Crew Darling – First Week Back!

Enjoy a snippet of Crew Darling’s first week back! It has been a jam-packed week, full of activities focused on strengthening our bond as crew, and mentally preparing for the year ahead. We have worked on our communication skills, gone on beautiful fieldwork, played inter-crew games and more, all of which culminated in a POL this afternoon!

Year 9 is a rollercoaster of excitement and change, and the first week back with these unforgettable crew times sets the tone for the whole year. Looking forward to working hard with Crew this year!

X28 Act of Service – Food Bank Donations

As part of our Crew building in Year 9, we have been learning about the importance of food banks in our local community and how we can help support these charities. We are working with Thorne and Moorends food bank to collect donations of food and essential items. This is only a small part of the work and research Crews have been undertaking to better understand how to support their local communities.

Did you know, Thorne and Moorend was set up due to the amount of children going into school hungry. According to their 2018 stats, this food bank had approximately 35 people every 3 hours, who visited and collected food. As this is 5 years ago we predict the numbers will have at least doubled with the cost of living crisis happening. 

If you are able to help, these are the items that are mostly needed:

  • Tins of tomatoes
  • Tins of meat
  • Tins of fish
  • Tins of vegetables 
  • Tins of fruit
  • Cartons of UHT milk (semi and full fat)
  • Cartons of long-life fruit juice (dilute/cordial) 
  • Biscuits
  • Period products (tampons and pads)
  • Soap (body wash, shampoo)
  • Nappies 
  • Wet Wipes
  • Cotton buds (q-tips)
  • Toilet Paper
  • Pet Food
  • Deodorant

We already have lots of:

  • Baked beans
  • Pasta
  • Toothpaste 

If you are unable to help with donations, please spread the word of the work Thorne and Moorends is doing.

We would like the donations to be handed in to XP reception before the 22nd of September as we will be taking them to Thorne and Moorends Foodbank that weekend.

We thank you in advance for reading this blog post and contributing,

All of Year 9 XP students (X28).

Crew Darling: Cultivating Stewardship

Last years final product from C28 is still thriving, despite the heat we have experienced. Last year students created lovely planters filled with beautiful flowers, aiming to attract wildlife like bees and bring a burst of colour to XP School. Despite scorching weather, Crew have diligently watered and removed weeds, ensuring the plants thrived. In crew time we have been studying the impact of climate change on our environment. Crew Darling have demonstrated outstanding stewardship by transforming their school surroundings.

C28 – Is Migration worth the Risk? A Powerful Encounter…

Last week, Year 8 students embarked on a visit to see John Steinbeck’s timeless classic, “Of Mice and Men.” This opened their minds to the wonder of the theatre and the migration of Lennie and George. Today, students had a remarkable expert visit from David Hey, a Doncaster Council worker, and Rita, a Ukrainian refugee. Rita shared her moving story of leaving Kiev, her struggles in England, and her migration journey.

Rita shared her courageous journey, fleeing political instability in Kiev and leaving her husband behind, risking conscription. Rita’s story touched the students’ hearts and opened their eyes to the hardships faced by refugees. Rita spoke of the challenges she faced in England, including the language barrier and cultural adjustment. Her story has thoroughly inspired the students and encouraged them to empathise with refugees worldwide.

Students asked powerful questions, challenging misconceptions around migration. As this expedition progresses, students will explore more stories from people like Rita. Encountering Rita’s story has humanised the concept of migration and highlighted the refugee crisis happening both globally and locally.

An absolutely amazing and thought-provoking afternoon from Year 8!