Extended Art Learning Labs for y11

On Tuesday 16th April we’ll have our final Art learning lab before the GCSE Art exam the following week. As it’s the last chance before the exam for students to get some extra time in, we’ll be running an extended session running from 3.30 until 5.30pm. To keep everyone energised and working we’ll have a selection of food and snacks for students who attend.

All year 11 students are welcome, but we’ll be sending invites out to those who we’d really like to see for that final push.

Year 11 Art students in for upcoming staff day

On Friday 8th March we have a Staff day planned. This means that year 11 students will miss their usual 2 hour GCSE Art session where they would be completing important preparation work for their upcoming exam.

In order to minimise the time lost and to allow students to prepare fully for their exam piece, we are asking that

year 11 students at XP East attend school on Friday 8th March from 9am-11am.

year 11 students at XP attend school on Friday 8th March from 11am-1pm.

They will work in their normal Art classroom with their teacher, Miss Taylor or Mr. Doyle.

VCERT: Creative Studies

X21 Have been working hard on their VCERT exams last week but they also have three units of work from year 10 that must be completed.  All students have something to work on still and the deadline for this is Wednesday 17th October.  Details and guidance are on the Smart portfolio.

If students still have unfinished work after the deadline, they will be invited to attend a catch up session during the holiday.

The nature of this qualification means that if any section of the portfolio is not passed then the whole VCERT cannot be passed.  Please ask students to show you the Creative Studies Tracker and encourage them to comment on it if they’ve recently completed work which hasn’t yet been graded.