We are actively looking for a:

  • Learning Coach (Teaching Assistant)

We will consider ANY LEVEL of experience as there are a number of vacancies available. Any experience of the following would be advantageous for some of the vacancies:

  • To promote inclusion and acceptance of all learners in the classroom.
  • To work as part of a Learning Expedition team in supporting and including students with learning difficulties/disabilities, such as autism, in mainstream classes.
  • To help with planning, delivering and implementation of work programmes to individuals, groups and classes of learners under the direction and supervision of Expedition staff.
  • To take into account a students’ special needs and ensure their access to a lesson and its content through appropriate clarification, explanations, equipment and materials.

Deadline for applications of all posts are 12 noon, Monday 21st October.

Interviews will take place on Tuesday 5th November.

The start date is negotiable.

To access the application form and to find out more about our recruitment process click here.

Our First XP Term!

Crew MRO celebrating our first XP Term! WOW what a first term it has been!! Well done Crew, you have set the bar very high and we will work together to maintain our high standards for the rest of the year.

Now for a little rest… and then let’s do it all again!

The following students have been selected to represent the school at a 6-aside football tournament hosted by Rossington All Saints on the Thursday 7th November. Students must bring their own boots, socks, shin-pads, shorts and warm top. School will provide the shirt. We will travel there by mini-bus straight from school. Students need to please let me know of their availability on the first Monday back.

Year 7

Ben B
Lynden B
Harrison P
William L
Danny D
Arjun D
Sam F

Year 8

Riley C
Declan R
Ben W
Alfie L
Andrew H
Ricki T
Harley A
Frankie M
Kyle SJ

Girls PE Leadership in Sport

In PE over this term the girls have been delivering warm ups to the group on Football and Netball. There have been some fantastic sessions delivered and we have some amazing leaders of the future. Keep it up Girls#Leaders of the future.








X26 1st Draft Presentations…

The last-minute lunchtime rehearsals paid off for these two groups, with some really solid first draft presentations in Music yesterday. They can now build on this strong start, developing their confidence and quality.

Courage played a big part in this first step towards their Presentations of Learning later this year.

Earhart’s ‘Crew Breakfast’:

This morning in crew we had a ‘family style’ cooked breakfast eating bacon butties (veggie option was Quorn sausage sarnies), a brew and a chat over the morning’s newspaper.

It was a fab experience where crew focused on their character traits and HOWLS by putting them into practice during the session.

Jobs were shared out into small groups some cooking, some making drinks and some choosing the topic for discussion. The crew worked really well together producing a yummy breakfast.

Once the food was ready we all sat down together to eat and discuss the chosen topic, which was the recent racist problems during a high profile sporting event. Everyone in crew contributed to the discussion including Mr Voltaire and Mr Sprakes who seemed to have been hovering around all morning… I wonder why?!

Lost Property

Good afternoon.  All lost property that has been collected by both XP and XP East will be available for all students to go and have a look to see if anything belongs to them. It will be in XP East in the Drama space from tomorrow. Please encourage your child to have a quick look as we have collected a large volume in just 1 term. Many thanks. XP Office

As testament to all the hard work and dedication put in by all members past and present, FXP has become so big that we now need to register as a charity and adopt a formal PTA structure.

As part of this we need to hold a formal AGM and elect members to the positions of secretary and treasurer.

We invite all parents, carers, guardians and staff who have a vested interest in FXP to attend.

The posts of Secretary and Treasurer are open to all parties with a vested interest in FXP and anyone who wishes to stand for these positions is invited to notify the chair by email (fxp@xpschool.org) no later than 24:00 on October the 23rd 2019.

The format of the AGM will follow a best practice format and an agenda will be published in due course.

The Chair will be available from 17:00 on the day of the meeting, at XP East should anyone have any questions or items they wish to discuss.