C27 Fieldwork to Shrewsbury

Year 8 across both XP and XPE will be attending fieldwork to Shrewsbury Prison. This is an opportunity for them to get inside a prison and experience what life would be like. Shrewsbury is a Victorian prison which is now used as a museum and is no longer a working prison.
We will be leaving school at 7:30 on Thursday 30th June. Please can students arrive no later than 7:30. We aim to arrive back at school between 3:30-4 traffic pending.

Women’s European Championship Fieldwork

We are pleased to announce that we have a limited number of tickets for a fantastic match in the upcoming European Championship at Rotherham United’s New York Stadium.

Due to the limited number of tickets available we are hosting a ballot to decide which students will be going; students are to fill in the google form provided by the crew leader to enter with the deadline for this being the 28th June. The results of the ballot will be announced in the community meeting on the 1st July.

The date for the match is the 14th July with students selected leaving at 6:00pm and should be returning around 11:00pm.

The total cost for the trip is £30, which covers the cost of the ticket and the travel to the game.

Any questions please contact Mr Stables- [email protected]

Hardworking Historians

Today Miss Hanam is guiding X28 skipper. They are hard at work using sources to piece together the Spanish conquests of the Aztecs. By the end of the session our students will further understand “How did Hernando Cortes and his 600 men conquer the Aztec Emipre of millions of people?”

Crew Blessed Cracking On!

It’s been a busy start to this half term for Crew Blessed with expeditions in full flow and final products / Presentation of Learnings firmly in everyone’s mind.

Future Year 7’s (current Year 6’s) have been having a look around their new school over the last few weeks and our students have been leading the tours. Kolby did an amazing job as an ambassador, explaining what we do and how we do it.

Great job Kolby!

It is also a really busy time for fieldwork, supporting the expedition learning. Students were having a final briefing this morning before setting off to Derbyshire.

There’s no slowing down because of the heat for Crew Blessed. Full steam ahead towards the end of this expedition and this school year! Keep up the great work Crew!

Madrid 2022 – PCR test reminder!

We’d like to remind parents and carers of students on the Madrid visit that from 12.45 p.m. TODAY onwards any participants that have not received two Covid-19 vaccinations must take a PCR test and report the result to school, in order to meet the entry requirements of the Spanish authorities. A further reminder that our group travel insurance policy does not cover students against the possibility of their inability to travel due to returning a positive result, and so parents of unvaccinated students are advised to take out their own separate travel policy to protect any payments made in this eventuality.

Students who have received two Covid-19 vaccinations are required to provide proof of this to school please. The easiest way to do so would be to e-mail proof (screen shots of the NHS app etc) to: [email protected]

Please keep checking for further updates and reminders. Thank you.

Crew Darling hits the fields!

Crew Darling, a wild adventure..

On Friday afternoon, Crew Darling embarked on a walk to the Lake. This was a reward for their fantastic improvement in their HOWLS this term!

This adventure involved football, refreshing water fights and hill top chats, with a lovely debrief at the end. Followed by a community meeting.  Crew really enjoyed this and clearly immersed themselves with the outside world! So much so, they wanted to document their journey in this blog post!

They were also joined by the lovely, Crew Southgate.

Blog post written by Crew Darling

(Leo is cool, Poppy has a pug, Mr Froginton, Daisy, Holly doesnt know, Anonymous Charlie, Olivia, Analeigh Pog, Logan, Joel doesnt know, Junior with all the animals, and Leighton).


X26 Peak District Fieldwork Update – 21st June

XP East had an absolutely brilliant day on fieldwork on Friday – the only downside was all the traffic we got stuck in on the way home!

In light of this, please be prepared that XP may be back tomorrow at a later time, around 4pm, depending on traffic.  We will provide opportunities for students to message home to keep you updated on our travel progress

Also, a quick reminder to make sure students are prepared for the weather – and refer to the kit list for what they need to bring.

Thank you

Beautiful Sportsmanship in X28!

I was lucky enough to join X28 in some PE this afternoon for some sunshine – and some Premier League quality skills! Super shout outs to Nima, Dani, Sam and Shay! Excellent work!!!  (it’s a shame the same can’t be said for Mr Currie’s skills!!!)

Thanks for a lovely afternoon and lots of respect, compassion and integrity!

Miss Cocliff x

Bake Sale Success Crew Stan Lee


Congratulations Crew Stan Lee on a successful bake sale last week! We raised a huge £65 for our chosen charity the RSPCA.

This will enable us to buy lots of treats and toys.

I would like to give a huge shout out to Millie in our crew who baked some absolutely delicious delights, they were a huge hit with staff and students! Millie should be extremely proud of her baking achievements.

Well done crew.