Happy July!  The month that will conclude what has been one of – if not THE – weirdest school year I’ve ever encountered (and my secondary school burnt down when I was in year 11!!!). Crew Macmillan have 2 weeks of year 9 left, and that blows my mind. 

Crew have done themselves – and me – proud during this school year. They’ve worked so hard, and adapted to our ‘new normal’ better than anyone could’ve hoped for.

I thought it’d be quite fitting to take a look at the past year, in which i’ve had the privilege of being Crew Macmillan’s crew leader – big shoes to fill, after Mrs Waterhouse!!

Take a look at our year in action… and Crew, let me know what your favourite memory has been of this year!


Not long to go now – keep up the hard work for the last 2 weeks!

Over & Out – Miss C! x

Crew Mac Gets a Guest Blogger!!!

Crew Macmillan have again impressed me this week. Most have been really consistent with academic work, and are hitting those deadlines.

A special mention to Archie, Alfie, Imogen, Joe, Heather, Harrison and Milo –  who have a 100% hand in work rate this week! Great stuff, guys, i’m impressed!


This week also saw our first Crew Hangout with 100% attendance. 16 people in one hangout! Amazing stuff. Our check in this week was “did you have a teddy/blanket when you were a baby that you still have now?’ Most of crew were actually able to show us their baby items, which was adorable – my favourite had to be Milo’s shark, or Ricki’s build-a-bear that talks – a message that Ricki recorded when he was 4!!!


Some of crew have also received mentions this week for their work in HUMS. A shout out to Ricki, Imogen, Alfie and Finn!

Heather has also been busy this week, baking again! After lockdown, it wouldn’t surprise me if Heather changed her mind about a future career, or entered GBBO!  Great work, Heather!

This week, after 1:1 academic check ins, I had a conversation with Alfie about how he’s been keeping himself busy. So without further ado, our guest blogger this week is Alfie. Here’s what he came up with:

With the current pandemic sweeping the world and forcing us to stay at home, most of us have found ways to keep busy and entertain ourselves. I have taken this time to start painting – something I have wanted to do for a long time, but could never find the opportunity.

The main medium I work with is watercolour paint. I like using them as they allow more room for abstract subjects, and it allows me to paint without worrying about getting it picture-perfect. Watercolour is also more natural in my opinion, which is why I chose to paint wildlife with them. 

I started off initially painting butterflies – I liked the symmetry and vibrant colours, which were easier to transfer to paint. I then expanded to other insects, such as moths and eventually hornets. I later experimented with other animals, mainly sea creatures such as the nautilus.

In future, I want to be able to paint flowers, and other animals such as lions or birds. Each type of animal needs the use of certain techniques to look realistic, for example I would have to practice painting feathers before I paint birds.

Painting is a very time consuming hobby, which, to be honest, is what makes it ideal for the current situation. However, it also teaches the importance of patience, and how taking your time when working on something can really pay off. 

I hope I am able to continue this hobby – even when things get back to normal – and encourage you to give it a try. It’s immensely rewarding, and with practice, you’ll only get better and better!

Alfie Lockey”


How have you been keeping yourself busy during lockdown? Let us know – this may become a permanent blog feature!

Have a fantastic week, guys  – keep working super hard!

A Word From Reuben on Kindness:

This week Crew JNI have been working really hard to get lots of work done. I have seen lots of beautiful work from everyone and it’s made me proud to be your crew leader!

It’s been interesting reading the work you guys have been doing on your expedition on kindness, and I wanted to share a piece of work Reuben has done.

It is in answer to the question:

What would the world look like without kindness?

Without any kindness, the world would be gloomy, grey and depressing. In school the teachers would be mean and harsh and give you terrible scores on everything on purpose. School dinners would be raw uncooked chicken and cold thick gravy, and all of the students would nudge each others shoulders when they pass each other in the corridor.  People would stick chewing gum under the desks and in each other’s hair.

At home my mum would be horrible and mean by giving me loads of extra chores. My sister would torment me and steal all my money. Also, my dog would bark at me and everyone else all the time, he would also poo in my favourite shoes.

When you walked outside, you would see dead grass. People would also be wearing horrible hand knitted sweaters that were made to feel horrible because they’re made of yarn filled with pollen that causes hay-fever. When you got on the bus there would be gum everywhere and the driver would be late every time on purpose. In shops and supermarkets there would be old chicken that they got out the bin covered in cold gravy.

If you met an old lady on the street she would hit you with her cane and torment me for being young…. And I would run away!!

I think it’s safe to say, no one wants to live in a world like that. Well done Reuben on such a descriptive and emotive piece of work.

Welcome back, Crew Mac!

Welcome to the final term of Y9!

This week saw the beginning of a new term – a fresh start, in week 11 of lockdown. I don’t know about anyone else, but i’m so fed up of not being in school now – I miss crew so much!

This week i’d like to give a special shout-out to a number of members of Crew Macmillan, who have gotten straight back into the swing of work. I’d like to start off with those who have completed all of their maths work this week! Great work Frankie, Harrison, Archie & Ricki!

Other members of crew have shone in other subjects – Well done to our HUMS superstar, Heather; and super work Vinnie, Alfie and Imogen in Science!

Keep up the good work – i want to see lots of green boxes on subject trackers, not red! 

