Crew Marsha. P. Johnson’s Noodle Adventure!

This morning, Miss Taylor kindly organised a ‘noodle adventure’ during crew… and wow, were our horizons broadened; with different flavours and noodle types!

Following a conversation in crew around pot noodles being the best things ever, Miss Taylor decided to do an ‘around the world’ noodle tour! Students enjoyed a range of noodles… but stay away from the Jollof Chicken ones if your spice tolerance is low, eh Morgan?!

Thank you to Miss Taylor for organising this morning’s crew session; it was lovely to sit and enjoy some noodles together! And thanks for inviting me along, too, crew!

Miss Cocliff x

X27’s Visit to The National Holocaust Museum

After a rocky start to the day, X27 made it to the National Holocaust Museum in Newark where they’ve shown exceptional HoWLs during the day’s visit.

We were able to add rocks to the Children’s memorial, dedicated to the 1.5 million young people who were murdered during the Holocaust. A poignant moment, but an incredibly important one!

We also participated in a number of workshops throughout the day; learning about Jewish life before the Holocaust, what ghettos were like for Jewish people, and we even heard testimony from a Holocaust survivor, Janine; who was the only surviving member of her family. X27 have been a credit to XP today, asking some incredibly sensitive questions and giving fantastic answers to Zoe, our Educator; asking and answering questions about “What it means to be Jewish”, “Why is it important for survivors to pass on their stories?” and “Did you experience Antisemitism before the Holocaust?” – X27 also wanted to know more about resistance in the Ghettos and “What was your lowest point in the Holocaust” – where we learned about Janine’s account of losing her family.

Overall, it’s been a humbling day; but also a day where X27 showed tonnes of respect and compassion. They showed great maturity today and were super thoughtful.

Zoe left us with an incredible statement. She said to us: “If you were to stand and hold a minutes’ silence to show your respect for each person who lost their lives in the Holocaust, you’d be stood silently in the exact same spot for over 11 years.”

C27’s Visit to Bradford University

All pupils in C27 have been given the opportunity this term to visit the University of Bradford to improve their knowledge of Higher Education. This local university is only around an hour’s journey away and offers a wide range of courses and entry requirements. Some pupils who have already visited other universities commented that “It was good to learn that not all universities are the same.” 

During the day, we visited a mock courtroom to discuss a fictional case of criminal damage presented by a university lecturer. This activity was a favourite, with some describing it as “absolutely brilliant.” Pupils enjoyed learning about how the court system is organised and the different roles of defence and the CPS. Lizzie ‘schooled’ a Law lecturer on criminal damage… and Bryson and Louis made absolutely fantastic barristers – it really suited them!

We also toured the extensive engineering department, and it was fascinating to hear from the engineering students about their research into the products we all use every day such as shower gel. Pupils were encouraged to handle samples and see how the viscosity altered as the product was heated or cooled. Our pupils were really interested in how the engineering department uses equipment such as robots and CT scanners to develop complex equipment such as artificial hands. We also got to see a number of 3D printed prototypes for things such as micro needles for vaccines!

Ms. Cross, Miss Cocliff, Miss Wilkinson, Miss Norburn and Mr Morrison x

Christmas Jumper Day – Thursday 7th December

I know it’s November – but I wanted to let you know so you have the time to get organised (and buy a Christmas jumper if you wanted to)

XP & XPE will be celebrating Christmas Jumper Day on Thursday 7th December and asking pupils to bring in a donation that will go to the charity ‘Save the Children’

Christmas dinner will also be served at both schools on this day.


Miss Jones


I’ve had the pleasure of spending a little more time in sessions this week with Y10 & Y11 – and I’ve seen some absolutely phenomenal work from X26 & X27!

X26 have had an amazing week across all sessions. Admiral smashed it out of the park in Miss Buckley’s English session – some incredible contributions from Max, and who knew Kolby could analyse poetry in so much detail?! Skipper have been brilliant this week too, especially in history – I’m hearing SO many positive comments about Y11 and their hard work!

We’ve launched Learning Labs this week, too – attendance at this has blown us away – I think for English, 80/100 students attended. These run on a 5 week cycle, so every session will help Y11 to get smart and achieve their potential. AMAZING!

In science this week, you could hear a pin drop as X27 Skipper focused so much with Mr Morrison on the work they were completing about atomic structure – not an easy topic – but every single student in there showed incredible respect – for each other and their learning environment! A special shout out this week to Noah, Billy and Nadia B – who have been absolutely brilliant in EVERY. SINGLE. SESSION. Keep it up!

With so much fantastic work going on, it’s no wonder X26 have earned a collective 226 praise points this term… but X27 are racing ahead with a collective 561 praise points. WOW!!!!

Keep showing everyone how wonderful we really are in Y10 & 11!!!

Miss Cocliff x

C27 (Y10!) First Week Back

🚨Update please can all Y10 parents complete the consent forms below (if you haven’t already done so) by 25th August – this is to allow your child to attend Miller’s Dale Activity day🚨

We are very excited to be able to share with you C27’s First Week Back information, ready for August 2023!

Key Points:

Tuesday: Please wear comfortable, sports appropriate clothing. We’ll be based in school.

Wednesday: Please wear comfortable, sports & outdoor appropriate clothing. There will be some walking involved and some outdoor work.

Thursday: We will be out on fieldwork – please bring equipment from the kit list linked above.

Friday: We will be school based. Please wear normal school appropriate clothing.

On Monday, Tuesday and Friday, students are all required to be in school 8:30am – 3:15pm. On Thursday, students are required to arrive for 7:30am and will return around 5:15pm. Blogs will be published on the website with any change to timings on the day due to traffic etc. Please also see the below Parent Letter:

If you have any questions or concerns about our first week back in August, please contact your child’s crew leader in the first instance.

Have a lovely summer; we look forward to the new academic year!

X27 Presentation of Learning

Presentation of learning is being held at XP East tomorrow evening. We have a couple of special guests in attendance in the hope of raising awareness about the current housing crisis in the UK.

We have been studying how metaphorical and literal structures have huge impacts on our lives and we are excited to share with you our ideas.

We hope to see you all there – XP East, 4:30-5:30.

Year 9 (X27) Skipper working hard in art

I wanted to share some of the beautiful work that 9 Skipper has been producing in their art sessions.

I am so impressed with the craftmanship and quality.

Year 9’s first expedition of the year is called ‘Another Brick in the wall’ which has the guiding question ‘How are our lives affected by structures?’

They have created their own expedition title pages:

They have been looking at the street artist Phlegm and reproducing their own work in his style as well as an artist research page.

As you can see – it’s looking great!

Year 8 on a Spanish Adventure with Fairy Tales!

Year 8 kicked off their Spanish sessions this term with immersion, where they looked at cuentos de hadas, or fairy tales, in Spanish. This is in preparation for their work this term on going out, making plans, and saying why they can or can’t do something.

Students used their reading skills and grappled to work out the titles of 9 fairy tales. They looked for cognates and numbers, and used context to translate titles from Spanish into English. From there, students looked at the elements which most fairy tales contained, again translating these into English. Then, students split into groups and created a graphic organiser for their group’s particular fairy tale, which they then presented to the class.

Absolutely fantastic work from Year 8! Excelente!