C27 Smashing Their Walkthrough English Mock

Both X27 and E27 completed their first walkthrough English Language Component 2 reading section last week. They all put in a huge amount of effort and showed maturity and resilience throughout.

We were so impressed with the positive way that they completed the work. There wasn’t a single student who didn’t give it a go.

The questions that lots of students asked showed how motivated they are to do well.

We are really proud of you! From everyone in Team English

C26 Loving Learning Labs!

The whole English team would like to appreciate all the C26 students who attended the Learning Lab tonight. Nearly every student across both schools attended and they were all fully engaged in some superb poetry revision.

This commitment and effort will pay off in the long run. Remember this is a marathon and not a sprint. Think of these session as a key part of your training.

It has been wonderful to hear students discussing exam technique, the alternative meanings of some of the quotes and considering complex poetic techniques such as iambic pentameter, free verse and colloquial language.

Thanks so much guys, you made Mrs Desborough’s day!

Reading Challenge for February

To encourage our students to push themselves to read more and with greater regularity Mrs Desborough is setting a reading challenge for February.

Students are being challenged to read three or more books in February. Once students have finished a book they need to write a three sentence summary and give the book a rating out of five or ten. This then needs passing to or emailing to Mrs Desborough.

There are prizes and rewards to win so get reading!

Mrs Desborough is also starting a book club. She has sourced a range of critically acclaimed books which she is recommending to students. They will be on a book shelf in A10.

Students who want to be involved and borrow a book need to contact Mrs Desborough.

Happy Reading!

E26 Working Hard and Getting Smart in English

X26 spent time on Friday learning about what to expect in an English Language GCSE exam. Pupils have been focussing on English Literature skills recently, so this was a great opportunity to revisit some of the work on non-fiction from before Christmas. 

As this was a Component 2 Reading Section walk through mock, pupils initially had to read one text and find key pieces of information quickly. Some pupils find it stressful to work to a tightly controlled time limit so this was a valuable experience to get a real idea of how the timings will work in their GCSEs. 

Next, pupils conducted close reading and analysis to find examples of how the writer presented snow positively. Many pupils were pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of writing their responses using the scaffolding provided by the teacher. It was great to hear so many pupils asking how to access the highest marks and the top bands. Many were trying to find nine or more quotations to use in their answer, despite only having fifteen minutes to write it! 

Well done to X26, your effort and focus on this task were a credit to you. Both Mrs Desborough and Mrs Cross are very proud of you!