Crew Pasteur

Crew Pasteur have organised the lost property we will be doing this every 2 weeks for our DOE if you see anything in the photo that is yours please pick it up from XP Office

Thank you  

Parent Update 19.9.23

Car Park 3

We are aware that Eco Power Stadium have changed the parking system in car park 3, we have seen that they have added payable QR codes to the lampposts around the carpark, you do not need to pay for this parking. We have been reassured that the database we hold with the previous car parking company can easily be transferred over and no one should receive fines for not paying the new charges. If this becomes an issue please liaise with the school offices. We are navigating this change with you so please allow us time to resolve any issues if they do arise.  

Year 10 & 11 Post 16 Evening

We are delighted to invite our C26 and C27 parents  and students to a Post 16 event at XP East. C26 & C27 parents and students are invited to an evening on Wednesday 8th November 4.30 – 6pm. It is an expectation that all year 11 students will attend and a representative from home, for year 10 this is an excellent opportunity to gather information about what Post 16 opportunities are available in the local area. Follow this link to sign up for the event.

New Friends of XP and XPE

We’re looking for parents to join our New FXP group and support with fundraising, events and activities which will benefit our whole school community. For further information or to express your interest please complete the form below.

Special Visitor

We are absolutely delighted to host Ron Berger in our schools on Monday and Tuesday next week. He will be working with staff and students around the powerful work of EL Education, Ron is a friend of our trust and was monumental in the set-up of XP School (almost ten years ago!) 

Staff days

A reminder staff days are Friday 22nd and Monday 25th September. The school calendar can be found on the school website with holidays and staff dates outlined. 

Locker Keys

All Y7 students and students without lockers will now be able to purchase a locker key. Please see the email from the school office (this should be with you today) for more details. 

KS4 are SMASHING it!!!!

We had the opportunity to hold a Y10 & Y11 community meeting this morning to celebrate all the amazing stuff going on in each year group!

Take a look at the sheer amount of praise postcards from staff for our wonderful Key Stage 4 students. They shared their notices, praises and wonders; and also their own apologies, appreciations and stands.

Some awesome work going on at this point – keep being amazing!!!

Miss Cocliff x

Sharing our Stories: 15/09/2023

Beautiful Work This Week!

Family Learning at Carcroft!

Staff Crew at Plover: We are Artists with Joyce Dickinson

Beautiful Curation at XP Gateshead

Top of the Blogs

Star Reader Breakfast @ Carcroft School

Weekly update for families @ XP Gateshead

Handwriting Superstars @ Plover

Garden Restoration Complete! @ Norton Juniors

Impressive home learning @ Green Top

What is Crew? @ Norton Infants

What a week in Crew MCO/CMO@ XP

Crew Malala getting creative with pledges! @ XP East

What a week in Crew MCO/CMO!

We know, our crew name is a mouthful at the minute!!! But let us tell you a little bit about our week…

Mindful Monday was an odd one this week. We welcomed 3 visitors in to crew – Miss Carr, Miss Warwick and Miss Cope all work at XP already, but came to check out how we do crew! So we HAD to do something a little out of our comfort zones….

After discussing mindfulness and what that meant, and creating a list of mindful activities we could do as a crew, it was time for…… YOGA! It was Mindful Monday, after all! We each attempted 3 yoga poses, along with following a relaxing breathing program, to start our morning in a really chilled way. Check out crew attempting the ‘child’ pose!

It turns out some of crew didn’t love yoga as much as others – and during our debrief, shared that it made them feel ‘uncomfortable’, ‘silly’, ‘hurt (from the stretches!)’ – whilst others felt ‘calm’, ‘relaxed’, and ‘zen’! We’re super proud of everyone for giving it a go, though!

On Tuesday, we began looking at what qualities we feel our crew already has; kindness, respect, care… and we started to look at what our crew name could be. Watch this space!

This morning, we started to talk about pledges. We identified our strongest character traits, and ones we feel we need to work on this term. It’s brilliant to hear, though, that compassion and respect are what we’re already good at! Shout out to Lewis, too, for identifying other crew members’ strengths, and giving some beautiful examples of where he’s seen them demonstrated! THAT’S crew!

We are extremely proud of how our wonderful humans are conducting themselves around school. We can’t wait to share more of their brilliant work with you!

Miss Cocliff & Mr Morrison x


I’ve had the pleasure of spending a little more time in sessions this week with Y10 & Y11 – and I’ve seen some absolutely phenomenal work from X26 & X27!

X26 have had an amazing week across all sessions. Admiral smashed it out of the park in Miss Buckley’s English session – some incredible contributions from Max, and who knew Kolby could analyse poetry in so much detail?! Skipper have been brilliant this week too, especially in history – I’m hearing SO many positive comments about Y11 and their hard work!

We’ve launched Learning Labs this week, too – attendance at this has blown us away – I think for English, 80/100 students attended. These run on a 5 week cycle, so every session will help Y11 to get smart and achieve their potential. AMAZING!

In science this week, you could hear a pin drop as X27 Skipper focused so much with Mr Morrison on the work they were completing about atomic structure – not an easy topic – but every single student in there showed incredible respect – for each other and their learning environment! A special shout out this week to Noah, Billy and Nadia B – who have been absolutely brilliant in EVERY. SINGLE. SESSION. Keep it up!

With so much fantastic work going on, it’s no wonder X26 have earned a collective 226 praise points this term… but X27 are racing ahead with a collective 561 praise points. WOW!!!!

Keep showing everyone how wonderful we really are in Y10 & 11!!!

Miss Cocliff x

Crew RPU working hard!

This week crew have been extremely busy!

On mindful Monday crew discussed their weekend highlights, sharing stories about all the amazing things they had been up too.

On Tuesday we began our crew book called ‘Kits Wilderness’ which ties in well with with their current expedition. Every member of crew read which showed tremendous courage.

On Thursday crew looked at praise and conduct (big shout to Alfie who has the highest praise points in crew) and crew made pledges to be placed on our crew wall so we can hold each other to account.

Pledges ranged from working on managing our distractions and contributing more in session.

Crew have made an amazing start to year 7!

Well done.

Keep it up!

Mrs Pulham and Mr Booth