C28 Working Hard and Getting Smart in HUMS

C28 have spent several HUMS lessons this week learning about the life of and impact of Malcolm X. We have compared his life and ideas to that of Martin Luther King. Students are really grappling with the complexity of Malcolm X’s ‘Ballot or Bullet’ speech. They have really developed their analysis skills, pulling meaning from the text and considering how and why a range of language techniques have been used. Great work on a very sensitive and complex topic. We are really starting to see what it means to be human!

Superb focus and engagement
Some excellent exit tickets showing knowledge and links across the expedition.

Being Human C28

In our expedition ‘Being Human’, students are looking at illustrative medical drawings and focussing on proportions. View finders are used and students are recording as much detail as possible. They are doing this by enlarging the section: using both pencil and fine liner. There is some stunning work being produced!

X28 Presentation of Learning

On Tuesday the 19th of July, Year 7 XP students would like to invite you to their Presentation of Learning. This presentation is the final one for year 7 until their next one in year 8! It is a great opportunity to see all the learning your child has done during their expedition “What a Wonderful World”. This will start at 4pm and last until approximately 5pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

Crew EWI starting 2022!

What an amazing start to the week Crew EWI has had! Everyone has come back eager to start new expeditions and the crew spirit is just as strong as it was before Christmas. We started our week revisiting our crew norms and starting our new book.. Private Peaceful.

Here are some pictures of Crew working hard and grappling with our new text!

C28 Crew JEL – Making Play-doh

Thanks to Ash, Kate and Milla for planning an excellent crew session with Crew JEL. We had a lot of fun following the recipe making Play-doh. We managed to do it without getting too much Play-doh all over the floor and the students made some interesting objects from it. We all had a great time.