Crew should also be on with completing a First Aid course during common mission time, to boost their evidence for their Bronze DofE award. An extra special mention goes to Archie for this, as i am consistently receiving high quality work as evidence of completion. Well done Archie!

Check out Heather and Maddie’s cake, too – it’s lovely to see what Crew have been up to when they aren’t working hard on academic work! I’ve heard that Alfie has cracked Macarons, too – and even made his own pop tarts from scratch!!!

This week we had great attendance on our weekly crew hangout too. We discussed some important issues surrounding the protests and riots in America, and crew have pledged to spend some time at the weekend educating themselves more and doing some extra reading. We may never fully understand, but we can pledge to continue learning, and listening.


I’d like to end this week’s blog with something that I very rarely have to do in crew – by making a stand. I like to think that I support my crew (and all students) as much as I possibly can – so if this is the case, and you have asked for help, or we have organised a hangout – please have the courtesy to show up to the session. There have been a few instances this week where I’ve wasted a fair bit of time waiting for students who haven’t shown up, when i could have been supporting others elsewhere.

Have a great weekend – I’ll check in with you all next week – and i’ll see you again today at 2:45pm for STEAM Closing Circle!

Miss C x

We are back to school for a new term. Back to home learning and trying our best – having good days and bad days and just trying to get through and stay safe.

Crew EJN were ready for a break and a little time off last week. Luckily the weather was absolutely stunning!

This is what crew got up to:

Arthur went on lots of walks, met his grandad and took Dotty the dog for a walk and play. He had his first KFC in months (Its was delicious!) He went to Birkin fisheries for ice cream and a picnic and he saw lots and lots of ducklings. He also made a bug hotel for his garden by cutting lots of bamboo up and putting twigs around an old pop bottle in a plant pot. He also painted a pebble to say thankyou to the NHS. 

Brandan went to Cleethorpes for the day (social distancing of course) and sat and played on the beach. He also went to his sisters for the day where they had a new pool and a 7ft dinosaur sprinkler called Dino.

Tammy built a bird table and found an old colouring book to colour in. 

As well as being out in the sunshine, crew were still keeping busy with their home learning tasks.

Max has created some lovely artwork based on the artist Kandinsky

Crew EJN have also made a cracking start on their Visual Dairies for their new expedition called ‘Above all, compassion’. Here are their front covers

Im really proud of crew EJN and all their hard work. They have enjoyed their holiday and have got back to working hard with their home learning!

Well done crew!

YEAR 9: New birdwatching world record*

We have a new record in Year 9 for the most birds spotted in a single session.

Kyle in X24 spotted an incredible 60 birds from 14 different species, including a sparrow hawk and two herons.

Whilst we have not set any work for students in Year 9 to complete over the two week break we would love it if they continued with their birdwatching, bug hotels and bird boxes. Please remind them to send us lots of photos. We are in competition with XP East for the most birds spotted.

*not verified by Norris McWhirter

Beautiful work in STEAM

This week I would like to appreciate a number of students for all sorts of reasons in STEAM.

We have just had our closing circle in a hangout meeting and reminded the students that we appreciate their efforts in such challenging times.

There are a number of challenges that students have been working on, linked to the learning targets of our new expedition:

  • building bug hotels
  • building bird boxes
  • bird spotting
  • doing citizen science research in Zooniverse

We’d love to see more photos from these challenges over the two-week break. But most importantly we want students to stay safe, and where possible to enjoy nature.

Here are my appreciations for the week. More images of beautiful work can be found in our expedition gallery by clicking on this link.


Happy Birthday Harrison!

Firstly, a huge happy birthday to our newest member of crew – Harrison! We all hope you have a lovely day, even in lockdown! Also, a belated happy birthday to Courtney’s dad, Chris – check out the birthday cake Courtney made for him!

This week also saw the participation in Crew Quiz #2. The winner this week was….

*Drum Roll Please*…


Well done everyone! We stuck with the same categories, but Heather reigned supreme with general knowledge, her knowledge of films, music and capital cities!!! Well done Heather!

Imogen this week has blown us away. She has created the most extraordinary bug hotel, and in true Imogen fashion, has named it ‘Bugwarts: School of Wingcraft and Foragery’. Check out some of the amazing work – Imo even provided a step-by-step of how it magically came to life! Hopefully some of the local insects will pass their entrance exams and fly into Bugwarts. They’ll need to work hard to achieve their OWLs, though!







And the finished product….


Amazing! Great work, Imogen!

I also wanted to showcase something that makes me smile every time i get an email like it. It’s wonderful to receive recognition of crew’s achievements, and it demonstrates how hard they continue to work during these uncertain times!

Another big appreciation goes to Heather this week – you’ve been working really hard following your weekly work plan, and it’s paying off – i was so happy to hear you achieved 100% on one of your Hegarty Maths quizzes! Well done!

It feels weird to be signing off this week, because under normal circumstances, i’d be waving crew off for a 2 week break. Some of my crew still have some outstanding work, so unfortunately this does need to caught up on during your break. Those that need to do this already know who they are, and i’ll send an email to you with outstanding tasks that are compulsory. Please do ensure you are up to date with these, ready and prepared for next term. Staff won’t be setting additional work, so it’s a good opportunity to catch up. I’ll be checking in in a week or so to see where you’re at. 

Over & out for 2 weeks -have a rest, get some sunshine (hopefully), and be kind to yourselves and your family!

Miss C x