UPDATE: As of Sunday 6th September 5pm we have not had any member of our community test positive for Covid-19.

The following was posted on Friday 4th September:

I wanted to update our community on the recent school reopening procedures, and outline the specifics for what parents should do if their child or anyone in their household has any Covid-19 symptoms.

We really appreciate the positive feedback that we have received concerning the website that we created to support parents through the reopening process. As you will have seen, the videos explain the extensive measures that we have put into place concerning entry into the school environment, building, classrooms arranged into zones, split breaks / lunches etc.

As Principal of both XP and XP East, I have been absolutely delighted with the mature and focused approach from all of our students. To say their behaviour has been outstanding would honestly be an understatement. As we progress throughout the weeks and terms ahead we will need to maintain this level of conduct, and I know that we will be able to count on parents to support us as we continue to navigate any potential challenges that lie ahead.

Remember, if students show the following symptoms parents must ensure that they are tested:

  • A new, continuous cough (where you cough a lot for more than an hour, or have three or more coughing episodes in 24 hours)
  • Fever – where your temperature is above 37.8C
  • Loss of smell or taste

In addition, the table below includes specific details about what to do regarding a range of different scenarios for anyone else in their household (for instance, the Mother of a child that goes to XP).

X26 Admiral Spanish Getting Smart

This week Year 8 have been describing their friends, using masculine and feminine adjectives. It was fantastic today to see them drafting on whiteboards, and producing beautiful writing in their books. Appreciations go to Cain for grappling with the idea of adjectives and nouns, Lucy for explaining masculine and feminine, and Reuben for describing his Disney character!

What does a Thoughtful Thursday look like in Crew Earhart…

This week in our Thoughtful Thursday crew session we focused on supporting each other to get on top of our academic work. Some students decided they wanted to work on revising for their test in History by studying the rise of Hitler, whilst others used this time to do additional work for Common Mission.

I was really impressed with Crew Earhart’s focus during this session. Well done to Bobby who also wrote a superb essay on how Hilter gained power in 1933.


Crew Macmillan: Spotlight

This week has been really successful for Crew Macmillan!

Crew have, once again, worked really hard in crew and in sessions, and have received tonnes of praise from staff! See some examples below:

Miss Johnson: Ricki & others in his group: “brilliant team effort on their work around ACC plot. Worked together well as a team and proved me and RJO wrong!”

Miss Taylor: Alfie, Milo, Ricki & Charlie: “Worked hard, created lovely paintings!”

Miss Johnson:  All of Crew Mac! “Fantastic start to English GCSE. Focused and keen to get on. Brilliant HoWLS- Well done! Keep it up!”

Mrs Sprakes: Alfie – Detailed responses in writing, well done.”

Mrs Batty: Vinnie –Excellent recall of knowledge in quick fire test

I absolutely love reading through the praise entries for crew and seeing how excellent you guys really are in sessions!

This week we also focused both Wise Wednesdays and Thoughtful Thursdays on some revision materials – we know that in Y10&11, we need to be organised and consistent with revision.

So far, we’ve looked at Procrastination (and the dangers of it – we learned that Crew don’t like tidying bedrooms, or adding pots to the dishwasher!!) – then we’ve seen what makes an effective flashcard, and put that into practice in preparation for a history assessment.

Members of crew were focused and engaged, which resulted in some beautiful examples of flashcards created, and some brilliant teamwork in Crew Macmillan.




















Keep up the brilliant work guys!

Miss C x

I paid a visit to see X26 Skipper in one of their HUMS session with Miss Ibbotson and I was blown away by what I saw and heard .
Students were discussing State vs Church within the context of the medieval period.
The room was buzzing. Students had been studying the murder of Thomas Beckett and were debating why this event supported their argument that the church was more powerful than the state during the medieval period.
Keep up the hard work everyone!

VCERT, Creating a Knee Joint

Well done to X23 for a positive start to VCERT PE. Yesterday we studied the knee joint and to enhance our learning we recreated the knee joint using plasticine. So many exciting ways to learn and prepare for our GCSE exams



X24 Spanish Get Smart

This week X24 have been looking at the present tense, reviewing what they already know, and building on their knowledge using devices. The activities on the website we use certainly kept them focused. Great work X24!

An exciting new start for everyone!!

What a whirlwind of a start to XP!!

I can honestly say that my mind has been blown over the last two weeks….. My first day of teaching at XP after moving from another school I met my crew – and we had the MOST fun filled and wonderful first few days as an excellent introduction to our new school!

We built spaghetti towers, talked about compassion, character traits and about how we felt about our places in the world. We played ‘Splat!’, did some fact finding about each other and generally had a brilliant time having real conversations as well as fun.

I’m super excited to be getting to know all of my new crew members over the coming five years – and we’ve already gotten to a brilliant start! We’ve played some great games over the first few days, and every day our crew sessions help us to learn more about and create connections with each other. We have a brilliant range of skills and personalities in our crew and I’m eagerly awaiting our discussions over the next term to come up with an inspiring name that suits us as people.

I’ve never worked at such a place as XP. I feel excited and proud to be able to be a part of such an incredibly unique and compassionate school. XP is a place where you can be unashamedly yourself.

I can’t wait to meet all of the parents of my crew… who we will call Crew KTA for now. But not for long…… Watch this space 🙂