Doncaster College Taster Day Tuesday 28th June

On Tuesday year 10 from both schools will be attending a Doncaster College taster day for our wonderful C25 students. All students are advised to bring a packed lunch; if free school meals then a lunch voucher will be provided by the college. Coach leaves school at 8.45 and students will be back in school before the end of the school day. Students have been emailed their schedule and dress code, safety boots are provided where necessary. Each student will have an opportunity to get a taste of the subject they chose and a tour of the campus. The college’s recent Ofsted gave them good with several outstanding elements and have a large range of non A level subjects and apprenticeships available. This is a fantastic opportunity that we have been unable to offer previous year groups.

Hardworking Historians

Today Miss Hanam is guiding X28 skipper. They are hard at work using sources to piece together the Spanish conquests of the Aztecs. By the end of the session our students will further understand “How did Hernando Cortes and his 600 men conquer the Aztec Emipre of millions of people?”

Leading Our Own Learning

C25 students were tasked with creating a pathway to ‘leading their own learning’ in Psychology. They created some beautiful mind maps which clearly marks out their well thought out plan for GCSE success.

Students worked really well in small groups with everyone contributing ideas.

Well done!

X28 Crew Darling (EWI) What do our HOWLS really mean to us?

During crew time, Crew Darling (EWI) have been looking at what our HOWLS really mean to us! Crew split into three groups, focusing on working hard, getting smart and being kind.. this was then followed with a fantastic presentation to the rest of crew, sharing their thoughts and ideas about HOWLS and how they can be the best version of themselves going forward!

Crew Blessed’s Uniform Day!

Very smart!

Crew Blessed have had a fantastic Spring Term with lots of hard work going into the expeditions and really memorable visits from experts. The completion of their Passage Presentations were also highlights of this term.

So to round things off today we had a ‘Non-uniform – Uniform Day’ to raise money for our chosen charities, STEM4, MIND & Children’s Cancer Research. All our chosen charities are aimed at supporting young people.

We were joined by a few other students from other Crews too, in support of our fundraising day.

Luke and Ben working hard in Art (trying not to get their shirts dirty!)
Ava with her leavers shirt from primary & Alana.

We are so grateful for everyone’s support and enthusiasm for today. The donations we received from parents, students and staff were amazing.

We raised a magnificent £109.99!!!!!!

This will go towards our end of year total and be put together with our future fundraising events in the Summer Term.

A great end to a great term – well done everyone!

Praise and Reward indeed!

Our students in crew Tubman have been working exceedingly hard this term at improving their HOWLs and especially looking at our Spanish HOWLs in more depth. We have done this by self assessment of our own behaviour within this session. The reason for this is that the students had begun to grapple with how to move forward, as well as in other sessions.

By looking at their own behaviour and making pledges every week and sticking to these pledges, the students have been able to see the rewards for their consistent hard work, with everyone achieving either a 3.5/ 4.0 for all of their Work Hard, Get Smart and Be Kind HOWLs in the last two weeks of term.

There has been a marked improvement across all subjects as a result of the mini pledges our students have made this term based on their work around SLCs. As their crew leader i am tremendously proud of all their efforts and as such they were rewarded this afternoon with a picnic and team games.

It was lovely to see the students kick back and enjoy the sunshine i particularly enjoyed hearing their giggles.


XP laying down the law!

What a fantastic two days students across XP and XP East have had!

On Tuesday, Citizenship students, who have been studying the role of the police, and their year group were involved in 3 seminars from Doncaster Police and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue. These included Road Safety, Gun and Knives and Exploitation.

After a fantastic Tuesday, things only got more exciting here at XP today…
Students listened to a talk regarding Dog Handling and were introduced to not one, but two real life police dogs! Isn’t Hudson wonderful?
If that wasn’t enough, students were given time to ask all their pressing questions in a Q&A session. Students also experienced all the equipment police officers are trained to use, including riot gear and operating police cars.
A fantastic two days had by all students and staff! #WeAreCrew

Year 7 Crews’ first solo

On a beautiful Friday afternoon, Crew Darling and Crew AJA spent some time reflecting and engaging with an important question for us at XP – “What is Crew?”

In a solo experience, we ask our students to spend time focusing on themselves and the natural world around them. For our first solo in school, we sat in a circle facing outwards thinking about what crew meant to us. For about half an hour all we could hear was the sounds of nature and of our community as others went about their busy lives. Some of us chose to write or draw our ideas, while others simply thought about the question or took the time to unwind from the stresses and anxieties of the working week.

At the end of the solo students chose to share their ideas about what crew meant to them. We saw beautiful drawings and heard thoughts about compassion, integrity and kindness.

It was a real privilege to spend time together in this way, and a great reminder that what we do at XP is very special.

No DofE Expeditions in 2022

Dear Parents and carers,

It is with regret that I have to inform you that we are unable to provide DofE Expeditions during this academic year for any of our students. This is due to staffing limitations within the DofE expedition structure and the lack of availability for training for new staff that want to be part of our team. 

Safety of our students is of paramount importance to us and while we understand this is very disappointing news, we cannot compromise this.

On a more positive note we are already planning the training programme and staffing structure to enable  expeditions to be delivered in the next academic year, 2023. 

We are hoping to be able to offer our current Year 10 students (C25) the opportunity to do their Bronze or Silver expedition after completing their GCSEs in Year 11 (2023). Students that have successfully completed the other activities within the DofE award programme and have good or improving HoWLs will be considered to join the DofE expeditions.

Current Year 8 students (C27) will ALL start working towards their Bronze DofE Award Programme in September 2023 when they are in Year 9. Our School’s DofE lead will be in touch nearer the time with further information.

Best Wishes,

Kate ap Harri

XP Trust DofE Manager