X25/E25 Field Work Wednesday 9th June

We are finally allowed to go on fieldwork!

This expedition we have been studying Nazi Germany and have read our anchor text, Number The Stars, about the Nazi occupation of Denmark and how Danish Jews were smuggled to safety from Denmark to Sweden.  However, many European Jews were victims of the Holocaust. For our fireldwork, we are attending the National Holocaust Centre in Newark. As well as speaking to experts and looking at the exhibitions, we will also hopefully be priveleged enough to receive a talk by a Holocaust survivor.

Students will need to arrive at school at the normal time and attend Crew to be registered. We advise students to dress appropriately should there be unpleasant weather, when travelling to and from the coaches.  Students will also need a packed lunch and sufficient water for the day. Please don’t pack any products containing nuts in packed lunches as we are a nut-free school! The journey to and from Newark is only expected to take around 40-60 minutes, so snacks and drinks without lids are not permitted on the coaches.

We aim to arrive back at school at around 3.15pm, however due to the unpredictability of traffic, we may be slightly later than 3.15pm.

The National Holocaust Centre and Museum - Visit Nottinghamshire


Hi All!


Well, we have covered a lot since our last post. During the last couple of weeks we have been delving in to mental health, especially with the recent mental health week. Looking at outside factors and how that can have a real impact on us and how we can take control of the situation, recognising that we always have a choice and do the right thing! this topic has sparked many really interesting conversations which i have been really privileged to be part of.

We have looked at it from; what we consume and how we consume – to – respecting our environment, ourselves and others.

We’ve also discussed times when we have got angry or upset about a situation, how we have acted and what the consequences of that were. this discussion was really POWERFUL and saw our crew really open up to each other and begin to truly trust and understand what crew really means. It was a very heartwarming moment i can tell you…#goosebumpsmoment

Riley produced some beautiful thoughtful work during a recent art class he was really proud of it, so much so he voluntarily came in during his break to try and get it finished! Now thats commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Well done!!

Alongside participating in our classes more respectfully by using our voices at the appropriate time as well as using hand signal protocols to respect our teachers and fellow classmates.

Times table Rock stars battle – last few hours can we get to the top? Lidija was smashing it out of the park!

We have also taken time to respect our immediate community by litter picking. We found some interesting bits and bobs, some a little more disgusting than others. it really made us think about how we treat the environment we spend our time in and how others feel about the environment they spend their time in.

Great work Crew Tubman, you really are getting to grips with what

We Are Crew

really means…

— R.E.S.P.E.C.T – find out what it means to me!

X23 Leavers Celebration ! X

We will be holding the year 11 leavers party on Friday 11th June at 3.30pm straight after their final community meeting.

Please remind your son / daughter to bring £5 to school this week for their ticket.

There will be a mobile wood fired pizza oven on site cooking food, a 70m inflatable obstacle course, disco & Karaoke with live performances from some of our very own talented year 11’s!

Students can be collected at 6.15pm as we would like all students to help clear up at the end as a final crew degunge.

Many thanks


X27 Fieldwork

I am really pleased to write that we are going to be taking X27 on Fieldwork this Monday ( 17th May) and Tuesday (18th May) to Sandall Beat wood as part of our expedition No one is too small to make a difference.

Admiral will be going on Monday and Skipper will be going on Tuesday.  We will leave school at 9.30 am by coach and be back in school for 1.15 pm.

Students are advised to wear warm clothing as we will be outside, bring a waterproof coat ( especially on Monday as unfortunately, it is going to rain most of the morning!), old trainers/wellies/walking boots and a warm hat.  If students have waterproof trousers they are advised to put them in their bag.

Students will need to bring a packed lunch (unless on Free School Meals where one will be provided) and a drink.

For Skipper, students are advised to bring a change of clothes for PE which is their session in the afternoon and another pair of trainers.


D6 – Open to year 10, 11 and Post 16

Penultimate opportunity for X23 students to attend D6 this week. Thanks to all students who have attended and a massive thanks to our year 13 Student Coaches who are returning every Saturday to support those who attend.

