X28 – Crew Re-wilding!

Dear Parents and Carers,

Crew Darling and Crew Barnes are bonding together under the shared passion of re-wilding our school. We hope to attract more wildlife like bee’s, bunnies and more.

We hope if you have any spare flower seeds could you please donate them by Wednesday 24th of May 2023 so we can make our school bright and colourful again. X28 Crews have started studying the importance of caring for their environment in their Crew Wise Wednesday sessions. Crew worked hard last week learning about the impact Climate Change has on their environment, and ultimately how there is No Planet B!

We ask kindly that if you have any spare seeds and flowers (even flowering plants), that you drop them into reception to help us build a beautiful environment for nature around our school.

Crew Darling and Crew Barnes thanks you in advance!

Written by Leo and Junior.

X28 – POL Rehearsal and Assessment Fixing!

Year 8 Students have been working incredibly hard this week. After receiving assessment feedback, all of X28 has had the opportunity to improve their history assessments by responding to critique and improving their work. To finish their week, year 8 have started full rehearsals for their Macbeth production. Have a look at their awesome work! Amazing, hard work across all of year 8!

C29 and C28 National Storytelling Week

As this week is National Storytelling Week I thought it would be a great opportunity to read to some of our C29 and C28 students as part of Tranquil Tuesdays. Crew Leaders sent two students from each crew to join our reading circle.

It was wonderful to read Roald Dahl’s ‘The Landlady’ to them and hear their thoughts and theories at the end.

Stay tuned for more reading opportunities in the next few weeks.

X28 Being Human Presentation of Learning – Thursday 15th of December

On Thursday the 15th of December, X28/Year 8 XP students would like to invite you to their Presentation of Learning.

 The students will be sharing their learning as part of the ‘Being Human’ expedition.

We would love to see you there to share in their experience and progress. It will start at 4.30pm and last until approximately 5.30pm. Students are to stay in stay in school for practice.

We look forward to seeing you all there for the final POL of 2022!

Crew Pasteur

We have been raising money last week for our crew charity which is for Dementia UK. Our crew charity was presented by Ellis in year 7 and the crew voted on Dementia UK. We did a bake sale last week on Tuesday morning and break time and we raised over £70 which is amazing. Thank you to who came and bought our bake goods we sold out which was brilliant.


Incredible engagement and quality and craftsmanship shown again in HUMS this week.

We have spent several HUMS sessions this week analysing the poem ’Where Are The Good People?’. Everyone produced some superb annotations and thought carefully about the overall message of the poem and why different language devices were used.

Well done everyone, keep this up!

Beautiful artwork in y8 Admiral

Year 8 Admiral getting to grips with drawing the human form

As part of their new expedition “Being Human” our year 8 students are grappling with some tricky subject matter; the human body. It can be a real challenge to represent people well, but 8 Admiral have been working really hard to understand how using rules of proportion can help them to draw better humans. In this session they used inspirational artwork from classic Marvel characters, the Fantastic Four to help them build on their knowledge of anatomy and proportion in the human body. Impressive!

Our sketchbooks are starting to fill up with really beautiful work. Here you can see how we’re progressing from initial studies of proportion to more complex human body shapes.