Crew Pasteur

We have been raising money last week for our crew charity which is for Dementia UK. Our crew charity was presented by Ellis in year 7 and the crew voted on Dementia UK. We did a bake sale last week on Tuesday morning and break time and we raised over £70 which is amazing. Thank you to who came and bought our bake goods we sold out which was brilliant.


Incredible engagement and quality and craftsmanship shown again in HUMS this week.

We have spent several HUMS sessions this week analysing the poem ’Where Are The Good People?’. Everyone produced some superb annotations and thought carefully about the overall message of the poem and why different language devices were used.

Well done everyone, keep this up!

Beautiful artwork in y8 Admiral

Year 8 Admiral getting to grips with drawing the human form

As part of their new expedition “Being Human” our year 8 students are grappling with some tricky subject matter; the human body. It can be a real challenge to represent people well, but 8 Admiral have been working really hard to understand how using rules of proportion can help them to draw better humans. In this session they used inspirational artwork from classic Marvel characters, the Fantastic Four to help them build on their knowledge of anatomy and proportion in the human body. Impressive!

Our sketchbooks are starting to fill up with really beautiful work. Here you can see how we’re progressing from initial studies of proportion to more complex human body shapes.

X28 Presentation of Learning

On Tuesday the 19th of July, Year 7 XP students would like to invite you to their Presentation of Learning. This presentation is the final one for year 7 until their next one in year 8! It is a great opportunity to see all the learning your child has done during their expedition “What a Wonderful World”. This will start at 4pm and last until approximately 5pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

X28 Fieldwork to Potteric Carr

On Wednesday the 13th of July, XP year 7 students will be going on fieldwork to the nature reserve Potteric Carr in Doncaster. This will take place within school hours; students need to be on time for crew to register as normal and they will be back for a debrief during session 5.

Students will be lead by an expert lead into the different species’ habitats that exist in Potteric Carr. We will have the opportunity to explore these habitats, and see the species we have been researching in person. We will study how these species have adapted to suit their environment, this will be followed with lots of time for questions. We should finish our morning with a guided meditation session before we head back on the bus to debrief our day.

As we have been studying about animal habitats during our current expedition this is a great opportunity for X28. I have attached a kit list here to help students prepare for the day and weather. Any questions please contact myself or your child’s crew leader.