Y11 – D6 is on this week!

Our Saturday provision, D6, is still on this week despite the staff days today and Monday!

XP East School will be open from 9:30 – 12pm! Our student coaches (ex year 11s!) are in attendance to support with revision techniques, practice questions, or any content you need support with. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to just come and use the space to study independently!

We had a good turnout of students last week who enjoyed their morning and gained lots from it.

We hope to see you here in the morning! 🙂

KS4 Badminton Finals!!

Tonight we host Rossington All Saints and Hall Cross in the KS4 Championship Finals night. Good luck to the students involved,

Can the students in the team please be picked up from XP at around 4:45

Any questions please contact Mr Stables

Crew Caldwell – a proud Crew Leader tests their integrity

As Crew Caldwell are preparing for their first Student-Led Conference, they are increasingly aware of the strength of their HOWLs and of their rates of progress and learning. This knowledge empowers them to interpret their attainment grades and become leaders of their own learning.

I decided that I would test the integrity of the assertions that they are making in Crew during the SLC preparation process. I was really pleased with, and proud of, the very high levels of engagement and productivity in art that I observed, as Crew Caldwell worked with primary, secondary and tertiary colours.

This was also reflected in a recent HUMS session that I visited.

It’s fair to say that Crew Caldwell are ready and raring to go……..!

X28 Crew Pasteur SLC Prep

Over the last two weeks, Crew Pasteur have been working hard with the groundwork for their SLCs, considering work from Term 1, and reflecting on their progress. We would like to appreciate our Year 11 Crew buddies, Crew Tomlinson, for taking time out of their own preparation time, and GCSE revision time, to support with our preparation. Mrs Earp and myself are looking forward to SLCs next week!

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Business as usual during staff day weekend. With GCSEs around the corner we have decided to still run D6 during the long weekend. Doors are open from 9am with sessions starting at 9.30 – 12pm. With refreshments provided and a relaxed but purposeful atmosphere, D6 is a great addition to Year 11’s build up to exam season. An opportunity to be supported by our Alumni who have been through the same process themselves. Having gained the opportunity to attend D6, these students are taking time from their own Post 16 journey to give back to our current students.

We have both staff and student coaches who can help in all subject areas, including study skills and the resources that students need to access on site. As part of the D6 core team I can highly recommend attending, having seen over the last 3 years, the progress made by students who regularly attend.