Fight the Power immersion C29

Students in year 8 started this term off with immersion activities for their new expedition “Fight the Power”. In Art they grappled with stencils, starting to learn the skills needed to study the street art movement this term. In Science they started to look at Atoms, Elements and Compounds and took part in some Physics challenge activities. In Humanities sessions students grappled with some Shakespeare, looking at Elizabethan insults, witches and powerful natural forces which led into their first look at Macbeth! All these activities are leading students on their journey towards the guiding question “What is power?”

X27 Embracing English Immersion

This week X27 have started their second English slice expedition in year 10. We have focused on immersion all week. This has included a gallery walk about the Titanic and conditions in the country in from the 1900s to the 1980s, a session about the cost of living and budgeting and the class system in the historically and today.

This. expedition slice will focus on another key text that the students will analyse as part of their English Literature GCSE. Judging by the focus, engagement and superb discussions that have taken place this week, this should be a fantastic expedition.

Well done X27, you really are ‘A Class Act’!

Mrs Desborough and Miss Cross