8 Admiral try press printing

8 Admiral had their first go at press printing today.  They’ve been looking at the work of artist, Shepard Fairey as part of their current expedition ‘I’ve got the Power’ and have started to produce some studies of patterns in his work.  The students worked hard and grappled with the new technique with some students producing their first few prints towards the end of the session.  We’ll be doing more printing this week and students are looking forward to creating their own designs as part of our expedition product later in the term.

X23’s Cardboard Artwork

X23’s Three Dimensional Design class have started their project on ‘Identity’ with some cardboard relief work.  Carving into corrugated cardboard sheets, they’ve exposed the patterns under the surface and used these to create areas of light and shade.  Students have worked from high contrast source images to create portraits.  It can be tricky and time consuming to complete, so the year 10s had to work hard in order to get the best out of the material.

8 Skipper’s oil pastel sky

Year 8 have been working hard this week on an Art assessment for their expedition “I’ve got the Power”.  Students have been experimenting with oil pastels, learning how to blend colours and create texture.  In this assessment they had to work from a photographic source to create their own image relating to power generation.  Here, you can see members of 8 Skipper producing beautiful work for their assessed pieces.

Beautiful art work in X22!

Ebonie has been working hard with Mr Mably to practice techniques in art to work towards her GCSE exam.

This year’s exam theme is Events -Ebonie’s ideas surround different events to do with climate change. Take a look at the result of her hard work below – some are still in progress!


Looking at the Australian Wildfires – a work in progress.

Practising techniques to create a realistic Sun!

My personal favourite – playing with techniques to create a Galaxy effect!

Great work Ebonie, and a big thank you to Mr Mably for your support!

X25 Fieldwork to Oakham Castle

On Tuesday X25 went on fieldwork to Oakham Castle to enhance their understanding of the Medieval Period. Oakham Castle worked really hard to create an itinerary which built upon our learning in the classroom. Throughout the day we did a variety of interactive and thought provoking tasks such as taking part in a Peasants’ revolt role-play, playing a game called ‘Surviving the Black Death’ where groups of peasants had to battle to survive against all odds and participating in a debate over democracy verses dictatorship in the courtroom of the Great Hall.

We all throughly enjoyed immersing ourselves in medieval life. The students came back into school yesterday with a stronger understanding of the context and events of this time period. Which is exactly what fieldwork is all about! If you haven’t been before Oakham Castle it is certainly worth the visit!

Year 8 students have been experimenting with oil pastels this term in their art sessions to create some beautiful sunset inspired blends. Can’t wait to see the finished pieces.

X25 Admiral – Craftsmanship and Quality

In X25 we have been focusing on the Craftsmanship and Quality of our work. In the first session of our immersion we explored the historical concept of change and continuity and what factors affect change. Students worked really hard in all three Humanities sessions to create several note catchers that we will keep referring back to throughout the expedition.

I could of taken a photo of any students work as they were all beautiful, however Grace and Declan’s work stood out.

Well done Admiral, Keep this up and your books will look amazing by the end of the expedition.

9 Admiral’s beautiful Art work

9 Admiral started 2020 with some beautiful work embossing designs into aluminium.  This is their first try using this material and they did a great job!

We could really use some more aluminium to work on so we’d be very grateful if anyone can donate un-dented, rinsed drink cans for the students to use.  Please bring any donations to X05.