For year 10 students, this week will be a fantastic revision opportunity with students who have already completed their Science GCSEs and know how to break down exam questions.

We are seeing improvement in students participating in D6, not only in the subject they’re getting help with but also doing better in other subjects.

So whether it’s a particular subject, exam techniques or revision strategies, our Coaches are here to help. Saturday 9am – 12:30pm

X22 PROM Cancelled

Due to the restricted numbers for gatherings, it was unfortunate that the situation of the Covid pandemic we had to call off the X22 PROM, it had previously been arranged for June 2020. Now we are one year on and the situation is still no better for a large cohort gathering for a PROM celebration to be held.  A large number of X22 students have expressed that the PROM should now, not go ahead.  Due to this, those that have paid the £15 deposit are requested to claim this back or donate the money to FXP for future funds. Please contact myself at nmawby@xpschool.org or Mrs Burns at kburns@xpschool.org. We have the list of names of those who have paid and would like to reimburse the money as soon as possible, either through cash collection from school or bank transfer. Any monies not collected by the end of the academic year will be donated to the XP Futures Fund

Thank you.

Please note that on the last day of this term, Friday 21st May 2021, the school will be closing for all students at 1:30pm after Crew. This is for staff to prepare for the new term. There will not be any provision for students to stay after this time so all students need to be collected or have left the school.

Many thanks

XP Office

Students in Year 10 have their Science mock papers on the afternoons of Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th May.

We have started revision in class and each student has been asked to join a group in Seneca where they can work through some revision activities.

The papers will be on the areas of study from their expeditions this year.

Paper 1: Monday 17th May PM – Communicable and non-communicable diseases

Paper 2: Tuesday 18th May PM – Magnetism and electromagnetism, hydrocarbons, electricity and alternative energy sources.

Information on effective revision in Science can be found here.

Students have access to a digital textbook through Kerboodle. There are some hard copies of textbooks which we can loan out if students prefer. They can get those from me.

C24 Spanish Mock Exams: Additional Information

Recently our C24 GCSE Spanish group has been preparing for the forthcoming mock exams in speaking and writing. As our students were routinely exposed to the format and content of the role play and photo card tasks in sessions throughout year 9, they are already accustomed to their rubrics and are aware of the need to respond spontaneously to unexpected and unpredictable elements. This year we have additionally practised the general conversation task, that requires students to develop and extend their answers to a series of questions based on a general theme.


In terms of the Foundation Tier writing exam, our students are required to describe a photo in Spanish, write a 40 word paragraph using 4 bullet point prompts, translate 5 short sentences into Spanish and respond in writing to one of two 90 word tasks, again to the four bullet points that are provided. Each week since September, one of these tasks has been the focus of a full session, so that students have become familiar with what is required, and practised with a rubric according to exam criteria.


Our students will undoubtedly find these mock exams challenging, as opportunities for meaningful spoken interaction with others have been limited by the confines of distance learning, whilst retention and spontaneous recall of key grammar and vocabulary used in written Spanish has not been practised with anything like the regularity of previous years. However, we are confident that our students will continue the revision and preparation started in school over the last three weeks at home, and be well prepared for the two Spanish exams.


It would be fantastic if parents and carers could support during this time, even if it’s something as simple as listening to your son / daughter saying their General Conversation (either on School or Holidays.) As we said in class, students are completely in control of this part of the speaking exam. Please encourage them to spend time on this, along with drilling of verbs in the three main tenses (preterite, present and near future). Again, as we said in class, revision should be “little and often”, to help embed this current learning into long term memory. 


Finally, thank you for your support during this period; please do not hesitate to contact me at school should you wish to discuss any of the above further.


Year 8 and Year 9 HPV Vaccine 6th May

The vaccine nurses are in school tomorrow for those students (boys and girls) who have consented in Year 8 (1st dose) and Year 9 (2nd dose) for the HPV Vaccine. Thank you to all those parents who have been prompt in filling the form in and sending it off to RDASH.