led fieldwork. If you purchase tickets, it is your responsibility to get to and from the stadium.

Any questions please contact Mr Stables- [email protected]

If you would like a ticket please fill in the google form below,