XP and XP East meet with Rav from ‘A little History of the Sikhs’

As part of our expedition Do your bit! students have been learning about the role of propaganda in WW1 and how people from across the British Empire answered the ‘call to arms’. We welcomed Rav Singh, the founder of ‘A little History of the Sikhs’, to XP. Rav spoke us about the role of Sikhi soldiers in WW1, how soldiers carried out their beliefs and practices on the battlefield and helped us to understand the experience of Sikhi soldiers. https://alittlehistoryofthesikhs.org/

As we work towards answering our HUMAN expedition exploring the guiding question: ‘Why do we need to honour all those who made sacrifices during WWI?’

A big thank you to Rav for taking time to speak to us.

X27 Embracing English Immersion

This week X27 have started their second English slice expedition in year 10. We have focused on immersion all week. This has included a gallery walk about the Titanic and conditions in the country in from the 1900s to the 1980s, a session about the cost of living and budgeting and the class system in the historically and today.

This. expedition slice will focus on another key text that the students will analyse as part of their English Literature GCSE. Judging by the focus, engagement and superb discussions that have taken place this week, this should be a fantastic expedition.

Well done X27, you really are ‘A Class Act’!

Mrs Desborough and Miss Cross

X30 getting into Spanish

Year 7 are learning to talk about themselves in Spanish this term. They have learned to say “My name is…” and “I live in…” and to count to 15 so they can say their age. They did their first J.O.L.T. (Jump On Learning Targets), going back to their work and improving it by acting on feedback. It’s their first attempt at beautiful work and they are off to a great start!

X29 Presentation of Learning

The X29 Year 7 Spanish presentation of learning will take place on Tuesday 18th July starting at 4:00 pm and finishing at 5:00 pm. The students will presenting work from their Spanish expedition “¿Te alegras de ser tú?” (Are you happy being you?). During this expedition the students have learned how to talk about themselves, their local area, their families and friends, and their life at school. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear X29 show off their impressive Spanish skills!

Students will be expected to stay on site until the presentation starts, and parents and carers should enter and sign in via the student entrance. The presentation will be held in the heart of XP school.

X28 – POL Rehearsal and Assessment Fixing!

Year 8 Students have been working incredibly hard this week. After receiving assessment feedback, all of X28 has had the opportunity to improve their history assessments by responding to critique and improving their work. To finish their week, year 8 have started full rehearsals for their Macbeth production. Have a look at their awesome work! Amazing, hard work across all of year 8!