Follow up to Work experience launch C25 (Year 11)

Thank you to everone that attended the work experience launch. Following on from the launch, please find:

The Queen’s Funeral and upcoming Staff Days

The official date of the State Funeral for The Queen is Monday 19 September 2022.

This day will be a Bank Holiday and settings that are normally closed on a Bank Holiday should close on this day as a mark of respect. Therefore School will be closed to staff and children on this day.

Please be reminded that School will also be closed for the upcoming Staff Days
Friday 23rd September and Monday 26th September.
Thank you for your continued support.

Parent Governors

As part of our continued school improvement work we are looking for parent governors to join our local governing committee. As a parent governor you will be expected to attend 3 meetings at 8am or 3pm each year (1 per term) and also conduct a governor visit each term (1-3 hours per visit). Parent governors will be given support to complete their duties in terms of training and guidance.

If you are interested in joining XP and XPE LGC please email Mrs Salter to express your interest by Friday 16th September at 3pm.

Please note: If we are overwhelmed with expressions of interest we will have to run a selection process. Thanks for your continued support

Mrs Claira Salter



We have started to read our anchor text ’Lord of the Flies’ in our HUMAN sessions. All the classes have been very interested in the use of the conch shell and how the boys in the story established leadership. As students have been so engaged in this text the work that has been produced so far is excellent. Below are a few examples of some excellent quality and craftsmanship, although we could have probably photographed every book in the class!


Incredible engagement and quality and craftsmanship shown again in HUMS this week.

We have spent several HUMS sessions this week analysing the poem ’Where Are The Good People?’. Everyone produced some superb annotations and thought carefully about the overall message of the poem and why different language devices were used.

Well done everyone, keep this up!

Getting smart(er) in our history learning labs

Absolutely fantastic turnout at tonight’s after-school history revision sessions. Great to see Y11 so committed to their learning and already thinking ahead to GCSEs. Creating good study habits now is absolutely crucial.

Here’s the full timetable of learning labs/revision sessions.

Our Saturday morning revision session – D6 – will be back up and running after the October half-term. This will be open to Y10 and Y11.

Mrs Parker

Girls Football Fixture

Good morning,

The KS3 girls football match will finish around 4:30pm, please can parents pick their students up at the rovers car park. Parents are welcome to come and watch, kick off will be 3:45.

Many thanks

Mr Stables

PE extra curricular changes

Please see the changes to the PE extra curricular timetable. This will run until October half term.

Monday- Netball and Basketball alternative weeks 

Wednesday -Year 9,10,11 girls and boys football

Thursday- Year 7 and 8 girls and boys football

X26 Year 10 Spanish KWL

This week Year 10 have been describing a visit to Barcelona in the past. They have considered the Top 10 of attractions, and discussed the best and worst bits. Here they are completing a KWL protocol on a text based on a Segway tour in Barcelona.

Just Keep Swimming!

In the PE department we are always excited to hear about how well our students are doing in sport outside of school, so when Olivia Shaw of E26 explained to us that she had a swimming competition last week we all waiting eagerly to hear how she got on.

Not only did Liv do us all incredibly proud just by competing but she also come home with some trophies and personal best times!!

200m Individual Medley = Bronze

200m Backstroke = Bronze

200m Breaststroke = Silver

200m Frontcrawl = Silver

200m Butterfly = Gold

All of these events Olivia completed in personal best times! we are all very proud and look forward to hearing of more success.

Mr Stables and Team PE

Superstar Swimmer

Rugby League World Cup Tickets

Good morning, as posted last week the school has a brilliant opportunity to purchase a number of tickets for the upcoming Rugby League World Cup matches at Doncaster’s ECO-Power Stadium.

The fixtures available are:

France V Greece- Monday 17th October 2022- Kick off 7:30pm

Papua New Guinea V Wales 31st October 2022- Kick off 7:30pm 

The deadline for ordering tickets it 5PM this Thursday the 22nd of September.

People who have purchased tickets will be contacted next week with further information.

Any questions please contact Mr Stables

Please fill in this from to purchase tickets for the upcoming games-

Historians in the making!

Our students in Y10 have been working extremely hard in their History sessions over the past two weeks. We have been learning about different aspects of Viking life in their homelands of Scandinavia, from the food they ate, the houses they lived in and how their social structure impacted their everyday life.

I have been really impressed with their work ethic and contributions to classroom discussion around which aspect of everyday life was the most significant to the survival to Viking society and culture. Here are some snapshots of X26 Admiral working hard and some of the beautiful work produced by X26 Skipper.

Next week, Y10 will be working hard completing their enquiry in to Viking life in the homelands and planning their first formal assessment on the Vikings. If they continue this level of concentration and continue to graft, I am sure they will be very successful and proud of their achievements.

Keep up the great work Y10!